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Highest rating with a ~  ?
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Highest rating with a ~  ?
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Highest rating with a ~  ?
Whats the highest rating anyone has had in under 20 games with a ~ ???? ]:)
mine was a (5) at 463.i m sure there are higher:p
i seen nish was on a (6) (440) and still had 3 games left 2 ply
u saw right anth :p
but i got to ~510 in snook ages ago with 19 games playd ty
Then you played me, unlucky :)
i had ~498 in 8ball with knoc-turnal after 19
Dunno about - scores but ive seen a player a while back play over 100 games and not lose any and he wasnt just playing reds he was playing anyone and he done it all on 1 day and played max on that day and beat him i think the nic was GOLDEN SILENCE or KING DINGALING not sure cant quite remember
lol yes son your right. And the name was Golden Silence. I got to crown in one day unbaten in 160 games...diff class gg ty
Thats when path was about,i remember greenie boy.
Dunno if it was you nish but a while ago i saw Devious Dreams with about ~500 or ~550 or somethin in snook..
aah devious dreams was me ty :D still got nick :D might bring it back.

recently got 19-0 448~ :)

lol billy u got it coz of rating change in pro thats the only reason so dont act like ur class tubby :(?
lol fish i dont ACT like im class. n i got it before the rooms even changed ty :D. u aint no match for me now wanksta :(

good boy had 523 in 9ball with 18 games played