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i havnt been here in so long and i was bored..hi to anyone i knew ill check this later if i remember
well..well..well..look at wat the cat dragged in...nuke....long time dont wanna see!...wats upp.

~Chad Blade
hiya :) 
I have bad lag too, good to see u back
Lag can be taken care by subscribing or a new graphics card, hope to see you on tanx :p
ive been great..havnt seen anyone actually playing the game...my computer lags so bad its hard to play it sucks..
I'm late by two months. But hey, never too late to say "hi"
Sup Nuke... how you doing bro ? 

Not many players around now, from the 2001/02 era.

Good to see some "oldies" hanging around.. :)
Hey bigdog, i have not seen you in long time. I have also not long return bk 2 tanx, see you on battlefield.

I`ve been here over 2 years and never seen you. You must be an old dog lol. Welcome back. This place does stay in your blood.