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larki down?
larki down?
larki down?
Larki down or is it me?


Yeah its down for me too.  I'm glad I'm not the only one!
Maybe they're working on some improvements? :-)
well its been down for about 24 hours is there any word as to when it will be back up

I finally got into forums.  There was a datacenter in Houston that exploded and really jazzed things up.  Reroutes are in progress.  Be patient.

thanks ralph i just got into the general forums and noticed what the operator stated thanks for the reply

i can get into darts but not larki so hopefully it will be soon

I see that people are desperate to get their daily fix of clicks.. It gets to your brain. If I just wasn't the same. I want my toy back!

Well my next question for the operator is.When do we get Larkinor back since checkers,pool,darts and more games are running?

One at a time Floss.. again, patience.  Just spoke with another Larki, and I'll try to get click limits raised for a period of time, to compensate.  Will let you all know when I know.

ok Ralph i will not pester ya anymore on this i just hope it is soon.Also thanks for the answering and i do hope you can get clicks raised for a bit again.

Larki will be hopefully up and running in one or two days.
Unfortunately its server got more affected by the explosion earlier yesterday.

Thanks for your patience.


: All employees

: Human Resources

: New Company Policy

Due to the recent explosion, we find ourselves forced to modify the ever-popular "fireworks: anywhere, anytime" company policy.  Setting off fireworks in the server room is no longer permissable.  Employees are encouraged to consider setting off their fireworks in the lunchroom, bathroom, or at their desks.

We understand this is a vast departure from our previous fireworks policy, but we feel it is an important step for us as a maturing company.  It should be noted that this undesirable change in your day-to-day routine wouldn't have been neccessary if someone hadn't stored that box of dynamite in there.

Thank you.

Laura Norder
Director, Human Resources Department

by this problem, we deserve 10 000 click's free????
 pls vote YES or NOT! :p
:( It seems they cannot restore power to an entire floor so the Larkinor server will be transported to another datacenter. This means also there will be some DNS caching issues for 1-2 days (new ips will be assigned to the server).
Appropriate compensation (clicks) will be determined after the server is up and running again.

good luc!!!k, DEVELOPER !! :D
® TICO ® :p
Wow, can believe how much work I've managed to do in the last 3 days since Lark went down. 

Come back my distraction, before I get employee of the month!

Am I the only one suffering Larki withdrawl?  

While I'm not trying to seem at all bothersome, I seem to be the only who's noticed that the monsters counts beside our two competing clearing spots (meaning, the squares that are not the clearing spots, but rather another spot accessible from that one spot) have all shot back up to 120,000. I know that they were not at 120,000, as I personally remember mis-clicking a few times and killing some off. I don't understand this...The explosion should not have reset any monster counts, yet this is so. Explanation? Or really any kind of news?
Negative on that, Ghostrider.

The kings magicians will just have to work a little magic, as they did last time the monster counts went up without explanation. That will probably occur sometime after they get down saving the world, resurrecting all of the characters and monsters, and generally restoring order.
Power has been restored to the server. Database is heavily damaged, we are restoring it from backup.
Hopefully, Larki will be available again in a few hours.
Larkinor is back :D
Click limit has been raised to 8000/40000 for freebies/subs.
Thank you for your patience.

Thanks guys for your hard work to get Larki back up and running.

When i try to login through www.larkinor.com, i still get the IIS 404 Error page. But the page writes "7 players online" Is it only me?

hi all, i'm Tr3pOt also known in the game as "tai o' toshi"
i have the same problem.. error 404 bla bla bla bla..
is it possible that now only subscribers are allowed to play larkinor..? :p
no, really, someone can help us..?
I am subscriber and i also get 404, so this is not subscriber/non-subscriber issue. And btw it does not even show the login page.

The inner frame points to:


and the 404 simply means that there is is no file named login.html stored in the root-directory of the server.

The Server itself is running, because if you type


into browser, you get a "Directory Listing Denied" error from the server.
Its running now !!!! They finally made it !!

Thx alot @ staff :D
a big thanks to developer, OP, and/or whoever else helped get us back up and running.
just wondering, how long will the increased click limits be in effect?  are they permanent, or will they last for a week?  a month?  thanks in advance.
Thanks Op.
I was going into withdrawls.

I still can't get in, I get a Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage error when I try. Whats going on?
DNS changes can take up to 3 days to propagate to all the various ISP.
So I was able to get in yesterday but can't today.  Is that to be expected?


I was able to get in on the 4th of June and play now on the 5th of June i can Not get in to play.Whats going on now?

If there is another reset from backup that wipes out my efforts from yesterday/today, it is going to 
 harsh my mellow.

I played this afternoon (withdrawal symptoms assuaged) but it will not work this evening. Perhaps it was overtaxed by a horde of desperate adventurers :) Hoping it will be back soon and appreciate the efforts you are making to get it up and running folks.
Any updates as to what is going on?
Is the site down again or is it my pc?  (6th June 20:06 GMT)
Shouldn;t the question be... 'is Larkinor ever up?'...
Hi Ralph,

Once again they shut down power so the database has been corrupted
We will restore it from backup.
I just can't understand why they can't do a proper shutdown.

**From Dani.  Sorry all, they're working on it still.