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Holiday Traditions
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Holiday Traditions
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Holiday Traditions

To me it feels like Christmas is nearing faster then I can keep up.

And the holidays aren't complete without a good meal that takes time to prepare.

I remember last month, for the first time in many years, not having pasteles at our dinner table.
I only knew the basics on how to make them.
So I didn't want to go through that nightmare again for this Christmas...

Pasteles is part of being Puerto Rican. It is the most cherished culinary recipe in our culture. Not having pasteles on our table during Christmas would be like not having Santa Claus or the three kings bring gifts. 


It's a lot of work but it's worth it.

Well I decided to check online and see if there was a recipe on what I needed to make them,
I knew how to make them, just didn't know what ingredients were used to make the dough.
They are made with dough made from starchy roots and other vegetables and the pastel stuffing can be made from poultry, pork or seafood.

I did find the recipe and wrote it down, and as excited as I was that I found it, was just as anxious to go out and buy the stuffs to make them... and so I did!
I ran to three different stores looking to buy a food processor, because it would make the job easier when making the dough. In the old days we used to use the grater to make the dough which made the job frustrating. For those of you that prefer to use a hand grater to make the dough, I salute you!
I finally came to the last store in the plaza, which had one displayed on sale: But had none in stock on the shelves... as determined as I was, I asked to speak to the manager, and seeing as how desperate I was (Or at least that's how I was feeling!) He let me buy the one that was on display if I didn't mind taking it without it's original box and papers. So I took it and ran to pay before he changed his mind, heheh.
From there I went to buy the ingredients needed to make the pasteles.
It took me a little over an hour to have the dough and meat stuffing ready, when my two little ones saw me walking from the kitchen to the dining room with all the stuffs I needed to get started they came over to watch and talk. I'll admit that as I was making them I got emotional, but held it in and tried not to show it... as I was tieing one pastel with another in a bow, I remembered dad was the one that showed me how to tie like that. And even until this day, it's how I always see everyone tie the pasteles... this made me feel proud -- Proud that dad taught me how... that I remembered how... that I kept with the tradition.

Here is my thought for today:
Most of us have grown around traditional habits done during the holidays,
We don't think about them when younger, but expect it during this certain time of the year.
I was raised with the tradition of pasteles during this holiday...
But when I moved from home all these years I didn't know how to start off making them myself... so I felt like I was breaking that tradition, but tried to keep it alive by buying them during that time, my kids are crazy about them, so I'm glad I still introduced them to this.
These traditions are what make us what we are... and each makes this time of the year just more meaningful and beautiful to us and those close to us.
Our parents passed it on to us, took the time to make it a special holiday...

May you and your loved ones have a beautiful, traditional holiday.

Our family is Dutch American.  Fourteen years ago my mother received a terminal diagnosis.  That Christmas she showed me how to make one of our favorite Dutch pastries.  I have never seen the word in print only heard it so maybe one of our players from the Netherlands can correct my spelling but it sounds like Bon-ket.  It is a flakey pastry with almond paste filling.  My mom's was the best.  We tasted others and bought others but never as flaky or good.  
I regret that I am not the old fashioned woman she was, I have forgotten how to do it.  
I was cleaning out my old deep freezer this summer (I really hate admitting how long I hadn't done it) and found some Bonket dough mom had given me that last Christmas.
I guess I have to apologize to future generations of my family that this is now a lost art for us. 
Life goes on though and we make our own traditions.  
I wish all of you who celebrate, a very Blessed Christmas.
Well, my Holiday Tradition isn't quite as interesting as the others, but every Thanksgiving since I can remember has been spent at my Mom's house, and every Christmas has been spent at my Grandparents' house. My Grandparents used to live a town over when I was living at home, but then my Mom sold them a piece of her land and they built a house right next door to her--and the Traditions continued, much to my and my brother's delight, even after I moved away to start a new life with my then fiancee, and my brother eventually moved away out of our mom's house to begin his new life.

Our kids were born, and the Traditions still are going strong, and now we have them to share these very special times of the year with...the whole family together, even as our lives are hectic and we don't get to see each other as much as we used to. My husband and I and the kids do go over to visit my Mom and Grandparents every Sunday for supper (we take turns...one week, we will make something for supper, the next week my Mom will make something or buy pizza) and the kids LOVE to spend time with Grandma and Baka and Grandpa (their Great-Grandparents!) and play with my Mom's dog named Katie. It is very special, but Thanksgiving and Christmas means that ALL of us--my Mom, Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle, bother and his family, and our family--will all be together for an evening of laughter and catching up.

I am pretty tired from cleaning the boys' room to get ready for Santa and the millions (or so it seems!) gifts he will be bringing this year to the kids, so I have to go. I am playing pool and trying to relax before the big day arrives.

Take care, all of my FOD friends, and Happy Holidays to everyone, no matter what religion or traditions you may follow. :)

Let me see, my family christmas traditions, what i can remember when i was a child, is always travelling down to my nans a few days before xmas, spending xmas day with her and my great auntie, then going to my grandparents on boxing day, used to always do the same thing, occasionally we used to spend it all together at my family home.

Even when we moved to Germany with the Royal Air Force, we always still managed to spend a week in england visiting relatives at christmas, our last year in Germany we just spent it with my mum and dad and brother in the mountains.

Back in England we carried on the traditions of visiting relatives.

But now with a family of my own, i don't have the time to travel and visit, my parents split up and have thee knew lives, and my brother has his, but even though were not in the same town, or even in the same county, were always a phone call away.

Merry Xmas everyone and to your families

1000000 BESOS

>>8Ball Player<<
Hey smurfmom , do u mean a Kroket?

I am dutch, and i think that is what u mean :p

Kroketten are nice :D
My Christmas day involves gettin up about 10am,going to my parents and opening all my presents.Then about mid day the 
of the family visit the local watering hole and leave the ladies at home to get on with preparing the meal.
At the pub,we meet up with my mates and all their fathers, uncles etc,and enjoy a good few lagers.
Then its back to the house and a feast.
The evening is a party at my aunts house which normally  go's on till the wee hours of the next day.
My christmas's have went like this by the book for as long as i can remember and always will 
The wise men give you presents Luna? Lucky:|!
Yes , ¶dØûGïʶ ,,,
I remember that tradition too when I stayed up in Scotland. It was the only time all of the mates would wear their Christmas jumpers (cardigans)they got from Granny's....Aunties. You know,the ones that are 4 sizes too big.

lol...ah yeah...the dreaded christmas cardigan.
my grandmother always knitted them herself and i cant help but think now she done it for kicks,cause some of theses creations were hideous(if your looking down gran sorry but its true:p)
Another tradition of mine is i get a oor wullie/the broons book every year,my father before me and now for the last 6years i have got my sons also.
For those that dont no about these books its simply cartoon books about first a boy who sits on a bucket and along with his friends gets up to adventures.
The broons is about a family and their adventures.
 a christmas aint the same without recieving one of these each year:D

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im of english,scottish and irish desent so my family tradition is staying at my mums house christmas day with the whole family coming up here and having a feast,giving each other presents and usually drinking&spilling alcohol based drinks.
Haha Dougie, I get The Broons/Oor Wullie every year too. Was Oor Wullie this year:p, hope you enjoy it!