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we cleared the block north west
we cleared the block north west
we cleared the block north west
for those interested in seeing if there is a table or not we are going west again.
just b4 the end of the square i held a monster :p (to rasom :D) . Gim let me know when the sqaure was completly cleared , I killed him and recived a nub for him. So it seems the square can be cleared while ppl have a monster and you still recive a nub :d 

not very sientivic but huh :p...lol
LOL, did it myself also to test my question, and I also received an extra nub :)

That makes 2
Ah, so I wasn't the only one who thought ahead for this!  I have two monsters being held right now by two different characters.  One will run away, the other will kill him:

1) The first character ran away, not surprisingly the cleared block stayed cleared.

2) The second character killed the monster and got a nub.


well maybe if we worked together on the next square we could all hold a monster :D . let 1 person kill the last few by themselfs we could re-coop a few of those missing nubs :D 

ria :p
just a suggestion