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Mission 38
Mission 38
Mission 38
I've tried this mission 5 times already. I'm ready to quit the game!!

I tried hurting the last monster with the glass sword I made with the ognosi cross bar! Nothing happened.
I tried hurting it with my level 27 weapons, nothing happened, I've read all the clues in the mission, and all the websites about this mission, I just can't beat that fat smelly monster!
Can someone help me!? Please!

I just figured out what I did wrong, can someone delete this thread please? *innocent smile*

well tell me, i have no idea what happened!
do you have to turn in the Crystal Sword?
I'll give you a tip:
read the mission instruction's 
You'll find it out

Always Hanging Around
i got it. you do have to build the sword.
She already built the sword...thats y she attacked the invincible monster in the mission.

Bonnybell once u have the sword u go to the palace and report for your reward.
you know that bonnybell posted this more than two months ago? i think she might have it figured out.
Sorry I didn't see this.
Since we are not allowed to post mission stuff, my clue to anyone who is going to get stuck here in the future.

Clue: Let the sleeping monsters sleep.
We're not allowed to give out mission stuff? That pretty much defeats the purpose of larkinorguide...:(
You're not allowed to post mission info in the forum.  There is no such rule about fan sites.

Furthermore, I can't help but mention my opinion that 
 serves as a capable resource for much more than just the mission information!