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flyordie legends
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flyordie legends
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flyordie legends
hey, ive heard so much about these players. but i have a few questions.

who is stezz what name does he use?
who is spence? and what name?
what name does max use? or used
what other names has greenking had?
who is superkid and how good was he?

if you know the answer to any please post, 

thanx alot
Greenking was TOPxDOG I believe, :D

I was in a group called Xp about 2 years ago which a lot of people were in.

TOPxDOG was the leader and he usually cleared the table nearly every game :D

I swear he went on to be Greenking, but there has been a few GreenKings.
spence - TopDog
greenie - Greenking G3nx
superkid was crap lol

Oh, ;\ Spence is topdog then :| I swear he was greenie as well at some point
SuperKid was pretty good at these billiard games...I believe he had a crown in all three games..
ty 4 the compliment but no im not toppy. He was diff class at 8 ball
what about stickyfingaz who is he? and yey im m8s with stezz without knowing:p