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8 Ball Tournament
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8 Ball Tournament
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8 Ball Tournament
Hello everyone.

It's time for a tournament again.

The game is 8 ball.

16 players are planned. If more come together by the end of the week, there will be 32 starting places.

12 players are already in. 

Short rules: 
8 Ball without Pro Rules
Games can be played in rated/unrated room. (unrated is preferred if there is no agreement)
Move allowed
1 week time per match. If a match is not played, who advances will be randomly drawn.
Activity is checked beforehand.
If all games are finished early, the next round begins.
No games will be brought forward.
A d/c means rack loss

(Last 32: Race to 8)
Last 16: Race to 9
Last 8: Race to 10
Semi-Final: Race to 11
Final: Race to 13

Feel free to join. :)

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I'm giving up because I don't have much time for the next few weeks. Thx. Have Fun!
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Hilarious ! Maybe i'm to strong --'
Yes. You are too good for us. Mr. Perfect.
Anthony seriously think he will ever be trusted again? Lol
The field is full with 16 players. 
The draw will take place this evening.
The draw has been made by an online draw tool. 

If anyone would like the link, please feel free to write to me private.

Last 16 - race to 9

Alex : Mateus
Sidewinder : lapoueze
Robert : Kieran
Player_no1 : FantasticalNoob
Redemption : Balazs
Rising Insane : Dzeno.
Desperado : Glanzagt
Tommy : Chui

Good luck and have fun to everyone.
Hi mate, just saw this, and it's great, should be more tournaments like this, i would've played 8 ball as the focusing isn't harsh like in big snooker atm because eco settings... Easier to aim at bigger balls, oh well il join next time if so..🤪
Hi Mate. There will be more tournaments in the future. :)
Also includes Snooker and some special tournaments.
Shaun Murphy no1 6:9 chui
ggs thx m8 gl in rest
ggs hard luck for you man
also FOD please fix the power boost issue asap
Won 9-6 vs Sidewinder ggs mate
Lost 9-6 to Robert well played mate good luck next match
Lost 9-5 to mateus, ggs bro gl for rest of tournament :)
lost 0-9 to rising insane + rage quit. ggs
Tomorrow is the last day to play. The quarterfinals begin on Thursday. 

Lost 8.5 vwp despo great games buddi
Good evening. 
The quarterfinals are ready to start. 

Race to 10

Mateus : lapoueze
Robert : FantasticalNoob
Redemption : Rising Insane 
Desperado : Chui

Good luck and have fun. :)

I would like to thank everyone for taking part. 

Since desperado was permanently banned, boooost gt will make it to the quarterfinals.

So the match is:

Boooost GT : Chui
Awesome work mods, one mod approves of Mike Oxbig as a name change and then another becomes a snowflake about it hahaha unbelievable
I didnt realised untill.today u got permed
Lost 8-10 to Fantastical, ggs wp mate
Can someone explain what happened to my opponent?
I can replace him if necessary :)
Semifinal Race to 11

Mateus : FantasticalNoob
Redemption : Chui

Good luck and have fun. :)
Mateus 8:11 FantasticalNoob

So the final can start. 
Race to 13

FantasticalNoob : Chui

Good luck and have fun both.
Fantastical Noob 13-12 chui (chui dced when fanta leading 10-9)
very nice match ggs ty
Congratulations on winning the tournament FantasticalNoob.
Very well played. :)

Also gratulation for the 2nd Place Chui. 

I would like to thank all participants for the relaxed tournament. 
The next tournament is already being planned

chui 11-8 Redemption ggs vul on dc for rack loss