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larkinor bugs
larkinor bugs
larkinor bugs
Okay, I realize that fod's been having some problems the last couple days, and I'm trying really hard not to take advantage of any of this.  Hopefully they'll get this sorted out soon.

But some things to watch out for on your accounts so you don't get in trouble for taking advantage of these bugs:

subs - don't touch that mod button; I know it looks tempting, but just don't play with it - a few people have gotten temp banned for their curiousity.

non-subs - extra clicks? well, I didn't get any today, but if the problem's not fixed by tomorrow, I don't see how I'm going to avoid using them.  Also new accounts created are getting sub clicks, which is unfair as new players will not even realize they're getting an advantage.

-sherpa service, watch out for this one; I know some of us market bank money by buying obscene amounts of certain items, but be careful or you just might be paying fees when you hadn't meant to.

-pub missions: I had a char who hadn't started his pub missions, ran the first one, then the second but somehow the second ended up being the third so I didn't complete it.  Non-subs might just want to avoid these for the next few days.
Good post, ezekial! That topic should be viewed by each larkinorian. However, I'd add some insignificant details for non-subs:
1. Do not steal from other players
2. Do not rob
3. Do not make several items in fortress/mage tower at once
As for clicks, I think they will be taken away later :p
So that would explain why I'm getting 810+ clicks a day...
Whilst the site is experiencing technical issues:

Moderator Icon tools

Attempted use of the moderator icon will result in an immediate ban of all characters on that account, plus the account itself. The duration of the ban will be determined depending on exactly what you tried to do.

The minimum punishment you can expect is a loss of all your characters (and their clicks etc) during the period the site is having technical issues. 

Several of you have already attempted to use the tools, and have accordingly had their accounts suspended and their characters banned.

Repeated attempts to use the tools is likely to result in the removal of all your accounts, including your subscriptions to all other games on the site.

Extra clicks as a non subscriber / Pub Missions

These clicks may be used. We will not remove them from you, so you can consider it as an easter present if you are affected.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Apr-2010 14:52]
I thought I had enough money to but 5 emerald shirts... But it actually wasn't enough, so Via Sherpa came to help me. I just forgot about that sub's feature - usually I do the same, but then go to bank and get additional money and then back to market... I'll do it right now :$ Sorry again lol
Tempting, very tempting....so far I'm resisting, although I always wanted to leave the game in big fashion. :-)
I hope for myself to see this bug fixed soon.
Using sub features whilst not a subcriber will not you get you into trouble during the technical issues, so you dont need to worry about that.

Only worry if you start having an irrestable urge to click on that mod symbol :D
Oh :$ That's nice to hear... Because I did it again X(... Now - because of market thieves lol...
My fault - those weren't market thieves, but myself :$...
And, does your words mean we can... STEAL ]:) ?
Emmm... my main characters almost ran out of clicks and some need clicks to be saved for future clan mission... so I want to make another character :$... is it ok?
I just wonder if there is now any difference between sub and non-sub character (other than having star in chatroom).
The difference being that my sub lasted 4 days, yours will last 6 months.

Yay! The bug has been fixed.  Thanks fod!

Now about these invaders...