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Maybe I missed it somehow, but I can't seem to find the suggestions/feedback post.  Has it been deleted?  If suggestions are still welcome, I have a few:

1)  During a PvP, it would be nice if there was a link to click so you could see your opponent's "Character Info" page.  While waiting the 15+ seconds between hits, I tend to get curious about who and what I'm up against.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.

2) Stealing top list.  Top list watching is a major aspect of this game for many of us.  This particular top list is way beyond broken.  It took me about 2000 clicks to increase my stealing skill from 200 to 201.  Even if we assume it doesn't take increasingly more clicks to continue leveling up your stealing skill (which it obviously does), it would take over 400,000 stealing attempt clicks to get to the top of the stealing top list.  Seeing as the guy currently on top of that list only required 175k clicks to get there, something really should be done.


can you move the 'drink from wonderflask' selection away from the option to 'pray' so that you don't accidentally drink? wonderflasks are too valuable to accidentally consume--which I've done too many times recently.
the first suggestion sounds good to me

two suggestions:
1) i know it's been mentioned before, but to see the weight in your pack on the main page so you don't have to check inventory to make sure you don't overload.
2) what about a customizable button on main page?  you could select what you want it to be in inventory/properties, and choose from dig, steal, rob, pray, homeport, or other things that different char's may only use one of, so they don't always need to go into drop-down menu.  (ok, then they could use two... one on the new button, and one on drop-down.)
I want bonus clicks for resubbing reinstated
I'm still number oen in clones. 1-4 if I'm correct. :) Bye, see you in a few more months. B-)

I'm not sure if this has been posted previously, but when in the market, I cannot determine how many of a certain item are currently for sale (a bug?).
Well, when you look at an item, it says: 3,000 (qty. for sale: 100)   The qty=quantity, and the number means how many  ;)


Well, that info is displayed in the _My Offered Items_ section, but not the _Buy_ section.  

When I select a particular item and press the Query Best Offers button (the one with the eye and the question mark), the only response is a text message down below that says "How much shall I pay for a <item>?".  What am I missing??
It would be nice if we can pick up the stuff ppl dropped.
fladnag, after you click the eye & question mark button, just below "item", it says "limit max. price based on best offers:"  in that box, you'll find how much the cheapest item costs, and how many are at that price.  if you click the drop-down, you'll also see how many are offered at the next two cheapest prices offered.
Transport: what would be good would be transport. (probably horses) u could buy armour for them, food, have a new building called the stables, where u could purchase horses, and upgrade them, train them, buy things for them etc..

Lotto: weekly/daily lotto where u could buy a ticket for maybe 1000 silvers, and win whatever has been spent on lotto tickets, to stop people from buying 100s of tickets u could maybe have a 5 ticket maximum or something...

a few good events for none citizens and the average player,

Jobs: how about jobs? (dont quite know what you would do though)

Casino: more casino games? 

Auction: maybe an auction house would be a good idea..
i don't see how horses would help.  first of all, they'd have to be able to be stolen from, making it more complex.  and second of all, you'd likely waste more clicks making and upgrading horses and armour than you would transporting stuff yourself.

one thing i thought of though... is it possible to make a way to pay someone to ride on their ship?  could be useful to people without enough money yet, and to those who die on t.a. and don't want to transfer their boat back, only to sail back to t.a. again.

Post Office.  Use for transferring items between players.
Maybe with SEND and PICKUP windows.  With,say,Cash On Pickup-for a fee, of course.

I've heard that the hungarian game has "clans" that players or their characters can join. I think that it is a cool Idea a would be pleased to see it implemented in LQ. Perhaps the clasn with the best record in Pl. vs.Pl combat at the end of the year or so could get a reward (ie. a special building or something for their clan only). It might be a good way to revitalize pl. vs. Pl combat and would be fun also.
1st there wont be many clans as it cost 100 silvers+ to make one so think again ;)
I alos think that it would be cool for the top players on the toplist categories could get a reward for being the top players. maybe the top ten in each category could get a special reward or item that relates to their field. Maybe you don't want to do it with such categories as "biggest casino crash" or "monstology" (simply because there is no reason to use that specific skill yet), but it would be fun and make "specializers" (Cinder, Jewel, BDSILVIA) more common and competitive.
why must it be 100 million? and is it possible to make one on larkinor now?
why does it cost 1 million to pay off king why does it cost 5 million for a boat? Why does the sun come up? its part of the game like it or lump it. and no there ar eno clans yet but i nominate u for the logobrett clan. :)
So wait? It IS possible for someone like Ro$e or you to create a clan on the english version? Sweet! never knew that. That's why I asked why it had to be 100 mil. I thought that they hadn't created the ability and you were assuming that they would make it 100 mil. when you had no prior knowledge. I will never underestimate the great Montsegur again :p.
you seemed to miss the part were i said it was availble yet golden logobrett award for u
*wasnt availble yet i should say (bad typer). I was not assuming anything i play hungarian larkinor.
Lol. Ok I'll take the award. Hmmm... maybe I could sell it... Is it possible, once you have created a clan, to charge a membership fee? and how do you create a clan?
rules for posting
1. Take a deep breath and read all the posts that came before YOU!!

2. Type up ur post and then read it.

3 read all the posts before yours again.

on a side note you cannot charge membership fees and if you havent compeleted serveral tasks besides 100 mill silvers then no clan for you. (thanks for small wonders)
Hmmm... thanks for the good ideas. I certainly never had thought of them before ;) lol. The only reason that I hadn't seen your post was because I clicked reply before you had finished posting. Anyway... Now I'm interested in playing the Hungarian version (you have done a VERY good job at raising my intrest level.) I think Sandy talked about a translator. Is this true? if it is where can a find it. Thx!

P.S. I hope that you don't think that I'm being concieted or disrespectful to you... I'm really just a horrrible tease and windbag. :D
Jason,  thanks for the response, but I'm still not seeing any information displayed in the "limit max. price..." drop-down.  I've tried it for several items for which I'm pretty sure there are multiple, active offers (e.g. disprosium).  :(

fladnag, after you click the eye & question mark button, just below "item", it says "limit max. price based on best offers:" in that box, you'll find how much the cheapest item costs, and how many are at that price. if you click the drop-down, you'll also see how many are offered at the next two cheapest prices offered.
I think they should make a  MMORPG out of Larkinator like World of warcraft. But thats just my suggestion/ feedback.
V you know how you told me my mages mana goes up 50% Well it doesnt i had 103 mana when i started and it never came up. And ive tryed 6 other times and it still never came up.I looked at how much mana i had befor i was attacked.(Just fought a 2 hitter) And then i get attacked and i had 103 mana then and never went up. Is this only effecting me or just a lilmey bug?
i am locking this thread to prevent confusion with the thread in which responses have been made. 

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