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Rules of curling
Rules of curling
Rules of curling
Why does this curling game not follow the current rules of curling ? If any of the first 4 stones are over the hog line and rest on the centerline , they cannot be knocked off the centerline for the first 4 stones. If
they are knocked off the centerline it is a foul shot. The offending stone is removed and the stone which has been knocked off is replaced in its original position. Too many players in the game would fail,if this rule were respected
Thats is realy strange I think.


Can not play.....just saying  "You can not connect to server now. The server maybe is shut down"

I can play other games i flyordie.com

Please fix.....I am curling addicted, a curlingholic 

Why are curlers when losing a game allowed to exit so that they minimize the loss of points.

Why do winners of games refuse to play another game and then after refusing then rechallenge the same person ? Reason … so do n’t want to lose the advantage of the last stone if the continued to play and hope when they rechallenge they will get the last stone……CHANCERS !!!
Hi P-son
There are no issues with the curling site. Please give it another try. 
if you still can't connect, please try the following: 

° Restart your router or cable modem.
° Clear your browser cache. If you don't know how to do this, you can Google it. Instructions are available for each browser.
° Try signing in with another browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

If none of this works, please read the FAQs  
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