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Eco settings still not available
Eco settings still not available
Eco settings still not available
Eco settings not working. how long it take to fixing my black screen. not here for long time i can not play correctly with this tables and chairs
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Hi BrutalO'Sullivan,
Please see hoat4's post concerning this topic:  -->  
John, thanks Sir, I got it, it's helping for my mind to know the settings will return eventually 🙏
Hello BrutalO'Sullivan,

If this explanation helps you,

When you encounter a black screen while playing online games, here are some steps you can to fix this problem:

Check cables and connections: Make sure all cables (including those that run from your monitor to the computer) are properly connected. Sometimes poor contact can result in a black screen.

Update your graphics drivers: Outdated drivers can cause display issues. Update your graphics card drivers using the latest versions available on the manufacturer's website.

Lower the game resolution: If you are playing a game in full screen mode, try lowering the game resolution. This may help resolve display issues.

Check for application errors: Check Windows Event Viewer to check for game or graphics card errors. This may give you clues as to the cause of the black screen.

You can also do this.
Scan your system with FRST: Download and run the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) to scan your system. Share the reports generated on this site and provide links to these reports in your response.
Turn the screen back on: If your screen was accidentally turned off, use the Windows key combination + Ctrl + Shift + B to turn it back on.

Important .
Don't forget to restart your computer after completing these steps. If the problem persists, it may be helpful to consult an IT professional for further diagnosis.

Friendly  catsgirls
🤔 it's the environment problems I having, I need black screen in back of table, not pub environment, table and chair, 🤭🤗 sorry for confusing hehe
My graphic is good card, just want turn pub environment off, but long time no work to turn off 😕