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Where to build.
Where to build.
Where to build.
I think we should build the pub on #10135.
I'm building the Palace at #10100. I want others to help.
The teleport gate at #10136 is complete. I'll build the palace at #10100.
Let's build the teleport gate on #10136. I want to use it.
The pub is completed. I think we should biuld the teleport gate now.

I recommend the teleport gate, if it even will work.
If you want to build just for the points, you are pretty much free to build wherever you want... unless some people do create a consensus.

I would caution that in building there, you will have to be very diligent.  I believe it only takes the army invading the square once, and all building progress is lost!

In the last 3 or 4 months, I have seen monsters 1 square away from that square a few times, and I'm not even online that much.  So I wouldn't feel very safe building there myself, if I wanted a completed building.