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New board sizes for Four in a Row
New board sizes for Four in a Row
New board sizes for Four in a Row
I have been suggesting this several times over the years but due to the many recent updates to the site I thought this topic might gain traction this time. So I'm trying my luck again.

The 7x6 board that we in Four in a Row have been playing on since the creation of the game is totally worn out. It's just not fun to play anymore. The player going first has the advantage and can force the win. Not only that but it is also heavily progged. The number of players playing C4 has decreased dramatically compared to ten years ago. I think this is the main reason for it.

But just adding one or two board sizes would be a real game changer.

You see, the board size really matters in the game of Connect 4, more than in Gomuku, Pente or other games. It totally changes the strategy you have to play to win since the rows you have to build your traps on depend on the board size. Not only that but there are also no programs available for any board besides the standard 7x6, you can therefore eliminate all cheating by adding new boards.

I for one would definitely subscribe to have this feature.

Now which boards would I like to see? Depending on how many you would be willing to add, of course, I suggest 7x7, 8x7 and 8x8 (columns x rows that is). The more the better, but even if you added only one it would be a big improvement to the game.

I too would like to see a variation of board sizes available, however, I know this has been suggested before to Developers so I imagine it is not possible.
It's gotta be possible since Gomoku has several different board sizes now that it didn't have before. They made that update like 6 years ago. Even Pente has them!
Fingers and toes crossed for you 🤞