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Drinker's Group
Drinker's Group
Drinker's Group
So, theres a 200 Robbing group, and now Jag and i are makeing a drinking group.  Not that sissy stuff either... Straight Hard Alcohol :)

I drink JD and ill do so till i die!

If ya wanna join let me or Jag know lol :)

Pyratic, JD in my vein's!
Tipping a toast to all my pals.  Next round is on me.  

JD for Pyro and 3 fingers of Crown for me.  Probably should pour one more and put it in a glass box.  Mark it "in an emergency tell Ralph to brake glass"


*buys 1 mil of alcohol*  Dont worry we should be fine for quite some time!

*takes his shot and orders a double*
*carves his name in his chair*

Ill get the round after you, or when Ralph gets in!
try some home made Polish Spirit, straight from the potatoe fields :D

lol a drinking group?
hehe nice
well i m underage so i cant join ya;)
but one day.....hehe
yeah well have fun drinking n remember i m always close with my camera ]:) ;)

yeah so if anyone wants to see those guys havin fun check out those sites:
more coming soon.....
I just want to find the RL Deadly Diavovino.
Pass some over V, ill try anything once, twice just to make sure i do or dont like it :)

*passes LD some DD mixture* Good luck with it LD, make sure your not going out driving ;)

*takes a shot, pours a double and passes Jag another triple*
im only 14 but id like to join, 
It's one of those days.........

*Breaks the glass*

Ahhhh, ty ty.  Next ones on me  :D

*slides into the booth next to the guys * ;-) Hey want some company?  
White Russian w/ added shot of brandy please?

*pulls Kittin close* Sure there cutie ;)  *hands her her drink, take a shot and starts to run up Ralph's tab*
i drink too much to be in the group.

You can never drink too much ;) *passes monty a drink on Ralph's tab*  *pours himself a double on Jag's tab*
*Pours Jag a Dble* Here ya go ;-) hope that helps!

You guys are expensive.  Good thing I have the corporate card.  This is a business expense isn't it?  Need me another one of these *gulp*.  

Who told Jess she could take pictures...now I have to change clothes....grrrr

Hmmm sounds interesting... *sneaks in for a drink* *feels a tap on his shoulder* IT'S THE POLICE "you're only 7 sonny?" the oficer says. *Drags poor malikar out* 
     later.... *malikar sneaks back in for a shot* *sees Michael Jackson* *runs back out without police prodding*
Maybe 1 more for the ditch.  Just put it on Jag's card.
*Hands the bartender her empty glass*... Another one please? Just put it on Pyra's tab ;-) 
Double shot of taquila over here,please.TY

P.S.All on me for the next 5;)
LilM, you're cut off cuz ya can't spell what you're drinkin  LOL
If I was in Germany i would take a raspberry Barcardi on Jag's Tab ;)
*drops in after a hard day out in the field killing the monsters*

Bartender a Fifth of Kentucky deluxe and a beer glass. 

*Pours a shot into the bear glass then starts chugging the Fifth from the bottle*
*gets the fifth drank Looks at Eragon* points at the beer glass* That's for you girl!

*tosses a twenty on the bar for the Fifth*


I Did drink like that.
ill take a shot of jager mister and leave the bottle its been a long night 
Wow ok ive missed a few rounds...

*plays 21 catch up with a bottle of JD and a corona*
*looks up Jag's card...* Yep Jag its a business expense... Drink your night/day away... *puts the bottle on Jag's tab*

*Changes into his tank top and shorts* Ok whos up for twister?

*hands Jess, Will and Mal a bottle and some shot glasses*
Drink up children ;)

*orders triples all around the bar and puts it on his OWN tab* (this is gonna be expensive...)

*wonders if he's in any of the pic's and with who ;) *
*orders a bottle of scotch rum....
and it's on Pyra's tab ;)
I'd like to join this group.:)I'll have a fifth of JD please with a Bud chaser;)

Hob!  Where ya been?  Had a hard time holdin a barstool for ya.

I got his 1st one barkeep.
Just polished off a pitcher of Strawberry Margaritas with a friend.  Who wants to share the next one?
*Drops back in after another night of fighting and picks up a case of KD. Goes over props his boots on a table and Cracks the seal og the first fifth* 

Oh! Put it on Pyratics Tab Barkeep!

*Gets down to serious drinking whle watchign the floor show*


Got a extra fifth.
*Grins at Smurf * :D I'll help ya with that!
;-) Pyra.. u don't mind this goin on your tab do ya?
mmmm margaritas i d love to have one...or 2...]:)
tnx for the drink jag:p ...knew u d smugle smtn for me :D
cheers braves!
hm wheres kitty when ya need a cosmo:p
oh pyro i can assure u ur not alone on those pics;)...mm think i had 2 much vodka...oh well ...hey waiter bring me another one!and give all the others a glassful of whatever they want..my treat!...i ll pay ya later]:);)...lol.....
Cheers everyone !:D:D:D 
*strolls into the bar, takes his seat*
*downs a shot of JD and take a look around*
*stands up after ordering a bottle of JD and a 6 of Corona and goes over to sit in his oval table area*

*looks at the waitress and orders some hot wings and takes another shot*

Its been a long day and tonight will be even longer... Drivin back to NJ so drinkin will have to wait till i get home... :(

*looks over at Jess and wonders if he can see the pics, maybe make some more ;)*
*take another look around and orders a bottle for everyone on his tab*

Drink up everyone!


PS:  So someone asked yesterday if i was an alcoholic or not... Most responses were, No, alcoholics goto meeting... ;\  Strange people think drinkin a lil is wrong...
This is going to get ugly..."bar keep, I need a SoCo Manhattan, 4 Shots of Crown, and 1 JD"

Passes them out, sips the Crown and downs the Manhattan.  If you are going to do it, do it right.  

Wonders how he is going to explain $4,000 bar tab to boss.

Oh well too late now.

Jess what is in those pictures...

*slides into the seat next to pyra ;-)* 
I'll have what your have'n :D

Hey Jess! Come and join us ;-) 

Waiter.. Give this girl a Cosmo!

*Takes the Camera... No Pics tonight!*

*pulls Kittin to one side and Jess to the other*

Hmm i think i need a shot hat... something to deliver a shot whenever i want one...

*orders doubles for the house and grabs the camera for later*

Jag look at that tab again... all i see is $0 ;)

*;-) @ Pyra.. Downs her shot*

Hrm... how to get that darn Cam...


drunk as a poet on payday
ill take a shot of the best scotch you got :D

and put it on pyra's tab ;)
You almost fall over Jagg lying on the floor. He just smiles and says, "Hic.. I hophe zat you whill noth walk off your forthune eider!"
Words to live by...if you can help me up off the floor I can buy another drink.

Pyro, you cant have them both.  Need to share.  *spins the empty bottle on the table* Oh does this bring back memories...which one shall it be?
oh guess i m the lucky winner ;)
hehe..2 bad i only kiss under a mistletoe...]:)

*Goes to sit at the table with Pyra, Jag, Jess, and Kittin... Barkeep can I get a capt'n morgan pls... and charge it on Jag's bill

*sees Jaird and Calls him over... (you can get that beerglass filled for me now if you want)...

*looks at the empoty bottle* I think I'll turn this towards Jaird.... *SMMMMMAAAACK* thats for being such a great person Sir
*Enters, evaluates situation, turns, and leaves*
If you guys are playing spin the bottle PLEASE seat me at a different table than Ralph!
Lol...hey this looks like fun...mind if i join ya?;)


*Scoots Over in the Booth a bit more twards Pyra now that Jess is Sittin by Jag ;-)*

*Pats the spot next to her* Here Racey ;-)*

Saved a Spot for ya!

*Downs a Shot of Yager* 

What'll It Be Racey? Rum?

Slides in the back door quietly with a milk crate full of glass gallon jugs. Puts crate on floor under a bench seat in a dark corner Un-twists 2 nearest bulbs making it darker, orders a pitcher ot tea. Pulls out a mason jar and fills it from gallon jug puts jug back on floor. Leans back and enjoys the aura of the place.
think i'm in the mood for whiskey, straight up thanks;)
enters the bar with a swish of his kilt and a brandishing of his dirk! suanters to the bar and orders a double dram of 28 year old Mcallan! Flings it over his gullet smacks his lips and utters the cry SLAINTE!!!! before gettin fired intae the rest o the bottle!

*Takes a look around the bar and wonders where evryone else is?*

*pulls Kittin close, downs a double and orders a bottle of JD*

*pulls Racey in on the other side and smiles at the two lovely ladies*

Ok so its been a long weekend with allot of driving!
This JD sure was needed!

*wonders why we are playing spin the bottle and who is in the circle again... ;\*
;-) @ Pyra
*Orders a Coffee w/ Brandy* 
It's gonna be a long morning.

Put it on Pyras tab :D

count me in too if racys playing ;)   and bartender pass me a iron city beer please :D

*sets up the table for spin the bottle and wonders who all wants to play*
*Puts Kittin on one side and Racey on the other*

*takes a shot and looks around at who wants another*
*Orders a shot of Brandy*

*Throws it back...* Hmm.. yummy

*Spinns the bottle*

Round and Round it goes.. where it stops.. No one knows ;-)

The bottle slowly spins to a stop.. pointen at...

To be continued ;-)
*watches the bottle spinning wondering where it will stop*
Ok gotta make some rules up soon lol

Rule #1 No sober people!
Rule #2 Bar will not run outta boo's!

Any others?

*takes a chug and goes back to watching the bottle*
I have a question on the rules.  (figures this comds from a mod lol)
In the pubs on Larki there is no age limit since they let Affe in there.
Is there an age limit to this group?   I think I saw lil post and I am sure he is underage.
Who is the bouncer?  Not me when I come in here I am off duty!  
Rule #3 No Cry'n in ur Beer... Whiskey is Ok.. but not beer.

*Keeps Watchen the Bottle.. *

*Thinks wow.. that was one Hard Spin* 

*Drags his tired tail in and takes the 1st empty barstool*

Barkeep, set me up, and my friends too.
oh orders 2 cosmos n sits next to kitty-here girl...cheers.....hehe..braves is gonna start dancin on a table any minute now so lets sit back n enojoy the show !lol
hhhmmmm a open back door sneaks in it with a case of elderberry brandy see's were sittin there by himself sets case on bench beside were ulls one bottle out and sits down with case between lookin at tea pitcher and mason jar
*sips another glass of water. sittin slouched in the corner eyeing everyone suspiciously*
haha jess i told you it was a private show just for you not for the rest of them ;)
LD, There is NO Age Limit in OUR bar. :)
Jb, There is no non alcohol drinks in here ;) (well except for those few who have to drive....)

Braves, Thre is no private shows unless you pay me 50k and Jag another 50k ;)  (hey we gotta pay for the alcohol somehow)

*Goes shot for shot with the handsome devil across from him*
*wonders if its a mirror and takes another shot*
*looks over to the bottle and wonders if its ever gonna stop spining*
*wonders when V is gonna pass out glasses of his home made stuff* ;\
*orders a round for all*

This is what happens when you are too drunk....and phone for Pizza:

"id like to order a home delivery please"

"What kind of pizza would you like?"

"A Round one of course!"

"Erm..ok....and what topping would you like?"

"Well....cheese would be handy, since its a PIZZA, plus some sauce of course. Oh, and i want some of the little round things too"

"Can you be a little more specific plz?"

"Sure. I want a Big ROUND pizza, with pizza stuff on it, and some little round thingies on top. I want it cooked, and i want it delivered to my house. Is that specific enough for you?"

25 mins later i finally received my pepperoni pizza :D

Hi everyone!! Miss you all!  
Whatever, you're drinking...next round's on me!!!
LMAO V!!!  At least you got your pizza ;)

*grabs a slice and runs*
*orders a few JD shots on Anita's tab*

Ty and come back anytime!

Now i want pizza ;\
*Licks the whole pizza*

Now it's mine!!  :D

And sure, I'll have one on Anita's tab
well, i gotta drive tonight...but I soooo need a drink.....bartender...gimme a bottle of the good stuff!  Virtual drunk might help:p
Long, rough day!  My car got hit in the parking lot at work by a Fed Ex truck.  I loved my car. WHAAAAAAAA
Can someone sugest something really strong?  I rarely drink and don't know whats good.
and to top that off I want to play Larki and had over 250 Mod mails to read first. WHAAAAAAAAAA
Pours LD a nice double of CR....seems to work for Ralph ;)

sorry to hear about your car:(
Hmm I'll take a slice of Ralph's spit-pizza...I'm under-aged but what the heck? *orders a glass of happy juice*
Im a bartender so you need a ringleader i make the drinks and get the rest of you drunk count me in
Cyrus, i am the ringleader... Along with Jag ;)

*takes a piece of Ralph pizza*
Dogy drool has never bothered me ;\

*Hands LD a nice glass or henassy*  Sip it not shoot it ;)
Sorry to hear about your car... hope all goes well with it *hugs*

*takes a shot, watches the bottle spin, spikes the glass of water and orders more shots for all*
> 250 Mod mails to read first

Yeesh, they obviously need more mods.

Since I'm here, I may as well crack open a cold one... mmmm beer.  Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff.

here LD have a cosmo...sorry bout your car...
<<<goes to sit in her lonely corner with a bottle of tequila...sigh
Yay Sandy is finally here :)  *hands Sandy a nice cold 6 pack and his own bar stool*

*looks at kittin and wonders if jess can join our table*
*looks around for more JD and guzzles some down*

Next rounds are on Sandy ;)
* goes and sits next to jess with a bottle of vodka takes the lid off and drinks a few mouth fulls *
sits down and picks a fight with whoever is next to me :)
right pyra ill just be the designated driver :p
I'm underage but... give me a iced tea plz. :p
How about some brandy....with coffee that would be nice.

(Good way to go to sleep faster);)

*Tips bartender 60k*

Then ill take some AmberRock 6 pack once i wake up.

*Another 10k in advance*
And logo you can have Coke,pepsi,or what ever you underagers want to drink....That will be on me:)
*looks over at Monty, gets up and runs for the nearest table*

No need to start tipping in here...  Do that in the game ;) You know my chars :)

*pulls out a few lemon's, cuts them up, get's the sugar and puts it on them*
*grabs a bottle of Citris Vodka and lines up shot glasses*

Lemon Drop Shots on me! Come and get em!
ill take a few pyra :D, logo no underage people allowed  wheres the bouncer jb when u need um???;\

braves, no offense but lilm wanted me to stay
I've never had a Lemon Drop Shot.  Pass one over here Pyra!
*looks over at Ralph and wonders if he wants to be the Attack Bouncer Dog?*

*stands next to Smurf*
Ok take the lemon wedge with sugar on it in one hand...
Take the shot in the other...
Down the shot bite, lick, and suck at the lemon...

Now thats a Lemon Drop Shot!

*drinks one down, takes a look around...*
Hope theres more then 99 up there... ;\
thanks for the drink braves 
logo only special underage ppl are invited:p
actually they have the right to invite themselves;)
but oh well u can stay just this time...here have a glas of fresh orange juice]:)
;) @ Pyra 
I'll have one of those :D
*Licks the sugar*
*Downs the Shot*
*pops the lemon in her mouth* 

Hmmm.. been a while for those.. 

Can I have another?
It's been another long day in NewbsVille
After reading the other posts today it's clear that everyone needs to relax, and that means another round.

"Hey barkeep....another round for everyone, on me
...and walks out the door"

IM the bouncer around here.Just on break.;)
Hmmm how about a margarita?On the rocks plz and thxs greeny.:)

*Makes sure everyones behaving*
*pulls up a bar stool*

*Asks the bartender for another lemon Drop *

*licks the sugar, Bites the Lemon *

*leans against the bar next to Pyra watchen the show while she sips her vodka*

Ahhhh... this hits the spot :D

*blows the bartender a kiss*  There's ur tip hon ;)
(rocks up for a quiet beverage to find half of larki in a semi-comatose state)
why didn't anyone tell me about this alcohol infused gathering?
by the looks of it you've all been here for a while.
looks like i got some catching up to do.
"bartender! get me a jacks and coke... actually better make it a double"
Long day and 5 Lemon Drop Shots later.

Hey Kittin, Lusha, aren't firemen HOT!?
*Looks Pyra Up and Down.. *

Yup ;) They SURE Are :D

Exits hot tub and sees a bar with an open tab (best kind of bar):

Starts with a couple of dirty martinis to take the dge off

Settles in with a Yeungling Porter (dark beer from oldest brewery in America)

Proceeds to get botto before another trip to hot tub ... anyone intersted? (except Ralph ... sorry no dogs allowed :)).
Hottub??? No one told me!
Three more Lemon Drop Shots.

*Perks up*

Did Someone Say Hot Tub?

I'm there! ;) 

Bartender! Send a waitress outside please!
ohh a hottub sweet, * hurrys into the hottub with a fresh bottle of vodka and lots of glasses  any1 want some*
A hottub and no one told me?!?!

*Calls Bubba from jail to sub for him for bouncer*
Now play nice Bubba;)

*Takes more brandy from bar and joins braves to see if he can spare some vodka*

Weeeeeee!!!*Dives in*
Relaxation at last:)

:O cover yourself M! There are children here!!! My eyes!
Oi...I need some grape juice :|
I jumped in with boxers on so hush.;\
Theres no holes in them so what wrong swimming in your boxers?

*Downs some vodka.*ummmm...taste good.
YEA!!! Hottub party...
Are Bikini's allowed??? *Finds a lounging chair to relax in!* "Who has the bottle for spinning???"
*walks in after another hard day and realizes that everyone found the olympic size Hot Tub that he installed with the section of bar that runs down the side*

Nothing like spending a few mil to get a nice Hot Tub, excellent bar and friends who are happy :)

Andi, Yes bikini's, bathing suits and even boxers are allowed ;)

*undress outta his firefighter uniform down to his firefighter boxers and jumps in makeing a splash*
*works his way over to the bar and makes a few hundred lemon drop shots and JD chasers for himself*

*looks at Smurf and Kittin* Firefighters are Hott eh? ;)
boxers are fine lil.
I just have to plead with our European friends, no speedos PLEASE.

*Casts a spell and instantly has on a real cute Bikini*

*Heads for the Hottub, sets her drink on the side of the tub, and slides in up the her neck*

Ahhhhh... just what I needed :D

Oh and Smurf... I Second that!!!

*enters from the heat and looks around ignores the hot tub as he finds an empty table, sets his usual two cases of KD down beside a chair, then sits in the chair opens the seal on a fifth of Kd Tosses the cap and starts drinking*

This is a BYO right?

It has been a week.  What a tough time I have had since there is no access during the day.  Need a little R&R here with some good freinds ..and a hot tub.  I agree with Smurf, no speedos!
oh a hot tub..  

jumps in.... darn i forgot to take me jeans and jumper off lol

go easy on the vodka braves
*Does a big divebomb in the pool*
Any coke or mezzomix left?
I'll take sprite too;)

Needs to relax before her chess game

Sasquatch Bob arrives in all his gargantuan, hirsute glory.  And a speedo.  With happy faces on.  

He slips into the pool while cradling his 5 gallon bucket filled with long island iced tea.

I'd like to order a sprite!(hands over some silvers)
ACK... BOB!!!!

*Points to Rule #4.. or was it #5?.. anyways..

*covers her eyes*

Rule #4 Speedos aloud in your private room and thread only!

Rule #5 Anyone who declares War (and his army) is not allowed in!

Bubba get Logo out now!

*steps out of the tub, sets his drink down and gets his armour and weapon ready*

Ill be back in 1 min, maybe 30 seconds if he doesnt run too far!

hehe bob lets show them how we party in europe:p
LOL...oh a hottub...is there a place for me there?....gets herslef another glass of vodka and heads for the hottub to join the party ....:D
fastens his armour, sharpen my sword tonight my friends i will be the over lord

War is on!!! War is on!!

k u guys the war is not i repeat not real!

Untill you hang a white flag in defeat the correct way it is still on.  Im already targeting all your chars, i guess Pain is with you... And you are still not welcome in OUR bar!
(holds up a black flag!) I'm declaring the end of drinker's group once and for all!(also holds up a white flag to stop war)
LMAO Hey there Lil Man! U can't stop our Drinkers Group!

LMAO.. black flag indead..

*Tosses back another Lemon Drop*

Say Pretty Please Nice and we might forgive u ;)
Black Flag? over what? you have no grounds...

I accept your white flag... War terminated

*jumps back in after de armouring*

Told ya a few min or so...
alright then pretty plz!
And the black flag was a sheet of tar ova ur head!
lmao. u can't Plead w/ us for forgiveness.. then Throw stuff at us in the same post! it doesn't work that way!

alright then...(unstiks tar over the head of some1) and pretty plz again


You just dont learn do you?  Boy ya might just wanna stay outta larki till we all cool down cause we've all got you targeted to attack, steal, rob, laugh at... Its a game but those are all parts of the game ;)

See ya soon >:)

Kind of funny to think anyone would dare to imagine seperating Jaird from his drinks :D
Party like in Europe?  Why no one tell me!!!!!

[Bob trades in his bucket of Long Island tea for a bucket of Slivovic and a side of Akavit.

Then he releases truss and lets gut hang out over speedo, so Kitten won't have to look at happy faces.]

Someone turn up the techno -- too quiet in here!
Logo ,logo,logo...though you can learn smoething.Only thing mods come here for is to drink and have fun.

*Orders a Jack&Coke with some more brandy*Brandys good stuff:)

*Tells Bubba if he sees logo to kick the tar out of him and send him home in tears*

That outa do it:)

Cheers!!To one and all who play lark and dont annoy us:D!!!

And leave my South Park boxers alone..i like them, as long as they stay on.;\
We all like them as long as they stay on :p
*looks at Logo*
*picks up his weapons and chugs the last of the fifth in hand then goes Hunting*

I for one do not accept your Surrender. Nor am I giving you any Quarter. Prepare to be beaten at every turn I can do so at. 

1 You have mocked me in this forum by your posts
2 I do not like you and have you on mute permanently
3 I don't need a third reason But trying to close the Club is a good enough one.

Gen Nobody separates me and my Booze!!!

Be aware people that I am always on a perpetual hunt for LogoBrett, even to dropping whte ever fight I am in to go after him For the reasons stated.

lol i'm underage...nevermind, count me in. 3 more years till i can legally join this "drinking group" :) a jolly shandy would be nice
*Finishes off Jack&Coke*

*Finishes off Brandy*

*Takes weapons and armor off the shelf*

*Orders a Coke to join the underagers for a while*

*Goes with Jaird to hunt Logo*

*Sees paper that says:


      WANTED:For Bugging and being rude to peaceful Larks folk.

                Reward for his death:

Hmmmm.....just might be worth it after all. Only if the money is good and it is.:p


Bounty hunting Logo
Vodka and Oj or Rum n coke  classic  mm rum...mmmmmm vodka
Hi, it's me, Es.  Would it be alright to join you?