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Four in a Row
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Four in a Row
Back on the game after a very long time out, where is everyone?!

I have noticed a few of the oldies every now and then in the lobby and the largest lobby I have seen is 20 people!

How can we make C4 great again?
 C4 is a solved game so there is really not much point playing this game.
>C4 is a solved game so there is really not much point playing this game.

Being BLUE is the challenge, it's why I play.
it is likely that this was not possible

>C4 is a solved game so there is really not much point playing this game.

Just because it's solved doesn't make it pointless.  Yes, when RED it's easy if you know what you are doing, but being BLUE is the real challenge and a challenge that I enjoy.
 Challenge? When a game is solved, it means that it is already known that Red will win 100% and Blue will lose 100% if both players play optimally. The fact you call it challenge is to bet that the other player doesnt play optimally which is hardly a challenge.

You use a program in Blitz Chess & Informant Chess so it doesn't surprise that you have no understanding of challenges.
 Yeah, I dont understand your definition of challenge, so lets move on. I hope C4 is going to be great again so you can have your "challenge" there.
When you understand anything unlike him, you shouldnt asked this question.
The game is more than solved.  There is no longer any interest in continuing a solved game.  If the reds always win and the blue ones only win when the reds make a mistake, what is the interest in continuing to play?

Maybe new board sizes would be the best solution? 
Even though 7x6 is solved there are a number of styles & further variations on top of that & as FodGod says anti play is still a draw as everyone likes to break the first player who has the advantage if perfekt.

The issue is a lot of players from mid-2000s no longer play & it seems as though their expertise/knowledge is missing from current players... If anyone is interested in C4 they can read through the forum for interesting puzzles etc

Other board sizes are solved too (8x8 second player win if plays specific antis i.e. first player goes 4, second goes 4) 


Hello everybody !

I saw that there were not many players left on the connect 4 game.

How can we make C4 great again?
All the other connect 4 sites offer several sizes such as 8x8, 9x9 and 10x10 to attract more players. 6x7 has become too boring.

PLPAD: The other sizes are also resolved:
6x7 and 6x7 pop out, 9x9, 10x10 = player 1 who wins
8x8 = player 2 wins
But there is no program, the player has more chance to break.

PLPAD, I saw that you also play other sizes on LG.

I hope they will put other sizes to bring this game to life on this site.

Bonjour tout le monde ! 

J'ai vu qu'il n'y avait plus beaucoup de joueur sur le jeu puissance 4.

Comment pouvons-nous rendre C4 à nouveau génial? 
Tous les autres sites de puissance 4 proposent plusieurs tailles tel que 8x8, 9x9 et 10x10 pour attirés plus de joueurs. 6x7 est devenu trop ennuyant.

PLPAD : Les autres tailles sont aussi résolus : 
6x7 et 6x7 pop out, 9x9, 10x10 = joueur 1 qui gagne
8x8 = joueur 2 qui gagne
Mais il n'existe pas de programme, le joueur a plus de chance de break.

PLPAD, j'ai vu que tu jouais aussi d'autre tailles sur LG. 

J'espère qu'ils mettront d'autres tailles pour faire revivre ce jeu sur ce site.

PLPAD, I know we still have irregular styles.  However, these styles are also solved.  C4 7x6 has already been pushed to the limits and there is not much to find and solve.  And playing as the 2nd player, you don't have much to solve either, knowing that the red ones always win if you play perfectly.
Nice explanation Coureange. Hopefully i will play you soon on LG if not already.

Aargh... in reply to your first statement - then players here need to expand & play different styles because as fart as I can tell currently only Melanie Haterz, Oewan, Relfson, Dreddz, connect4ist, Schoko, Sukarra & Ezrara play variations well. The rest either play the same standard perfekt style or are using programs still & others do not know antibreak or irregular styles.

Anti play is only boring vs a player perfeckt in one style only & even so it is up to the anti player to be innovative. 

Change of board size is not feasible unless more people subscribe presumably unless FoD offers some incentive for board size variants & subs...

Maybe greater prizes for tournaments? Cash is always a good incentive though would need stringent measures to ensure is fair i.e. no programs

Also regards PopOut. First player win starting 2,3,4,5,6. There is such a great advantage to first player maybe we can offer handicap rules. I.e. first player limited to 14 discs or second player gets to nominate where the first player starts (excluding 1 or 7). what other ideas are people thinking?
Some extra size boards would be a great addition, FOD could then allow subscribers to choose which board they want to play within the settings.
PLPAD, there are a lot of people who are new here who are still learning the game or play for points. Nothing different from what most of the people did in the past. The problem is that the game is dead. 
@ Aaaargh; dissapointing response; feel sorry for the moderator who had to first of all read it and then approve it.

C4 is good for memory recall & solving...

How i view it is to get new players to attempt to play... & then enjoy playing C4. that it has been solved is irrelevant. As you admit there is irregular or anti-break styles which rely on human recall/play in 7x6. despite other board variants being solved you would need to be experienced to play those.

there is plenty of room for progression with C4. be it board sizes or variations including anti C4


@Courenage see my previous replies regards solutions to board sizes.

i look frward to playing you at the sites you mentioned


To "Changing the map size is not possible unless more people subscribe, unless FoD offers an incentive for map size variations and submarines .."

I would say that it is up to FOD to invest to bring in players who will subsequently make the investment profitable. We cannot ask people to subscribe so that there is an opportunity for improvement afterwards.

There are a lot of players who left because they were fed up with programs. The advantage for the site to use other sizes is that there is no program so no more cheating and a problem solved.

In 7x6, it would be interesting to put an option to choose departures (the first 3 balls). This would allow playing other styles and playing styles where player 2 wins so player 1 will no longer have the advantage and will have to try to win. (but unfortunately there will always be the problem of the programs)

I play on LG in 9x9 and sometimes 10x10, my nickname is coeurange. I also play on discord. They stopped the 6x7 because it was boring and too much cheating also linked to the program, but we play 9x9 and team tournaments. If there is more size on FOD, many discord players will be happy to come and play here.

"@Courenage see my previous answers regarding solutions to card sizes". In which topic?


Pour "Le changement de taille de la carte n'est pas possible à moins que davantage de personnes ne s'abonnent, à moins que FoD n'offre une incitation pour les variantes de taille de la carte et les sous-marins .." 

Je dirais que c'est à FOD d'investir pour faire venir des joueurs qui par la suite rentabilisera l'investissement. On ne peut pas demander aux gens de s'abonner pour que par la suite il y ait une possibilité d'amélioration.

Il y a beaucoup de joueur qui sont parti car ils en avaient marre des programmes. L'avantage pour le site de mettre des autres tailles c'est qu'il n'existe pas de programme donc plus de triche et un problème résolu.

En 7x6, il serait intéressant de mettre une option pour choisir des départs (les 3 premières boules). Cela permettrait de jouer d'autres styles et de jouer des styles où le joueur 2 est gagnant donc le joueur 1 n'aura plus l'avantage est devra essayer de gagner. (mais malheureusement, il y aura toujours le problème des programmes)

Je joue sur LG en 9x9 et parfois 10x10, mon pseudo est coeurange. Je joue aussi sur discord. Ils ont arrêter le 6x7 car ennuyant et trop de triche aussi lié au programme mais on joue des tournois en 9x9 et en équipe. Si il y a plus de taille sur FOD, beaucoup de joueurs de discord seront ravi de venir jouer ici.

"@Courenage voir mes réponses précédentes concernant les solutions aux tailles de cartes". Dans quel topic ?

How do we play at discord? or what's your addy please.

Fair point regards subscriptions though we need to increase usage of C4 here to progress development so this leads back to the topic - @Coureange, interesting proposal regarding deciding first few moves. Would definitely increase the standard!

Hello all, I've been playing Connect Four online and offline for years, and I can understand why it's dead on this site due to the fact it's a solved game; larger board sizes are greatly appreciated as that changes who wins.

Back when I started playing in middle school against my classmates, I always started dropping at column 4 as the first player. If my opponent replies with column 3, the most common responses are 4 followed by 3. I played them both early on and found them to be very drawish, so I explored alternatives that would win.

The most promising one I could find was column 6, and that turned out to be winning! Since then, I played this move every time 43 or its mirror 45 (in this case column 2) is on the board and won every single time. The thing is, I did all of this before I learned it was solved!