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need us moderator please
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Dear Moderators
need us moderator please
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Dear Moderators
need us moderator please
any moderator please backgammon game
Help in reversi lobby april22 left chat may still be available Help . Viky_Flor think is a guest she threatened my life
Thank you. This april22, anne nicknames up the ying yang, aka etc. stalks me. Every game I play she is there.  This happens with the following nicknames to name a few; -Geminis-, Viky_Flor, Rose mary, Elinda, Also, on topic, april22 posted many personal things to others and to me in Lobby in PM's. I have screenshots. She threatened me with her getting a hitman with a machine gun to get me! This Anne.aloha askes many people for their telephone number and email. Because she once was friends with learner, I trusted her. Bad, bad idea. She emailed and called me way too much. Often mean things. Poor women is emotionally maybe mentally sick too. Very sick and tired of this bull crap. I wrote her tons of emails trying to help her get out of her resentment and anger, to no avail. She even told me she moved from Hawaii to California. A flight to my location is only 6 hours. Please help me. Please advise me just how to deal with this? Or, better yet, please Goddess all MODs help. I put nothing past her. Especially, when she is in a fury! Since this original post, I have not seen Viky_Flor. Perhaps you have done something with that nickname. Hope so. She, of course, is telling 3 people, that is not nice to me, the gossip lies. A pity really. I have very thick skin. So, whatever~* SHOUT-OUT to Our Moderators ))*! Normally I wouldn't mention names or nicknames here, but, I am scared! She banned me from her games with learner, then comes into my game with him and has a fit! God bless her, God bless us all. <3 to bury the hatchet, doubt it is possible. Others have been betrayed by april22 etc. too. Such is life. Thank you for having this wonderful Forum for us, and, for you )))* Be well. Love, Judy
Hi, THanks for posting this message. It's brought people out of the woodwork.
Unfortunately, since October, with all the CYBERBULLYING Etc. Post, the only way to defuse the bullies, liars, stalkers, harassers, is to name names. Because the truth really does set you free. "To thine own self be true."
Really, really disliked bringing learner, my best plutonic male FOD Friend, into the discussion. On the other hand, it has brought him out of the so-called closet. The posting of facts with screenshots seems the only way to go for now. I know who reads me. Sometimes it's the only way, to reach out and touch someone. Especially a beloved friend. Best of all you wonderful Moderators read this, approve it and, are always very helpful. -I've tried with every ounce of strength and with prayers, to "mean what I say, say what I mean, and not be mean when I say it. I can fall short of that. If I have to anyone that will be reading this..."Be patient with me, God isn't finished with me yet." Sometimes, I try too hard to "Protect my Freinds. Umm, at least I try. 
It's not in the winning, it's in the trying. Yet, YODA says, "There is no try. There is only do or do not!" Lol, God bless us all.
Happy Easter in advance. 

With love and FOD Service,

I did call my local police the day after I was threatened. I ask them how I get in touch with internet police. They responded, "There isn't any." At least it is on the record. Dispatch thought it important enough for me to speak with a sheriff, which I did.

Hope all this kind of behavior will lessen. Maybe go away. If me posting the truth helps to keep the Bullies at bay, then, it's worth it. 
I pray that God softens everyone involved hearts, including me. God bless us and, Happy Easter)))))*
You're taking things too seriously on here. These people making threats can't do anything. They can't find you unless you're openly posting personal information about yourself, e.g sharing facebook, twitter, or other social media stuff related to yourself, where you live, what you look like and what you do on a daily basis.

As long as you're not providing people these sensitive topics of information they can't locate you or bother you outside the game. You worry yourself too much, just mute them and report them. There's nothing else needing done. And ringing your police?..they probably had a right good laugh because of that...

Worry less, trust me. They can't get to you lol.
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, you're right. Too serious is what I've been. "As I thus get down to my right size, my self-importance becomes amusing." Lol. Oh the other hand, I did mention I was fool enough to give this phoenix person my email addy and telephone number. Crikey! Live and learn. 

Nope, the cops weren't laughing. I know a few of them.  They were sympathetic.

Yes your so right, it's hard to find where people are. Yet, a brilliant gaming friend had none of my vital information, and still showed a pix of where I live, even my land. 
Time for me to be more cautious. ))))*
PS. If this helps at all more of her nicknames phoenix a paid for a nickname which currently has a picture, blue background, and silver stars. River_22, Aniloor one can count on the fact she is obsessed with her what she said is a middle real name, Anne. Chances are one can find out where and how she hides, deceives even friends looking for almost any variation of an. What I didn't mention and would like to, that I feel comfy enough to let this thread. She knows my family is deceased, yet went on and one dissing them. As well as telling lies to her gang about me. She's fickle blows hot and cold. I hope things will work out and I will never feel I need to mention nicknames in a derogatory way again.  Thanks, guys that answered me. You helped lighten my load. This is a great format to hash things out. I think the MODS were not entirely sure it would be used. Think that we do use it makes them feel happy )))* Yours in love and FOD service, Judy
Dear Flyordie Team 
need moderator please
EmPire fake nick for swering
he is swering since 3 days all day allnight 
but not yet moderator came
can you help us please
if new nick cant log in room 1 swering will be finish
then we can to ply with peace
Hey All, 

I am in Backgammon right now, and the nick has been banned already, please keep sending us the report, you might not see any Moderator in the room but that doesn't mean we are not dealing with it.

Thank you.
Hello Team
There are problem new nicks for swering about
please if you want to help us  dont enter new nick at room 1 or not write at lobby cut his message
if new nicks without suscribe dont message or if he write at lobby auto left room please
swerings will be finish
swering player get banned  he is back came with new nick only for 1 min
please stop it
Thank you
Hello Flyordie Team
moderators not enough
we want fast help
so many new swering players evryday  allday swering but not come moderator
we want dont be chat new nicks at room 1
we want fast help  
please hear me
Dear Team
£zqi_06 nick since 5 days swering insulting my about
at lobby
i sent ss report abuse
but not yet banned
can you check please anymoderator to her
Thank you Team
Hello Team
cadı nick very yuck words to me and to other players swerings insultings because she is support to HeLLFoRCè nick
she swering site and moderator team too
i sent ss and report abuse so many times
please can you come and see to her
please help us
Thank you
Dear Team
please moderator need to us
Hello Team
we should wait only Dear Thor mderator?
other moderators can not help to us??
sent sent reported abuse but no help to us 
since 3 days waiting moderator
V.R.R. nick swering since 3 days
how we play with peace??
new nicks big problem at room 1 chat message
please im waiting your really help
Thank you Team

Thank you, Goddess. I reread this Post. Needed that reminder. Wink. God bless you. Or, Lol, Goddess dear, bless yourself! Lol. xoxo! Happy New Year! : )))*.
Hiya, MOD-TEAM, Yesterday was a nightmare if, I let it! An abuser, stalker, and harasser kept following me to my games, PM-ed me many viciously evil things. Lol, one was that I'd a whiney beach for using this The Forum to complain! Jumpin; Jupiter's this is one of the reasons Y'all created this methinks. He/she threatened my with a lawyer and on and on. Not to be taken seriously, I know, still. It was a very unpleasant time. They constantly called me ugly names an also made my games hard on the Friends I played! I've taken screenshots of the 3-4 hours this occurred. The nickname is fairly new, called DANMARINO "1301&user=29503658&nick=."  Please find out who this really is. Please do something. As Goddess metioned to someone else, "Pleas keep sending us reports." Will do, and, thank you. Happy New Year! Love to FOD_Love to Y'all, Just judy