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guys, need help here.
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guys, need help here.
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guys, need help here.
ok, i turned 17 in october and the military allows u to sign up and join. all u have to do is get ur parents to sign the papers. well im thinkin about goin to the navy's office and get the papers, but im afraid as to how my mom will react. i wanna join so i can serve, get help on payments for college, learn skills for a career and leadership skills, and so i can go all over the world, or just go to places i would like to visit. so wat can i do? or am i just too yung to even think of joinin? im thinkin that i f i cant do it now, i can do it after 4 years of college. 
wow, u thinkin to go to army, thats great! I will go too in january in the german army. Unfortunately cant help ya, duno the circumstances in usa, sorry honey!
My advise to you would be to research your options 
 before you approach your parents.  That way you will have an idea of what you are going to be up against (for your own peace of mind). With that knowledge behind you, it will allow you to have a more intellectual conversation with your parents and they will respect your opinions :)
I think your wise and will think things out well. 
My husband did the same and now he will soon be retiring after 20 years in USAF.
I wish you the best of luck. Armed services have a lot to offer and not all have to fight. 
Enter with your career choice thought out and well planned. 
Maybe you can try computer tech. They program helicopters and ect. for our defense.
Be sure to be well informed when you present this to your parents. 
Don't expect them to accept it at that time, but give them time and show them what you can excell in, and  bet they come around.
lol Players Club. But before I wud fight her, I wud deny my command and wud take a flight to a beautyful place....maybe in russia :)  with her even to the moon!
I don't know what you should do personally.
well im gettin real good at computers so im hopin to try into get into a computer requiring service, such as programing weapons or go inside the submarine and have a career there as a computer tech. either that or a interpreter. i take german and im learnin russian and italian so maybe. i dunno yet. My entire family has served in the military since we even existed. so i wanna carry on the tradition and  serve. 

p.s. chillo ur so sweet.
bloody is a fat spotty ginger computer nerd, who sits eating cookies all day
Bloody have you thought about research for the military? I think those kind of fields require a lot of computer expertise, so you might like them.
um wedgie man no im not the nerdy one. u just perfectly described urself. dont deny either. 
yeah im lookin up more info on military careers in computers and tactics so ill let u kno wat i find.
well i told my ma about my plans and she kinda gave me the troubled look. my dad says that i shuld go for it. im not worried about fightin. the military doesnt really send those who r goin to college into battle. yeah my mom looked concern so ill talk to her more about it tonight. my friends are also worried bu ti told them not to be. if i die, i die for a good cause.
firstly if your going into the american army, the chances that you will die for a good cause would be very slim:p

and secondly the chance you will die at all (in the army) is very slim, especially if you get a job that doesnt involve being near fighting.
i mentioned in my first post that i was joinin the NAVY. not the army, NAVY. i know my chances r slim but my friends needed reasurance. 
dont try and be patronising, the navy is part of the army
Umm..no, the navy is part of the military, not the army. That’s like calling the air force the army. People just don't do that.
yeah. big difference in the navy and army pal. navy=water
army=land. big difference. besides i have a military family so i KNOW wat im talkin about.
NO ITS NOT. its part of the MILITARY, the army is part of the MILITARY, the navy is with MILITARY, and so is the air force. there are differences. i know wat im talkin about.
NO!! the army is everything! including the police and firebrigade
NO ITS NOT!!!! GOD!!! do u even look up info on the military or do u just assume that if someones in a uniform theyre in the army?!!
Player, have you ever heard of firefighters calling themselves soldiers? I don't think so. 
And if you put it that way, what wouldn't be part of the army? 
Players Club... in both the UK and the US the army is a seperate military organisation to the navy and the airforce. They each have their own equipment, recruits, training areas, budgets so on and so forth.
hahaha:p if you didnt notice i was joking... beppe you had to spoil my fun;\
oh thats not funny. :( i was actually thinkin that ur were seriously dumb.
well it was funny to me, and as im never gonna meet you thats all that matters;)
Right...well Player you need to sound less serious when you joke around.
i know seriously. i thought u were just the stupidest person not knowing the diefferences. 
wat about the royal marines? they are part of the navy but thy are deployed mostly on land :S
um thats the british military? im in the u.s. so i have no clue. U.K. military is different from u.s.
no the point of the joke was i was ment to trick you:|  
The US Navy has it's own airforce, which is not a part of the USAF ;)
no i believe it was dumb of you, for not spotting i was joking...seriously how many people do you know who think the firebrigade is part of the army;\
They are in the UK, as are all public services except ambulances and garbage collectors. What was your point PC?
hahah nearly got me going there beppe:p
lol. well it was dumb of u to even try. like i said i thought u were seriously retarted and stupid for not knowin the diff between the army and navy.
>i thought u were seriously retarted and stupid for not knowin the diff between the army and navy.

That's easy - the Navy have war planes, the army has transporters and helicopters. Is that right?
Not all navies have war planes, and not all armies have transports and helis.

Maybe not rain, but the US Navy have F14s for sure, and the Royal Navy has Harriers at least. Both the US and the UK meet the criteria for what I am saying, and that's what we are kind of talking about. I think. Knowing Players Club, we could be talking about ice cream salesmen or cinema attendants, who knows?
well, many of the ice cream men are actually goverment officails with their own secret war planes, so its interesting you should say that.
Sounds like something out of 
no just sounds like hes stupid. im still talkin to my ma about it and many of my friends have suggested that i wait until after college to join. is that good or no?
I would suggest that if you really believe that the US has done in Iraq to be bad, then don't join the army at all. Because of US magnatism to oil (how often do they throw their military into places where there is no wealth?) and presence in places they shouldn't be, they have created an unrest in the world. Do you want to contribute towards the hate which fuels international terrorism?
@bloodywatergrl do whats in your heart and soul.we cant tell you what to do we can offer advice but who knows whether you will take it or not.its not for us to tell you what to do,its for you to decide what to do and if you make the wrong chose dont come back blaming us.
Beppe, ur comment was really stupid. im not joinin the military to fight a war that has no cause. im copmpletely against the war ever since it started. im joinin so i feel that i am at least contributing back to the u.s. we're not all that bad honestly on the oil. u probably looked at bush and thought" so all americans are like that". i hate bush. and u cant stop hate as much as u can stop death. it will still go on. 

and whiteghost thanx for the comment and if i do make a bad choice, ill blame it totally on myself.
You will be told what to do, and if that means fighting for oil then that's what you will do. I don't think I was being stupid - a one sided argument sure, but a real and truthful one.
Beppe is right, you won't get a choice as to who you fight. Personally, I'd only fight to defend my country or to attack a country that puts my country at risk (like in WWII with Germany).
Personally, I'd only fight to defend my country or to attack a country that puts my country at risk (like in WWII with Germany).

But Germany, just like Iraq, never invaded the US, so your statement doesn’t hold true. The Germans attacked other European nations, and yes, many of them were US allies, but it was still America that fired the first shot.  
>it was still America that fired the first shot.

The US started WWII?
We are all human . 

Why is Greed , hate , envy , about to consume us all ???

the U.S. joined WWII because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. the U.S. declared war only on Japan. because Germany was allied with Japan, they declared war on the U.S.

so the U.S. was fighting because someone else attacked them, and their allys forced other fronts.
RAIN, not only did the US get involved in WWII because they were effectively forced to do so, but they also indicated to Iraq that they would not interfere in any invasion of Kuwait. When Iraq attacked Kuwait Bush senior had come to power, and he backtracked on the previous agreement. Since then the US have used sanctions to break apart the Iraqi resistance which foiled them the first time, then used lies about international terrorism and non-existent WMDs to justify taking control of their oil reserves. No doubt about it, if Cuba had behaved like this the US would be asking for international support to defend Iraq right now.
well if we didnt step in to help Kuwait, saddam would still be killin his own peole and the the conquered country.
If you didn't sell arms and chemicals to Saddam or tell him it was okay to attack Kuwait, then maybe no one would have died at all.
If Saddam had minded his own business and not attacked Kuwait, then no one would have died, either.
Sure, but don't underestimate the role the US played in arming Saddam and offering to ignore any hostile actions towards Kuwait.
ok all i did was start this topic for advce not debate. jeez.