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Magic Level Study
Magic Level Study
Magic Level Study
lately I noticed something interesting about the increase of magic level.
Thyme level 89 increased the magic level 98 (level+9) and after that splatting more didn't show any increase at the % of magic level, it stayed magic level 98(0%) until it leveled up. just after leveled up, magic level became 98(19%).
My study will continue :)
I think +9 is the highest your magic can get here, isn’t the max level 109 for level 100 chars?
Due to the ancient, reviewed magic skill system that FoD implemented here (and can cause multiple issues, which is a completely different issue), the magic skill cap is indeed lvl 109, with no character ever being able to go even a single percent over lvl+9 magic. 

In most cases it is incredibly detrimental to the point of folly, but it has been set up for both hightier balancing issues of the classes, and it was the start (and unbeknownst to FoD future development, also the end) of bringing some balance to PvP. 

Shortly, as far as I have tested and know myself, the +9 (0%) magic cap is effective at all levels, and caps out at 109 at 100. 
You are right  NicramDuel  and will day, level+9 is the limit. No further study necessary. :)