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boring bowler 
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boring bowler 
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boring bowler 
Too much bowlers here, they are don't play curling,only boom boom."granite_J" is a big bowler,never play them!
>only boom boom

:D aha :D

I'm guessing he beat you? ;)
if you have ever played or watched real curling they do the same it’s all part of the game, when some is hitting or as you call it “Boom Boom" there are way’s around this type of play, how you place your stones etc. so maybe watch some real curling and adjust your gameplay, and stop moaning.
Someone who actually throws hits like the way curling's supposed to be played?! 

Thanks, I'll make sure to play them.
Jen you musta learnt your sarcasm from me mate.
 I reckon curling should become worldwide... and to teach the " busy men " how to iron their shirts.... NO SURRENDER 
At least my club still exists & are not lying cheating scum who diddled the Queen that they love so much out of millions in taxes. That bad that the club got liquidated, look the word up, It means died, no more. Rangers 2012 are NOT the same club. We welcome the chase.
For reference as my above post looks cheeky. Torbett was a paedophille in the 1970’s in Celtic boys club.  He was booted out & later jailed.  Rangers fans have continually brought this up as rival fans probably would but it’s a bit rich of them considering they have had their own abuse scandals, they have cheated the system, been found out & got liquidated due to mismanagement. Their fans riot everywhere they go & are the only club ever in European history to win a major trophy & have to be presented with it in their own dressing room as obviously their fans were too busy rioting to enjoy the occasion. I could go on & on but this is a curling forum. I only replied because Lizard smartly had a dig about the abuse.
For reference... yes it is a curling forum..perhaps YOU should remember that ;)
Lizard get off your high horse, you were the 1 who sarcastically put Torbetts name there, what has he to do with curling?
What has " Hail Hail " to do with it......
 Having just read about t.....t,i withdraw my comment and offer my apologies to you and anyone else i've offended...next time i'll make sure my brains engaged before i put my mouth in gear.. 
Well... Good luck with the impossible liq! 
you are well over a year too late for apologies Lizzard!!!.... shockingly Wullie has an apology from ya...well done Wullie. 
 Cash/Mersey..Hi ladies,who are you bullying these days !!.
and where's the third idiot ??
 No comments from the bully's... :D probably still dry humping each other.
There are also con artist bowlers.For example,there is a bowler who blames others for bowling a stone of him away.
I won t mention any names here,i am not like that.But his name starts with a C  ,ends with an N  ,and in between are the letters OYACA
I agree with oewan, the coyacan player insulted me just because I beat him.
if he is such a good player he should be able to counter the strategy of the rivals, instead of insulting just because one plays in a certain way.

You are right Juan.He first complains about a stone bowled away,with insults too,then he starts to bowl himself.When confronted he says "not my problem". Well Coya,you do have a problem.A big attitude problem that is.
Curling forum on FlyOrDie is always one to look at when you reminisce, one of the underrated and funniest trash talking places on the site :D:D