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I want to join a clan
I want to join a clan
I want to join a clan
Where are some of the still active clans that i can join. I also want to see if i can get help to obtain a boat.
Most clans have either fallen into disrepair or have inactive leaders.  For the most part, there's not a huge benefit to being part of a clan anyhow, so you're not missing out on much.

And, unless you have a digger character or have a character over level 30, there's not much to do on the other island.  I'm going away on vacation soon, but if you haven't found any silver assistance for your boat by April, I'd be happy to transfer some silvers over to you.

Good luck.

That would be wonderful if you could help me i have been playing off and on for a while and that is one part of the game i have not reached yet. I will let you know.

Thank you!!
Hi boston8.  Let me know which character would like a boat and I will help you out with funds.  Hope to see you on TA soon!
The charachter that I would like to get help with would be Lady of the lost. That would be great. Sorry i havent been on in a while been busy with school. I will start checking back every day. Thank You So much!!
sorry i haven't been on if you could still help me with that boat that would be great.. I could start setting up a time to be logged on. 
Hi boston8, 

Lady of the lost has 5 million silvers in the bank, so you should be able to get a boat whenever you want.
My characters are a digger, a  fighter, a wizard, and a thief. Only the thief doesn't belong to a clan.