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Moderators , the mod team and why we are present in lobbys.
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Moderators , the mod team and why we are present in lobbys.
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Moderators , the mod team and why we are present in lobbys.
Hi all. I  am Grant, aka geelong6, and for those who do not know me, i am one of the moderation team here in flyordie.

I am compelled to write this in respect of a  newspaper article here in australia  regarding 2 teenagers deaths, by suicide as a direct result of cyber bullying.


The net is a wonderful thing but also it has a sinister side that allows ppl to be subjected to abuse etc, which im sure @ least 70% would not be said if the persons involved were chatting face to face. It has made many young ppl learn too fast about our world and consequently 
they think anything goes, so to speak.

In short what im trying to get users to do is, just ignore the instigator or abuser, mute them and dont give them the satisfaction of seeing you upset. By all means send an ss 



send it in and we will deal with it.

How many more innocent lives will be lost b4  we do something about this?

Next time you hear about info like this it could be yr brother, sister nephew niece.  

When i first played in fod back in 05 there wasnt much abuse as now. Now its getting out of hand. :s

Ive had a threat made against me just bc i banned them. Is that really the way we were bought up?  I cert dont think so.

So after you have read this, think about it, act on it and lets make flyordie a nicer place to play.  ty vm
 if u agree  , disagree  pls reply to this and ty for yr time in reading  regards  Grant.

good point grant but nowdays its full of kids that think they know better than us. but as a parent too, kids nowdays think thay can do what they like and get away with it, its must be what schools are teaching then now but i say bring back the belt in schools never done us any harm but it did teach us respect unlike todays youngsters
hi grant
        i agree with you about the abuse in flyordie it has got out of hand. i have been playing a few years. (not on this nik) i do think a good place to try and stop this abuse is snooker light abuse happens every day.There are a few bad players in there who think they own the place & can say & do what they want. Its not to often you see a moderator in their. They dont care if kids are in there they just carry on abusing ppl. i know who they are. maybe clean this room 1 up first & it will be a start to clean the rest of flyordie up. Also some ppl dont know how to do a sreenshot maybe they never heard of it. CYBER BULLYING HAS TO STOP KNOW. im sorry but its up to the moderators to crack down heavly on these ppl not to-morrow but to-day b4 its to late.
                                    thankyou ...o...
it's great u've posted this..i been sayin this ever since i got to FOD...i never saw so many angry people online in one place before...
hope this mite change that

I agree with this. These days many people keep complainting of them so like geelong said, we must put a stop to this. We also need moderators that can be active much, I'm active much but i'm not a moderator. So we should choose moderators wisely also. I know, you moderators want to play other games in Checkers, Chess etc. But you also need to keep check the games after starting to battle against another player to be sure there isnt any rule breakers doing their job.

100 %
 reccommending this idea what geelong posted.
You won't believe this, Grant, but my daughter's best friend (and my "other daughter") who is only 10 years old just tried to commit suicide (stabbed/cut herself and hanged herself) because a friend said that another friend had said something bad about her, and it was NOT true! This friend did NOT say a thing bad about her, but she had gotten upset anyhow and...well...you know what happened.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the word out. 

This girl is like family to us and now she is in the hospital and her life will never be the same, nor ours.

I am very upset that she did this (though I never could or would be mad at her) because, well, I don't know how many of you know this, but I spent my later teen years (16-18) in and out of psychiatric hospitals because of suicide attempts. 

DO NOT bash me about this please...I am sharing this info to let you all know that it IS real (though my bullying came as the in-person type since we didn't have a computer or the Internet then) and it can be deadly. I am glad our friend survived, as she has so many more years of LIFE ahead of her.

Thank you and PLEASE try to be sensitive to this post. I shared this quite hesitantly.

Thank you Grant for sharing that.
Do you have a link to the story? Exactly what kind of "bullying" was going on? Were they being threatened?

I'm of the (controversial?) opinion that, if getting called names by some immature kid in a chatroom leads you to commit suicide, then the suicide is your own fault. And perhaps the fault of your parents/caretakers for not noticing your mental issues prior to it all. Those 2 kids probably needed therapy even before getting "bullied". An otherwise mentally healthy person doesn't get driven to suicide because some dork calls them ugly in a chatroom, or says mom jokes about their mom. 

Are we to expect all 10-16 year olds to stop trading childish insults forever, for the sake of the 1/million disturbed kids who might perceive the insult a thousand times out of proportion?
I agree with what so_nniiiiiiice said. My daughter's friend also has (obviously) some emotional problems that led to her attempting suicide. It was a culmination of a bunch of stressors in her life (parents were not getting along and she didn't know where she would live, possibly moving to a whole new school district, etc.) so this "bullying" over the 'Net was just the straw that broke the camel's back, as it were.

I agree 100% with you all. These replies were eloquant and well-stated, and very mature so far. I am impressed.


Here is a link about it.


 I dont think it mentioned the girls boyfriend hung himself  6 weeks earlier, after abuse from online.

Thank you very much for your thoughts and contributions, in particular Earth Angel. 

We as a community on a huge proportion need to encourage other users who still abuse the system and the members and users of our great games site.

I urge you to let other users know about the forums,  who haven't read the comments made. Yours in flyordie   Grant
hi little earth angel could i have the link of your local paper to read about this,so i can post it on kidscape which is a anti bulling website
i totally agree with you grant m8. this site should be here for ppl to have fun and play a lil pool or whatever takes ur fancy. the mods are doing a hard and sometimes unrewarding job in and dont get a penny for it but ya all got my respect and help if ever i can help.
hi grant
yes we totally agree with what your saying here the good guys on flyordie know why your there but one thing i must say is is that all mods need to be consistant as to who they ban and who they ignore over the past five years i have and many more good players have seen mods who walk away when they should be acting on abuse peodos and stalkers maybe over the next few years we can get this right
the presence of the mod team is good.
it will only mean that other user were highly monitored by them...

nice one!!!

]sole proprietor bankruptcy help

hahaha,why didn't my post get approved? can't handle the critic? 
Hey Grant m8. 
 I totally with what you said. When I first played here like 4 years ago there wasn't so much abuse, if really I didn't see it at all. But now people change and world changed. Kid do whatever they want and they know nothing is going to happen with them.
 I also agree with what fergie said, many times I see that someone just said one bad word and he got banned, but many others were just abusing and got nothing about it. So many times mods are wrong ( but not all ) but still thanks for your work and lets make this website (game) more fun and interesting. ;) tc
I think we're in a culture where our egos are coddled and nurtured too much.  Hearing some corny insults in a chatroom shouldn't shatter you. If it does, then you have been under the delusion that the world revolves around you. For most people, getting shattered is a good thing in the long run.  The unfortunate few react in such a way that they will never live to see the long-term benefit.
Grant! i have to agree with u spot on m8...but! and this is a big but. not everybody on here, is computer litarate. it took me some time, to create a screenshot. great learning prosses, but not much use,at the time. if people on here, need help, where can they go. they certanly cant go to mods. i have yet to see an instance, where a mod, has actuly helped someone. i dont mean bye, banning someone, for someone, I mean actualy helped someone. fod needs a new system, for suport, maybee a comitee, and even 1 approachable mod, willing to actualy help... attatude is a bulling tactic just the same
I've seen that same article on USA Today.