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Can I check if my account's been banned?
Can I check if my account's been banned?
Can I check if my account's been banned?
Hadn't played this in years, got curious as to whether it survived the flash player end of service, and I noticed in the toplist two of my characters belonging to an old account, but none of the ones associated to the other. 

I've tried to login with what I remember to be the password to no avail, but when I tried making a new account with the old name, it did tell me the name was taken. Again, none of the characters associated to the account are in the toplist for any stat, so I found that strange. I'd like to play again, with those characters if at all possible. Is there any way to check if I'd been banned? The only reason I could think of would be character names, one of them was something like 'Fatso the Digger', which, while not the nicest of names, I wouldn't have thought of as offensive, and it had been up for years prior. 

tl;dr can you check if an account has been banned? Do they delete characters due to inactivity? 
Inactive characters automatically drop off the top list after a certain amount of time (apart from the 'citizens by...' lists, which seem immune to that rule).  Characters may get deleted for inactivity; the formula is probably somewhere in the forums, but it amounts to many years of inactivity for higher level players.  In addition to that, the character's house has to be completely empty of belongings, so if you had high-level traps it's unlikely the robbers of the game have accomplished that either.

I can check for any bans or demerits on your old account if you give me the name.  It's more likely you've forgotten your password and you would need to use the email you registered with to gain access.
Oh that'd be great, thank-you. The account name is Safisan, though I think the highest level character on it was around lv34; I've probably gone at least 5 years without logging on. What's weird to me is I don't remember logging on to the alt, and that one was just fine. 
Sorry for the delay - I've been super busy and haven't had a chance to log in.

There are no penalties or bans on your account.
Don't worry about it, thanks a lot! Guess it's just me forgetting my credentials. Is there a way to check what email I used to make the account?