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To Tiny Terror
To Tiny Terror
To Tiny Terror
Sorry for this waste of forum space, but I signed in for the first time in awhile today and saw one of my characters woke up at home - 
Tiny Terror
 killed him and he's out 74 fp's because of it. Sorry but I just don't remember fighting anyone by that name so I'm wondering perhaps a fight started when I went click-happy and logged out without realizing I had started a fight? 
So, Tiny Terror, would it be too bold of me to ask for some sort of rematch? Thank you very much.
Hey Raveny....

Looks like you got attacked by the same sort of Character Ghosts that have been happening lately... If you didn't attack Tiny Terror... then who did?

102 has also been fighting peeps (on TA no less)... when she is supposed to be asleep in her house... 

Strange cooincidences guys!!!  ... I don't think this should be happening with so much frequency!  1 or 2 is a cooincidence... 6-10 times... is a pattern!  

FOD... can you do something?

in the mean time Raven.. I suggest you change your passwords to you account?  and read my post on the Characters wandering off Thread.

Kitty :|
Hiya Kitt. I don't think its a matter of account hijacking. Not a single silver was missing. I think it was just a matter of clicking the wrong thing at the wrong time, not realizing it, then logging out.