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The Football Chillout 2005/2006 Season : News, Results, Gossip N Much More
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The Football Chillout 2005/2006 Season : News, Results, Gossip N Much More
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The Football Chillout 2005/2006 Season : News, Results, Gossip N Much More
i thought it would be a great idea to have this topic for this season. people can talk about or view the results as they happen. and also to talk about the season ahead and hopefully will always have something to talk about when there are posts you would rather not take part in so here goes......

to start things off where do you people think owen will go? my bets on united..newcastle or machester i just dont know!
Manchester United V Debrecen 

i say 2-0 united
Man U 4-0 Debrecen

rooney 2
ji sung
i said 2-0 ty going to plan so far :D
2-0 wot a goal by van da man ty
I got a feeling Owen will go back to Liverpool. Dunno what makes me say it but thats what I think :D
Ah, a decent thread from Henry :)

As for the season, I think Chelsea will win the title by a point from United. Arsenal will struggle without Vieira and possibly be challenging Liverpool and Spurs for 3rd. Everton will be top half but not really challenging for Europe as much as last season. Bolton and Middlesbrough will be around the European places come May. 

Now for the main event of the season (in my opinion anyway :p) - the relegation battle! There are many clubs that could find themselves struggling. The obvious ones are the 3 promoted clubs, Sunderland, Wigan and West Ham. As a Sunderland fan, I'll comment on my own club in a separate post.  

 Wigan are complete newbies to the top flight and aren't really under much pressure to stay up. They are financially secure and wouldn't suffer too much from relegation compared to team's like Sunderland would who are heavily in debt. They have brought in a few signings and have a good manager in Paul Jewell. I think they will go down but not without a fight.

West Ham. Lots of pundits are saying they have the best chance of staying up from the teams that were promoted - utter b*****cks in my opinion. They came 6th last season and rightly so. They scraped their way through the play-offs and now they think they are the best team in the Premiership. Their manager Alan Pardew said himself he "thought his squad were on par with the top 3". He needs to see a doctor. They have signed Roy Caroll, a dodgy keeper at best from what I saw of him at United. Add to this the signings of players such as Gabbidon and Konchesky and I don't really see a team capable of winning the Championship, never mind staying up in the Premiership. They are linked with big players but the signings never come off. For example the fans all thought they were getting Baros - he wouldn't join Lyon cos he thought they weren't good enough and they're in the Champions League! I have plenty more to say about Wet Sham but I'll save it for a rainy day. (Rant over)

West Brom are bound to be in the mix again after their escape last season and I think they could go down. They haven't really strengthened the squad much and don't look like doing so. Pompey are going to struggle as they've lost key players such as Berger and Yakubu. Fulham have never looked like a solid Premiership package and will always have relegation on their minds. The surprise team for me this season will be Newcastle. They are a rapidly sinking ship and will be playing Arsenal on Saturday with only one availible striker, Michael Chopra! And they think they'll make top 6! Newcastle's problem is they have an awful manager and players who are not dedicated to the club.

A long post but hope it doesn't bore everyone!
Owen I think will move to United, be it this summer or in January. Newcastle are not in Europe and have yet to realise they're not one of the top 4 teams in England anymore.

As I said above (for those that bothered to read :p) I would do a separate post on my beloved Sunderland and here it is. :)

We won the Championship by 7 points last year and that should mean we're better than 2 clubs this season already (18 points ahead of West Ham!). We have strengthened a lot over the summer, bringing in a new keeper Kelvin Davis who I think could stake a serious claim for a place in next year's World Cup squad (Robert Green did after all). We have signed Jon Stead who made a big impact when he first arrived in the Premiership but was poor last season. I think Mick McCarthy is the man to get him firing again alongside Stephen Elliot, who is one for the future. Andy Gray from Sheff Utd looks set to arrive this week who could come in handy. We signed Tommy Miller who was important for Ipswich last season and deserved to be promoted with them. Our defence was a worry but the signing of Alan Stubbs who played most games last season for Everton has eased that. Anthony Le Tallec has come in on loan and he is sure to want to impress Rafa Benitez back in Liverpool. I can see us finishing anywhere from a pleasing 17th to an amazing 11th. 

Bring on the new season :)
I forgot to say, post your own views on your favourite club!
u better than 2 teams, west ham nd wigan so tht makes u gona finish, 18th? or are u goin for a new record low points nd number of games lost in a row nd least number of games won in a season, the list is just endless ;)
man united will finish as champions and will go far in the cl i say this because chelsea will not have the form they had last season just because of the way they played against arsenal over the weekend. had it not been for two lucky moments in the match arsenal would have outplayed, outclassed and beat em.

i mean where was robben all match? people now take chelsea as the superpower of the permiership. But are they really? not in my opinion theyre not.

this is how the top half of the table will look in my opinion

1. Man Utd
2. Liverpool
3. Chelsea
4. Arsenal
5. Spurs
6. Newcastle Utd
7. Portsmouth
8. Middlesborogh
9. Blackburn
10. Sunderland :p

Predictions For The 1st League Matches.

 Everton v Man Utd  
 Aston Villa v Bolton   
 Fulham v Birmingham   
 Man City v West Brom   
 Portsmouth v Tottenham   
 Sunderland v Charlton   
 West Ham v Blackburn   
 Middlesbro v Liverpool 
 Arsenal v Newcastle
 Chelsea v Wigan
Well, to be honest, i reckon that this season is too hard to predict by any means! Liverpool suprised everyone winning the Champions League and that will put them on a high! United are always keen and very competitive title rivals, Chelsea, well, enough said, if the moneys there, so are the players, Arsenal have sold Viera, very, very big mistake in my book but your all ruling out Everton, dont, lol, theyre gonna be chasing the 3rd spot and title. This season is going to be fantastic, United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton and Spurs all have decent squads, always expect the unexpected! :p
Henry do you actually know anything about football ? your top table is a complete joke lol.

Im a man u fan im not a hardcore fan who goes to all games, but man u are my team and i think this season we'll win get the title back, i think this seasons gonna be one of closest prems so far. Chelsea wont do as good as last season but still will do good and so will Arsenal, i think its gonna be a 3 horse race down till last couple of weeks (maybe even last day) watched game last night and this season ronaldo's steppin up a gear ! 
He needs to sort his stupid diving out and get on with the game because hes so class, definately gonna be a key element in this season, cant wait to see him again...watched him last night and he played v well as did rooney and nistelrooy, nistelrooy looked back like he used to be and i think hes gonna get strikin again this season, ji sung looks good not seen him play proper yet but have heard hes v good midfielder. 

I dont think roy keans got long left in him, maybe this season. not so sure about owen coming to united, we'll have to wait and see. he wont go back to liverpool-no chance-.  

For the relegation battle, being from Wigan i do hope they stay up but am not so sure about it, they signed De zeuw back from portsmouth today i hear, and also signed another defender from Tranmere i think and Henri Camara from Wolves and couple of others but its gonna be a tough season for them (and my mates lol) Bullard, Roberts and Ellington were v good in championship but can they prove themselves in the prem ?

Back to relegation i think West Ham, Portsmouth and Sunderland or West Brom will go down.

My Top 7

1.  Man u
2.  Chelsea
3.  Arsenal
4.  Liverpool
5.  Bolton
6.  Middlesboro
7.  Everton

This is longest post ive ever done lol hope someone reads it, i read yours smacka so you better read my 2 cents ;) 
This saturday predictions...

Everton 1-3 Man Utd 
Aston Villa 1-2 Bolton 
Fulham 1-1 Birmingham 
Man City 2-0 West Brom 
Portsmouth 1-3 Tottenham 
Sunderland 1-1 Charlton 
West Ham 2-2 Blackburn 
Middlesbro 2-3 Liverpool 
Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle
Chelsea 4-0 Wigan

Does anyone here do football coupon on saturdays ? i love doin em nothin better than checkin it see how you've done, if you aint and you like football you should do em there class, i aint won yet always 1 or 2 go wrong lol but my mates won a coupe of times.

P.s i love this topic (H)

Henry your top table post, is that a serious view of it ? weres boro and bolton, bolton are an up and coming team, they'll have a good season this season. portsmouth?blackburn?SUNDERLAND!!!?(no offence smacka:p), your probably gonna reply saying you was joking, right?

I agree 10th is possibly a bit too ambitious lol.

Then again, last time we came up the pundits all wrote us off saying we had no chance of staying up. And we finished 7th 2 seasons in a row! Trouble was that meant Peter Reid got some money to spend and bought awful players for huge amounts of money, we finished with the lowest ever points total and ended up over £20 million in debt. That time though we had a main goalscorer, Kevin Phillips who got the European Golden Boot first season (I think). This time we lack firepower, letting our top scorer go last season. Still, always got to think positive :)
Everton 1 v Man Utd 3
Aston Villa 2 v Bolton 2 
Fulham 0 v Birmingham  0
Man City 3 v West Brom 1 
Portsmouth 0v Tottenham 2 
Sunderland 2 v Charlton 1
West Ham 1 v Blackburn 1
Middlesbro 1v Liverpool 2 
Arsenal 4 v Newcastle 0
Chelsea 4 v Wigan 0

Who do you think all think will finish top scorer? I can see Rooney coming into his own this season and getting 30+ goals.

Top 3 goalscorers.

1. henry
2. rooney
3. nistelrooy
course it was a joke lol but in a perfect world thats how i would like to see the table :D
ok semi toe lets have a bet on a single match this saturday and play it as a competition sort of.

lets pick a match between the mid league teams as it were and choose opposite teams so seeing as youve picked bolton this week i say aston villa

we have 1 game every week and see who tops it :D

so round 1 is

(henry 14)Aston Villa v Bolton(semi-toe)

by the end of the season we'll see who has more :D
top goal scorers i would say are gonna be

1. rooney - without a doubt
2. drogba/henry
4. van nistelrooy

all with 25+ goals :D
by football coupons do you mean littlewoods pools?
yes ok deal.

come on u bolton wanderers lol
Everton 2-3 Man Utd
Aston Villa 0-2 Bolton
Fulham 0-1 Birmingham 
Man City 2-0 West Brom
Portsmouth 0-2 Tottenham
Sunderland 1-1 Charlton
West Ham 0-1 Blackburn
Middlesbro 0-2 Liverpool
Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle
Chelsea 3-1 Wigan
1. Chelsea
2. Liverpool
3. Man United
4. Arsenal
5. Tottenham
6. Everton
7. Boro

And 3 promoted sides to go down :D
3 sides to go down......

man city - theyre nothin without swp
west brom
2.Man Utd

ffs dont spam in here go to one of ur other topics ty
since it was a draw its 1 point each semi

so the table looks like this

henry 14 - 1
semi     - 1

only coz its alphabetical order ty
to go down: 18th=west ham
            19th=west brom
right henry closest game this week id say is middlesboro v totenham but how do we choose who chooses which team ? how about play a game in 8ball, who wins gets to choose outof em ? we got till saturday to play.
Ok as for last weeks results we'll do the points system like this: If you get a correct score e.g you put arsenal 2-0newcastle then you get 5 points, if you get the results e.g u put arsenal to win 2-0 but they win 1-0 then you get 2 points.

Last weeks results...


Everton 1-3 Man Utd   2 points
Aston Villa 1-2 Bolton  0 points
Fulham 1-1 Birmingham  2 points
Man City 2-0 West Brom  0 points
Portsmouth 1-3 Tottenham  2 points
Sunderland 1-1 Charlton  0 points
West Ham 2-2 Blackburn  0 points
Middlesbro 2-3 Liverpool  0 points
Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle   5 points
Chelsea 4-0 Wigan     2 points


13 points


Everton 1 v Man Utd 3    2 points
Aston Villa 2 v Bolton 2 5 points
Fulham 0 v Birmingham 0  5 points
Man City 3 v West Brom 1 0 points
Portsmouth 0v Tottenham 2 5 points
Sunderland 2 v Charlton 1 0 points
West Ham 1 v Blackburn 1  0 points
Middlesbro 1v Liverpool 2 0 points
Arsenal 4 v Newcastle 0   2 points
Chelsea 4 v Wigan 0       2 points


21 points

Killer Kebab:

Everton 2-3 Man Utd  2 points
Aston Villa 0-2 Bolton 0 points
Fulham 0-1 Birmingham  0 points
Man City 2-0 West Brom  0 points
Portsmouth 0-2 Tottenham 5 points
Sunderland 1-1 Charlton  0 points
West Ham 0-1 Blackburn  0 points
Middlesbro 0-2 Liverpool 0 points
Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle  5 points
Chelsea 3-1 Wigan      2 points


14 points

so this weeks winner is smacka with an amazing 21 points :p well done. you should try football coupon i put 12 teams on last week and only preston let me down ! 

i think we should change who does this post every week if any of you's up to it :p
Predictions for Sat-Sun 14-15th August.

Birmingham 1-2 Man city
Blackburn 0-1 Fulham
Bolton 1-1 Everton
Charlton 2-1 Wigan
Liverpool 3-0 Sunderland
Man utd 3-1 Aston villa
Newcastle 2-0 West ham
Tottenham 2-2 Middlesboro
West brom 1-0 Portsmouth
Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal
Birmingham 2-1 Man city
Blackburn 1-0 Fulham
Bolton 2-1 Everton
Charlton 1-1 Wigan
Liverpool 2-1 Sunderland
Man utd 4-1 Aston villa
Newcastle 0-1 West ham
Tottenham 2-0 Middlesboro
West brom 0-1 Portsmouth
Chelsea 2-3 Arsenal

since i won i choose

me - tottenham
semi - boro :D
i lose in 8ball so i have middlesboro, COME ON YAKUBU!
1 game per week league: standings

henry 14 - 1
semi - 1

predictions league: standings

smackam - 1
semi - 0
killer - 0
henry - 0
firstly owen will stay at real till january and dean ashton will no way leave norwich after all hes been through with them thats the last thing he would want to do. he may leave if they dont get promoted but he aint leavin any time soon mark my word ty
all hes been through with them? rooney went from everton to united, anything can happen !
p.s i dont mind doing the calculations for this weekends predictions ty
true but ashton wont sell his soul like rooney he aint that kinda playa
I've just heard Denmark think their gonna win the world cup now.Seeing as they just beat the team who thought 
 were gonna win it.


hes from scotland, that team who never gets past qualifyin rounds, that team who dont know what win means lol :p so i cant see him being good in predictions.

Would be interested to here your predictions for this Saturday's Old Firm Game.
My Friend.:D:D:D.....But do you think "they" will get a goal then.

as i said MON THE GERS :D

celtic are nothin without good ol' martin
Birmingham 2-1 Man city
Blackburn 1-0 Fulham
Bolton 1-2 Everton
Charlton 1-1 Wigan
Liverpool 2-0 Sunderland
Man utd 3-0 Aston villa
Newcastle 1-0 West ham
Tottenham 1-2 Middlesboro
West brom 1-3 Portsmouth
Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal
ooo we got another 1 so its us 3 in for this week eh? unless someone else posts a prediction mon the gers for today and come on uniteddddd!!!!!!! smash villa in ty


3 - 1 for the RANGERS ,

that was the Final Score ,

and you couldnt here the whistle blow ,

for the "sash my father wore"



Well done Saha .......
Newcastle really need a striker we couldnt beat 10 man 
,lol,at least we got our defence sorted;)
Hey Guys

If you are good at premiership predictions then just take a second to vist:


Thank you
P.S Come On You Spurs! 
ne1 c the rovers goals against fulham both abosolute screamers gota b contnders 4 goal of season already 
Well, I've been away for 2 weeks so have seen little football (USA isn't the best place to watch it) :(. I did see half of Liverpool Sunderland and was pleased with our performance though angry at the ridiculous sending off of Welsh. We've started dreadfully and really need to sort ourselves out.

On another note, is anyone here a lower league fan? I am a Woking season ticket holder and unfortunately missed what looked a cracking derby game with Stevenage last week (3-2 to the Cardinals!) but will attend my first game tomorrow against Gravesend and Northfleet. I'm going for a 3-1 win. I can't wait to get back to watching footie.
I dont know about owen, hes awesome and they got him in the freacking bench! owen deserves to play! not get full of brazilians(nothing against them but we should aim at european players, like spaniards or british ones) this is not the real madrid that was 3 seasons ago, lets just hope for the best and stay away at a 3rd year without titles
Smack I've been in the US for the best part of 2 weeks too... just got back today :O Whereabouts did you go? I went West Coast.
Hey, I'm on the West Coast (Canada though). We get the Saturday lunch game live, one of the 3pm KOs and the early evening game if there is one (but not the Sunday games). I was able to watch the first two Man Utd games, but it meant getting up at 4:45 am to see them :O - the best thing is that my wife bet I wouldn't get up for them, so in effect I was PAID to watch my team on TV :p
should wake up at 4.45 to blackburn more entertainin we batter ppl on the pitch lolas for this season if we carryon playin like we r we gunna b battlin against relegation again i hate it like tht and charlton n darren bent doin surprisely well 
i jus read throu this topic class talkin about footy not much on ere as for relegation candidates miself think fulham after selling van der sar to united they avent bought back up good enough ricardo batista n tony warner r not good enough for the premiership newcastle will also b down there come end of season with there current manager souness needs to go in my opinion despite havin 2 class n proven goalscorers in shearer n luque the management situation is terrible he brought all blackburn back room staff with him 2 st james's aswell big mistake sellin bellamy bcoz souness wont b there much longer n bellamy was a key player 4 them wigan have got a chance of stayin up i think despite no ellington roberts has been in prem before n will score goals and after grabbing there 1st win of season against sunderland i think tht will boost confidence n will gain more points in my opinion sunderland will go down aswell despite putting in a good performance against liverpool i dont think they have the premiership experience to stay in this league jonathan stead had a bit with blackburn but never proved himself las season with the rovers scoring onli 2 goals i think 
my top 10 

man u 
man city

bottom 3 
Beppe, I was actually in Canada when I saw the Liverpool Sunderland game and the schedule was as you said, unfortunately I couldn't stay to watch Birmingham v Man City (think those were the teams) as we had to travel to Vancouver, being in Kelowna (sp?) at the time.

Killer, I was also on the west coast :). We flew to Seattle, went touring going north to Annacortes, Winthrop, Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria before returning to Seattle and getting the train south overnight to Oakland. From Oakland we drove to Yosemite national park with the absolutely huge trees before having a couple of nights in San Francisco, coming home yesterday. :)

Fun parts of the trip were cheap shopping (2 pairs of £50 trainers for $45 :o), whale watching despite only seeing 3 and seeing all the sights of San Francisco. 

Where did you go Killer?

As for the football side of things, I'm off very shortly to the Woking game! :) 
Shocking performance and lost 3-1. :(
OWEN FOR THE TOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OWEN FOR THE TOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well smack sounds like you were a bit further north than me :p but we ended up in the same place :p

We were both touring too :O

1 Night in LA - didn't do much, too tired after flight :|

1 Night in Palm Springs - nice place, bit quiet though, very hot too

1 Night in Scottsdale, Phoenix - boring place :p 41C lol

1 Night in Flagstaff - good views on drive to here but again quite a boring town

1 Night in Grand Canyon - amazing views. so much bigger than I thought, it's like a sunken mountain range, really odd

1 Night in Las Vegas - stayed in the Luxor, the black pyramid B-) is amazing, I got 9th top score on Time Crisis
2 there :p check it out if you go it says NIK :p

1 Night in Death Valley - stupidly hot, like 50C. so hot that if you stay outside for 10 mins you eyes hurt cos theyve dried out :|

1 Night in Yosemite National Park - huge trees yeah, pretty cool, but a bit big, and full of fat americans :p

2 Nights in San Francisco - great place, saw all the sights like golden gate bridge, alcatraz, union square, chinatown, fisherman's wharf, n muni railway

All in all class hols B-) but too many ignorant rude loud obnoxious Frogs :O
owen make his debut against fulham:D
this is how i think the top ten will finish:
4=Manchester United
9=Aston Villa

but it wasnt ur highest priced transfer of all time that scored was it?
Newcastle FUlham was incredibly funny. Newcastle are just so awful.
so we scored,thats the main thing
peter u make so sense u lil kid 
they scored big whoop but look at the manner you scored a late substitution and a free kick which was not even justified as boa morte didnt do anything and owen dived over him
hes crap and thats the way he'll stay i bet he wont score in the next 3 games garanteed ty
champions league starting this week i say chelsea to lose 1-0 man united to win 3-1 arsenal to draw 1-1 and liverpool to win 1-0

ne1 see the score with Swansea vs Bristol City yesterday:D wat a reasult in thier new stadium things are looking up for them
NUFC just need a confidence boost ,like a goal,which we got;),i also saw the swansea game it was great 7-1:O
Henry, what's up with Man Utd these days? I have seen three of there games on TV over here, and in all three one thing was missing - the attack. In previous years where we've dominated the premiership we have scared the pants off other teams by peppering their goals with shots. Having to get up at 7am to watch the Man City game, it was hard to stay awake! I can see that they are trying to play a tighter game, but for as long as we lack the creativity in the final third we are not going to come close to winning anything this season. What's the gossip about them in the UK?
beppe we defended strongly and up until that lucky flash of luck where joey barton of all people got the slighest of touches to put it throught rio's legs we had dominated but i still think rooney for all hes worth needs to be up front with van playin the cantona role where he stays just in front of the midfield and work his way up
i dont agree with rooney out on the wing theres just no point!
but i think after fergusons words today saying he wants the team of 1997 where teams were frightened to death to come to the theatre of dreams i feel happy and i know with the way chelsea are playing theyll slip up too. i say this because i havent seen them this season score a goal without luck bar the sensational header drogba scored yesterday.
chelsea will lose one of these days the champions league game to be more precise to anderlect and that will like liverpool did last season bring them back down to earth where they belong!

any man united fan will know that we hadnt conceded yet until yesterday and with van der sar we will be successful this season mark my word!
Top 2 Peter, who else is there with the quality to challenge them this season other than Chelski?
peter you really need lessons on football mate because honestly who will finish 2nd and 3rd? arsenal-nope
wigan :D-nope
hmm see a pattern yet?
4th=manchester united
omg i didnt kno that soccer was such a big thing for u guys. must be a europaen thing. i just go for american footballl.
It's the biggest sport in England and many European countries - possibly the same in Latin America, and some areas of Africa.
well i like soccer too but im not obsessed with it. i like the german soccer teams. sry but im just into football and swimming.
tonights champions league predicitions:

Chelsea 1-2 Anderlecht
Real Betis 0-1 Liverpool
Rangers 2-0 Porto 
Olympique Lyonnais 1-1 Real Madrid
Artmedia Bratislava 0-3 Inter Milan
AC Milan 3-1 Fenerbahce 
PSV Eindhoven 2-2 Schalke  
Olympiacos 1-2 Rosenborg 

>>>Glasgow Rangers 3 Porto 2

i love gera:psunderland are going down!!!
Noticed that there are 3 relegation spots? Look who's 19th.
Rangers 3 - 2 Porto Easy Np.

Rangers 60/1 To Win It :(
Easy :)
look whos 12TH Now.

NEWCASTLE 3-0 Blackburn

looks who joint 13th smackam, ahhh yes 3-0 ty, jus a start of many wins now
Again - Man Utd, no chances being created. Do they really expect to challenge Chelsea when they can't even make shots on goal?
keane injured for 2 months too this seasons lookin bad already lol

i really think we should have got robinho but alex fergusons too busy in bed with malcolm glazier to realise that winning the league actually MEANS something what with chelsea now in the race.
lol,i think man u will finish 5TH,but then again,what do i no
Peter-27, you have previously said that you think they will finish 4th. 5th or 4th, you'll be wrong either way ;)
they'll finish either 2st or second but it depends on how alex ferguson chooses to play. if they attack with venom like they did in the treble winning season then they will no doubt be successful however if they play like they did today, conservative and lifeless they will not win anything like last season. They must buy at least 1 player in the transfer window in january and i think it will be a holding midfielder. Maybe Ballack but who knows it might be someone better. We are lacking leadership in the form of roy keane.

The fact that you both got your position wrong sums up Geordies.

Newcastle are 14th, not on alphabetical order but on goals scored. You've also paid on average around £8 million a point.
8mill a poitin,who cares???!
and so what we 14TH,just on goal difference,we still got same amount of ptsas the team in 12Th place
A team won't win the league for just finishing level on points with another team. Then again, Newcastle fans won't need to worry about that.
Next Game:NUFC vs Man city,that will be hard for us,but i think we can win;)
I just found this good free Manager game check it out www.the4aces.com ;)
Owen gets his second:d,carling cup=Grimbsy vs NUFC,i thin we should win
Tommmmmmmmmmy Millerrrrrr!

Julioooooooooooooooo Arca!

man united benfica any predictions? :|

id say man u 3-1 win but who knows the way theyre playin atm :|

Prediction..reds to beat fulham..liverpool to beat chelsea(not often i want liverpool to win lol),,united to win our game in hand(sorry wigan lol) ..united to beat chelsea at old trafford..( thats only 1 point behind now)..united go on on to to win the premiership..european cup ..fa cup ... well why not..we've done it before :-P..by the way..who the heck have chelsea played this season? ..no one yet ..COME ON YOU REDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
>>by the way..who the heck have chelsea played this season?

Arsenal? I hope you're right though.
i think chelsea has won the league already i dont see any1 beating them look how they beat liverpool today? lol
football is cool i like touchdowns
no they wont 2-0 is my prediction however if they do happen to lose i predict that will be the end of sven. A bit extreme yes but thats what it will lead to in my opinion.
The thing is that Sven will not leave - if he is sacked the FA have to pay his rather large contract off, and I wonder if they would do that.
Wow, I just noticed that you made Henry on the same day I found this site!