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Curling update - HTML5
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Curling update - HTML5
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Curling update - HTML5
A new update has just been published to the curling game.

The most notable improvement is that the game no longer needs Java, it is now based on Html5.
What does it mean for you? Two important things:
 - you can now use Chrome again as your browser
 - the game can be played on mobile devices as well

Questions? Problems with the new version?
Post your observations here.

Thank you for your attention.

The best thing that could be done. I talked about that for months. Java is no longer good for this site. Mobile devices and google chrome are standard, so it is good that are usable on the site. I hope it will not be a problem in a technical context
Thanks, I always had dream to play on my mobile phone! :d Seriously it's not a bad for reversi and chess
It's great that I can use Chrome again.
One question- when I enter a match to watch, and a rock is in the middle of being thrown, the movements of the rocks in the game freeze, and the screen says after a few seconds that where the rock froze on my screen is where the rock ended up (even though that is obviously not the case). Then the game goes live again, and when the next rock is thrown, all of the rocks in the house move slowly (it's almost creepy) to where they actually should be. Is there any reason why this is happening? Not a big issue, but strange.
The "strangely moving rocks when entering a game as a spectator" bug will be fixed soon.

Sweeping seems to be very erratic 
Thanks for making the game available again on Chrome, FoD. Great to see some updates being done. Hopefully some of the requests made by players can be considered as well.

I thought the sweeping was erratic to until I realized that it only works if the mouse is over the game window. In the Java version, as long as you had focus on the Java window you could sweep regardless of where your mouse cursor wandered to. With the HTML 5 version, the mouse has to be on the game window, or the browser loses track of it. If you play in full screen, you'd probably never notice. I play on a system with a 2 screens and don't use full screen, so I noticed this difference right away. Took a game to figure out what it was.
Credit where credit is due, took a long time for you's to listen but finally,  be nice once all the bugs are fixed but good work. Might even sub again now.
Your still missing the Scotland flag but i'm sure that your working on it.
I appreciate the changes you have made to allow us to play in Chrome again.  There are, however, some glitches such a the way the broom quits at times while I am sweeping.
I also have a question: Are there supposed to be two (2) brooms visible and available behind the T-Line so that both players could sweep?  I see 2 brooms at times, but usually only when the rock is almost stopped.
Anyway, good improvements, and hopefully the connection issue has been solved too.

It's alright for you people that have kids around whose talent you can tap, but us oldies who live in foreign countries don't have that advantage. With all the trouble I had with chrome and java I'll not be using them again. After a lot of toil and trouble and the help of a few friends I finally got back into the game and I'm not taking the chance of losing it again.
Wulliebhoy, I'm sure the friendly staff at FoD will supply you with your beloved flag so that you can fly it high. : > )
Hi, how do you enable html5 on Chrome for iPhone/iPad, and whatever else might be useful to make the game work?
hi all

thanks for doing better - but i have some little problems.

when i changed to chrome back and wanted to play, the player registration does not go - my player name and my nickname is not accepted!

1. what to do when i change browser, that the site accept my registration from bevore? 

2. i play meanwhile on firefox but all settings are different now. the screen has not the same size enymore, grafics have error and there is no sound at all.

3. just by the way. the new icons u use are more looking like maniacs, not that nice as bevore - so big eyes, what they take :)

thanks and best whish

the possibility of access to all games in its entirety by iPhone or other phone,  would not be a good idea.

Jock if you still have chrome on your system its just a case of simply logging in, no messing around with Java or nothing mate. As for my flag I gave up on that ages ago & was just being sarcastic. With all the dopey little countries listed here which nobody has ever heard of then a major country like Scotland shouldn't be a problem or so you'd think.
Someone can explain me why I cannot play on Opera any more. I get a message that Web GL is disabled on my browser. I cant find an option to enable it in settings.
I can play on Chrome now but the graphics is much worse (I can see pixels). Also when opponent is sweeping the brush simply disappears. Can you fix that issues?
Here often after first curl the message lost connection and i need to start again
Using internet explorer 11 without java
Graphic drivers latest update and pc very high quality
Can you put a link here where we can change to use Java when we like (for so long it dont work here proper yet )
and a explanation how to change to java please
I notice that in spite of sweeping, curler blocks at the same speed as if it not at all sweeps. A short throw remains cards without the slightest alteration. Others who noticed this?
I understand how difficult it is for the 3D game to be converted, I appreciate the hard work and finally it has been migrated. I'm happy to see this kind of update and looking forward in other games too. Kudos Developers!
Yes its nice to make games availeble for phones and laptops and ipads
But there is a real problem with curling game now, players found a glitch / bug to disconect oponents after playing 1 curl
New nicks popping up the whole day stealing points from players they worked hard for
I think a admin,operator should fast have a look at this problem
manny players complaining all ready
TY with kind of regards Henry the easy bowler 
In game action of sweeping it is intrerrupting!
I like the idea of upgrades to the game, but at this point I cannot play because the game is too glitchy, I have no control over my power bar or sweeping. I have tried playing using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, all with the same results. As a subscriber to FoD, I hope this problem is solved in a timely manner. 
There is a slight difference which I believe to be related to the delivery of the game, which is now HTML vs Java. In the Java version, once you started sweeping, it didn't matter where the mouse was in relation to other windows - Java still knew that you had clicked and continued to move the mouse. In the HTML version, however, it is the browser itself that receives the mouse input. If you "drift" off of the game window when sweeping, I think the browser loses track of the mouse and thus sweeping stops. The corollary to this is that the smaller you have the game window, the more likely you are to drift. Keeping the mouse in the game window SHOULD resolve you issue, I think.
Perhaps FoD can correct me if I'm totally off the mark on this one, but if I am right, I don't think there is anything that can be done to address it, given the way browsers work.
no Craig, i try it  and it's the same
Some sweeping and spectator related bugs had been fixed.

gabrielamihaela, Newfoundland :
please try to update your graphics driver.
The rate at which the weight of shot increases seems to have increased. What I mean is that when I hold my mouse button down, it seems to increase awfully fast! It makes controlling weight of shot a bit difficult, but I suppose I'll get used to it...
I can't play this game on my iPad, where is a problem?
It write me, that I need use desktop version.

ibeliveicanfly : open flyordie.com in your browser
(playcurling.com does not redirect to mobile page yet)
I'm sorry but I never changed driver,format changes you made in other games too, i didnt had any problem.Better check this problem stil persists
I've tried updating my graphics driver, but it's still glitchy and the stones are pixelly. My account is due to be renewed this month, but unfortunately, if this is the way the game is going to be on my computer, it is pointless for me to play. Therefore, I will not be renewing my subscription. Not a fan of the new update, it just cost me a game that I play everyday. 
Same problem i have too Newfoundland  but they did changes in another games too and i didnt and i dont have any problem there, just here in curling.


I LOVE that I can play in Chrome again.

I will become an active player again.

Owing to the trouble some of the players are having with the new site, and by popular demand, My "Paddle Store" will be reopened for a short time. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this unique once in a lifetime offer
Hi I am trying it on iPad..first difficulty is that power bar is not in same place as on pc or laptop use,,,it is in middle left going up rather than its usual bottom right going along..please make it same place look and function identically for continuity it would not change the mobile dynamic at all..in fact it would make transition easier,,,
glitching, can't get full screen anymore, powerbar inconsistent, sweeping is inconsistent, light stays short.

I also am an everyday player and subscriber. Sure making it hard to play!!!!!

Turfinator : could you please explain what you get instead of a full screen mode? Could you post a screenshot maybe?

Breakfast Club : ipad use the same version as all mobile devices, which include smaller phones as well. It might not be a problem on ipad, but on smaller phones the bottom power bar might be easily hidden by your hand and fingers when you are throwing your rock, making it impossible to control your throw.
I agree, I am not getting the full screen like I did previous to the upgrade. One of the main reasons I subscribed to FoD was to play in full screen. I still cannot play the game due to it being so glitchy...very jumpy power bar, the game for me has lost all it's smoothness. I am going to assume it's my computer not being powerful enough, but come on, I run alot more complex games on this system without issue. 
the power bar is just too jumpy to be accurate with power, it has become a guessing game when to release. I thought it may be my lap top (graphics card etc) but after reading the posts here i am not so sure.
Does anyone have a smooth power bar?
I would post a screenshot if I knew how
Just tried the screenshot, but it didn't work. It's easy to explain though, there is a 1 inch wide, light blue border that surrounds the screen. It wasn't there before the update. 

Additionally, just wondering if there will be any further changes to try and improve the poor quality of the "lagging"?
1 inch on all 4 sides?

What browser do you use, what is your display's aspect ratio,  and how do you try to access full screen mode?
1 1/8" blue border on both sides. header bar at the top, good at bottom.

I use to get full screen with Google, then I found that I could also with Opera. Fullscreen was game screen from side to side, from top to bottom.
the powerbar is sporadic at best, purely a guess most stones and then it will even float after release sometimes.
Went away with Opera at update. Back trying Google.

Always right click on blank space and choose full screen option.

Resolution is - 1920 x 1080
Main complaint that I'm having & most of my opponents is the rocks are either badly overcurling or undercurling but mainly the 1st one. Sometimes too when you know for a fact that you've given enough ice / width, whatever you want to call it, you throw & it is still badly off. I presume that the new changes were tested before being implemented & I tend to think that they are a good idea but owing to the complaints about the glitches please tell me that this is still a work in progress as my sub is just about up & I do want to sub again but not the way things are at the moment. Thanks
For full screen please try the following:

 - open the game
 - on the screen where the "start game" button is, press F11 on your keyboard.
 - press "start game" button

(if you are using Chrome, F11 should work even after the game started)
understand once and for all, this new format is not working properly
yes F11 works, thank you. But there are still the blue blank spaces on each side of the screen.
hi all

i think they did a good job with the new setup and we go through this. sure its not nice when u have problems they let look u like amatora. i sometimes have problem with weight contol, aim jumping and screen size. but i keep on going.

i`ll be back - hasta la vista baby

i`ve found it - what is the problem with the new setup.

i stil loose games

Just tried accessing full screen by pushing F11, it opens the full screen up, but now there is a 1 1/4 inch blue boarder on the top and bottom, and a 3/4 inch blue boarder on the left and right sides. The playing screen used to go the full size of the screen, but not now. Still not my biggest complaint though, the game play for me is lagging severely. 
The old "java" version can be accessed as described here:


However, if you are having performance problems, we still recommend trying to update your graphics card driver first, as described here:


(not through windows update)
Thank you for the ability to switch back to Java, this has solved my issues with the lagging. Now, the lack of full screen is the only issue.
Thank you for help,  now works normal !
since this update... I can't not turn off skins format OR can no longer switch the # of ends that I have set....
ALL options are shaded except the "I" information on player.. all other options gone aware and not changeable ?

also-- other curlers complaining about sound.. some games it works and some it doesn't ?

So how can someone fix this issue, currently I am stuck on skins format and 2 end games ?

I have reached out to support, they emailed me the old java link but still not working, I click on jave but it actually does not change the format of the game as its telling me it still in the new format...

help -- stuck on 2 ends -- can not change :(
Is the problem happening with every browser mate?
A small update has been published recently, which includes:

 - full screen mode is fully functional for most screen sizes
 - changing to full screen mode is now easier using the f11 key
 - some sweeping related fixes
Not a critical item, but the ability to enter non english characters into the chat window seems to have disappeared - I enjoy giving a 你好 to Chinese opponents but can't do that since the upgrade.
I enjoy giving the V, can you possibly invent a middle finger emoji please?  Also a small point but when you done (blue)  or (yellow)   that colour of rock appeared now they don't.  Finally the new emojis look deformed, can you please sort them out as i'm sick looking at Jock Kuta posting the ugly things. 
Well now that the dust has cleared I want to say thank you to the FlyorDie crew!!!!

They addressed our concerns and for me the game is better then ever! It is smoother, have my full screen back, and those little stupid emoji things don't make my screen flicker and jump!!!!!!!.


I am a very happy customer/player!!!!
As Turf says, credit where credit is due so thanks FoD. One point to the Mods, you answered our points & acted on our complaints for this issue so in future when you see posts addressed to you can you please answer them even if you can't help or fix the problem. All we ask is for communication & it helps relations with you instead of us being frustrated & thinking that your useless. Please learn from this. Thanks 
Do you have the link to change between Java and HTML?