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VIP's Not Awarded
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VIP's Not Awarded
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VIP's Not Awarded
At the risk of drawing an army of trolls, I feel that I must report that the VIP's for the tournament on April 1 at 0200 UTC have not been awarded.  Since that is over a month ago, I can't be accused of being impatient this time.  I also figure that FoD management and Moderators have stolen 132 days of free subscription time from internet curlers from the 6 tournaments held in April.
If you weren't awarded the VIP after a Month then it's clear you didn't qualify for it. 

He wouldn't be asking if he wasn't entitled to it would he?
Try calling FoD out for a change.
VIP's for the mentioned tourney have been awarded on April 8. We are sorry if you did not logged in on that day to enjoy your 1 day VIP as the 5th place of the April 1  tournament.
This page exists for a reason @Wullie


Instead of contacting them directly to make a query or complaint he chooses to do it on the forums to cause a scene which is highly unnecessary and only his way of seeking attention over something of such little importance. I have lost count of the amount of times he has posted one of these threads ranting about VIP and it's honestly getting a little ridiculous.


I checked every day.  It is possible that I missed it, but I doubt it.
Its his right to post it wherever he wants, thats what the forum is there for. You don't have to agree but why do you feel the need to be annoyed every time he asks the question?.
John knew he'd get stick going by his OP but why should he?
You don't like it then scroll on by. SIMPLE. 
There's barely any Staff left, I believe those remaining Moderators should be allowed to focus their time and effort into bigger issues needing their time and attention.

With all due respect, don't feel offended but VIP delays are the least of the problems on this website and the more time you guys take up of theirs with these threads the less time they can invest into solving IMPORTANT problems on here. Especially people cheating, banking, playing against themselves for points, sharing accounts, avoiding banishments, playing on multiple accounts not only in rated rooms but in Tournaments. Abusive players who insult eachother, harass others, racism and anything else unnecessary amongst the community. Their time is taken up by those issues as they are far more important than a couple of days of missing VIP due to a little delay on a Distribution.

You guys need to stop acting like it's the end of the world every single time you don't get your VIP immediately, like everything it takes time, and there's not even half the number of staff here nowadays that there once was a few years ago, time is precious, having a little patience and putting a little thought in before writing a thread about something so minimal wouldn't hurt.
I hear you but it takes minutes to look into it. Yes a Mod did reply on this occasion but go back through the years when they have blanked numerous questions that were important. Lastly if they didn’t have the time then why did they read his post when they should’ve been elsewhere doing more important things?  You are getting yourself needlessly worked up.
I don't get worked up over games mate, don't worry.
Just telling it like it is. That's not a Moderator by the way, that's OP.

Making a mass multitude of posts of the same thread topic year after year with no change or solution given to the reason behind the topic itself shows it's a waste of time complaining about it. They obviously put their time into more vital tasks than Tournament prizes. 
For the record, I'm not posting in this thread again, not going to waste anymore of their time with something so senseless.

Have a good day.
Ok, you undisputed wannabee moderator.