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FoD current top 20
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Four in a Row
FoD current top 20
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Four in a Row
FoD current top 20
Just out of curiousity I checked the current top 20, the so called 20 "best" players of FoD in the game connect4:

of those 20, exactly 50% cheats (uses programs):

Eddie Guerrero  
Gods Give 
Pυгρłє Hαzє.  

Then there are 6 who run or pointbank

I could actually find 4 more or less decent players:

→ŦĦẹ̣̄ Ņêŵ Мίķę←  

What a joke! This is what you get when you accept the use of programs. 

I'm starting to understand why ppl don't come to this site no more.
kinda scary :| 

you want to be alone with him to play connect 4 and your going to damage him? so your basically saying that your going to rap him because you clearly can't talk english.
lol , 5 times ?,it was 2 times , i hope you play better than you calculating , i was just playing other site , so i closed windows to have no lags , so sorry you missunderstand it :D, so lets play now ?
lol marcos, 741? give me break.. u invite and then leave like five times.. then i ignored u, so now u have to write dirt here on the forum now? get a life sweety.
relfson, i know you read this , so lets play . We are alone now on playok, so lets play and dont be shy or afraid that i damage you , see you :D
 dont write to much , i am waiting on playok to play against you , you reatard :D, onTable3 and 4, or are you afraid i will kick you after you kicked me? :D
who the fk cares about points? amazing that a number and colour that only the cheaters get top mark on, still is a thing up to debate and arguments, its really amazing.
i join like 1/2 weeks ago,i dont know what this program thing is your talking about or does,but ive managed to earn like 400 points but,then i found out you need to pay a 5er to be on the top rated,whast te point in paying a fiver to have my name on a website like no-ones even heard of...
Yeah the top twenty list is pathetic, but there are still good players on here there just smart enough not to subscribe.
lol @ мдġîĆ™ẄĭŠĦ. It is not 
Get your facts straight before correcting other ppl lol
It should be 
cant even spell apoligize how sad anyway ur all talk are u gonna play or just waste my time 
i apolagize for my langrauge sir but maybe ur stop sending me anoying emails now.
lance ok u want me u got me ill play u on kurnik any time ur one and u want this is going to be a good lagh.

lol why the fuck are u telling me this? that all good players have secret emails and secretly talk to eachother u think i care if u nerds make a clubhouse on the tree in ur backyard and talk about flyordie and how to play connect4 without programs man if u just dont like it leave pure and simple btw mike i havent played this site longer than u and u obv havent met any1 i played pool with since non of the my old m8s play this site anymore stop making stuff up iv looked at the toplist before i even knew what a program is which was in 2007 and i saw u with a sign and u had like 600 points i started programming on connect4 like 4 months after that u obv been playing on this site for like 3 years non stop which is sad
depends because people others might have the same (problem) as I do when it comes to the case of finding out the person that you played later on was a programmer and they beat you. Losing too great players is a totally different subject. I don't care if I lose to someone like Jer0me, just means I need to play better and practice more next time. I do have a life unlike you do. I play sports and I'm going to play baseball for my school just trust me I see the sun a lot more than you do. You have been at this longer than me because I heard from someone that you used to play pool a long time ago so don't even go there... If you ask people, I don't even play at the games as much as I once had. I only welcome the people that I respected who respected me. You wouldn't know any of this, but all of us GOOD players have each others email addresses and we talk and do other stuff their. I hardly have enough time to be playing silly games. School has started and I am really busy, plus sports, friends, family and than comes me who gets the very last slice of the pie. When I look at you, I just think that your a poser just trying to be like me. I don't want you to be like me because I don't even like you and I never will because even if you do change your attitude I still know who you used to be. I know that your a very confused child who thinks he's all that but once you get in the real world like I have trying to find a job and stuff and than you will see people beg for money and you just to notice how thankful you are that your not one of those people. I'm 16 and I'm a man. I don't know who you are but what you say and what you do and how you act gives me a since of not caring. So please, what you will say after this is going to be a stupid remark like you always do but hey!!! that just shows you have mature you really are and how right I am.
unlike u mike i got a life iv seen the sun i see it everyday and i dont take a dumb game too seriously i just play and program here on my free time i dont take losing too seriously like u son ;)
lmfao that u always want to play at kurnik and u always lose resulting in embrassing yourself in a little child's game like always :|
lol at La Maravilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't point bank you stupid loser. And I rarely run...

Case close cause ur not even worth half the time to argue with because your a stupid little....... :)
play me now on kurnik if u can play connect4
D-dog on blip.se aceholliday on kurnik.org and thats all i play on more kurnik then others. and i mainly dont even play connect four just post in furoms inbtween poker tournys online.
and sniper isnt a programmer he got broken many times by every1 but he still plays 300 times better than u d-dog ur just an idiot like unforgivable tryna make a name for urself online by point banking and telling every1 ur a legend when ur only achievment in life is getting the crown 
sadly ddog does program and hes the worst kind of programmer he doesnt admit it he point banks to lose the sign and thinks hes a legend and i dont think any1 will believe that ur good at connect4 unless u play me or any1 else on kurnik i think every1 will agree with me on that programmers and non programmers ;)
@dog , its ok , you dont want to play , i also dont play this game often, just to bored , i am only visiting this Forum to have some laugh about when cheaters/runners and ptsbankers blame themselves.
One thing i want to know , when you retired, why you are angry that Nameless dont give your name on the topplayers list here?Besides the fact that no great Player(you say you are one ) wants really to be on a top player list on this cheating site :D
You said you dont play anymore on any site , but i have not seen any dog names on other site,-can it be that you played on other sites with other accounts(because on other sites its easy to see who is using a programm)so that you dont destroy your Dog trademark(lol) when other players will break you whole time? However , i wish you the best in your Connect4 pension :D  
U put The New Mike on fair and dont run well ur wrong because he point banked.Good day.

La Maravilla
lol i just got home and like iv said many times im retired i dont play connect four at all any more on any site.
I am waiting and waiting and hoping you give me a free connect4 lesson :D, extra for you i made a new account there because my old accounts i forget or/and the codes,seems you dont want to play or ?
I am very very  sorry,i am sure you are , lets play on playok? As Great player you play there or ?I am very curios how great you are :D
lol maybe u dont know who your talking to and btw nameless the reason why u didint put me in decent players is because i aint a decent player.

im a great player ;).

D1&Only--(new version :D)
D-Dog, i dont say you play only against Newbies i spoke generally when players became good players the only challenge is for them to play against other good players but its hard to find a good opponent ,who wants just to play connect4 and so they did not play anymore, and the ptsbankers will leave the game too after a while when they checked that is boring to sit whole time in front of the Pc and plays against Newbies everytime the same nonsens  moves.
That a Connect4 game is about 1or 2 min long it shows that is easy or ??? :)
When you have time we can play on other site a few games with different styles, i hope i dont blame me :D
lmfao you say its easy then you say its a chanlge to play other gms dude your confused. and if your saying i play "noobs" then you obvously never seen my stats lmfao. even if sometimes it was pbing :p.

dude anybody can play perfect i never said it was hard but to play perfect in many styles is hard somthing u wouldnt know about. of course theres more people in those games connect four is a game that takes about 2 minutes a game thats also another reason why.

@Tom:Of course i know you and i know that you are a fair player , it should be a joke that you are a cheater

@D-Dog:Can you tell me why in other games like chess, checkers or Gomoku are much more players than on Connect4?
I can tell you , because connect4 is an easy game , it takes only about 1or 2 weeks to practice to became a good player and then there is no challenge anymore and please dont tell me that playing against Newbies to get pts is a challenge :),only to play against an other good opponent but its hard to find other good opponents who wants just play ,Flyordie is a cheater-site , on Blip the most wants to play against newbies ,good opponents they kick most time, on playok,tv2 and devilplay are not many players.
whose mad sir? im just pointing out me and edgmaster dont even play on this site any more because of the cheaters. every once in awhile i would log in on a name but i dont play here.

@ A.M.P.M 
I don't know you, and obviously you don't know me. You are right about one thing though, I should be in the top 20 list, thats a fact. Then there would be at least one good and fair player in it.

@d-dog: don't be mad I didn't added you to the 4 fair players. Be fair and good first. Like you say, do your homework first and prove me the opposite.
ive grown to love mike, but he runs like Usain Bolt  =P
ampm do you know how stupid you sound? "o this games to easy so i cant find the time to learn it" thats bascially what you ;).

nameless i beg to differ sir about you so called theroy yes the toplist is pathtic but i dont pointbank or run or even own that acount ny more. if you look at the edgmasters and D-dogs stats your notice that both our names havnt played since 7-1 for edge  and me in june somthing. 

do your homework next time sir.

you forget a Player called The Nameless , of course this player must be added to the cheaters :D,
 I am sure a reason why here are not many good players is  because this site allows using Programm, but i think the game is just to easy to waste to much time on it .