Subscription FAQ

For Flyordie Games

What is subscription?

If you would like to use some of the enhanced features of our games you need to subscribe for them. After you subscribe we will charge you a small fee and you will be able to use the extra features for the period for which you have subscribed. During the subscription process you are going to specify a Nickname with which you can use these enhanced features.

Do I have to pay for all your games or will they remain FREE?

We offer a basic version of all our games which is absolutely FREE. You will experience that you can enjoy the games in most aspects the way you did until now. We only charge for some of the additional features which are optional.

Why do I need to login during the subscription process?

You can use the enhanced features with the Nickname that you specify when you are subscribing. Whenever you login to a subscribed game with this Nickname you will automatically get access to the extra features.

Can I subscribe if I don't have a registered Nickname?

No, not at the moment. You need to be registered. In order to register, start any of the games and click on the Register button on the Login window. Then start the subscription process again.

How can I extend my subscription?

Let's say you are subscribed for a game for a month and you would like to extend this with another month. The only thing you have to do is subscribe again - the subscription period will be automatically extended.
You don't have to wait with second subscription until the first period is finished. The second period will only start when the first is finished.
Note that the subscription fee is non-recurring so you are not charged automatically periodically but have to do the subscription each time again instead. This way we would like to avoid accidental subscriptions.

How will I experience the extra features that come with subscription?

You should login the same way as you did until now. You will see some user interface elements that are only enabled when you are subscribed, there are rooms that only subscribers can use to full extent...

I see I can subscribe for a package of games. How does this work?

You will be able to use the enhanced features of ALL these games for the subscription period with that user name.

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer 7-day money back guarantee for your first subscription, though only for credit card payments.