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Deleted mission
Deleted mission
Deleted mission
iv just finished doing mission 21 (grand bison) & was running fairly low on clicks, since it was A LONG WAY back to the entrance/exit i decided to press the panic button to get home quicker.The pop up told me i may lose items if i had no insurance but i pressed ok as i had insurance.i go all the way back to get my reward to find that the mission had been canceled!!! i looked all over the site but cant find anywhere that says pressing the panic button cancels your mission(and that should also be mentioned in the pop up when you press it if it does cancel missions!). Was this a glitch in the game or does pressing the panic button cancel the mission? 
As with any type of death, insurance or not, panic or by monster, it will in fact cancel the mission you have started.  But if you complete the mission and get the item needed to turn into the key you merely have to restart the mission and then finish it without haveing to redo the mission.  Alot of us use this tactic in certain missions to not waste valuable clicks.

having a mission cancelled is not something you need to be warned about.  if you don't hear it elsewhere, you do it once, and you'll remember.  there's just certain things in the game they don't tell you everything about... like how some traps in missions can cause you great harm.
another way to look at it... pushing panic is effectively like dying.  you go home, you lose about half your silvers and your insurance if you have insurance... all silvers and items not on your person if you don't.  and if you die in a mission, or after you're done it but before reporting to the king for a reward, the mission is cancelled.  so it makes sense that panicking from in the mission will cancel it as well.
when u have the mission item, you can press the panic button and still complete the mission. simply retake the mission, and then immediately report that you have completed it, and hey presto.