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FlyOrDie Masters
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FlyOrDie Masters
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FlyOrDie Masters
Dear All Billiard players,

I am glad to announce that we will run a competition called FlyOrDie Masters which will be like tournaments with different ways every time.

The players concerned with these tournaments are the players that have ranking above 700 points.

We will run a first tournament to define a NEW rating and classification for players (different than flyordie overall ranking) and by which we will consider to play the next tournaments.

Players who might be interested by this and have 700 points or more can join, the other players bellow 700 points should play more to get above 700 to access the tournaments.

please mention your name and nickname to use and your country.

The starting date of the first tournament will be 15 of April 2023
Perfect i whant to play, i am from Mexico my name Mozardo
oh sorry. I was wrong. I thought Snooker :p
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Great, I'll take part too. My Nickname: Đartђ Sιđισυş and my Name: Daniel, Germany
Hey ! 
I'm joining it, and im gonna reply before the haterz im gonna stream every games or so much players gonna say im using something for potting virtual balls......

No-Hit / France
The fact that it is virtual balls gives you the option to use a program?
Dear All,

It’s time to start the game !

The pairing is ready, and it’s going to be a Race To 6 frames.
If you are at 5-5 the game should finish at 7-5 and so on until difference is 2 frames.

Everyone who wins gets the first stage wins 50 points and 100 points if you win the semi final and the final match win is 150 points.

After the end of this tournament, there will be a list of ranking players who have played the tournament and by this ranking we are going to proceed in the pairing of next tournaments.

Round 1 :

Translator vs BYE 
No-HIT vs Fantastical Noob
Darth Sidious vs Shaun Murphy no1
Mozardo vs Mateus.

You can start the game once you meet each other.
Call your opponent in the room or forum and every round duration is 48 hours.

The players who do not play before 48 hours from the call of their opponents lose the game.

The games should be played on Room 1 so that I can check results on info files. 

Please make sure your opponent is over 700 points as condition to attend this tournament. 

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@Tommy, i was more online here Saturday through Monday. But about nights i am sleeping for work. Are you coming between 7pm-11pm
For a week I was online every day except night-time (0:00-5:00am). You were only here on Monday past midnight and the rest of the days offline. How should we meet?
How about tomorrow?
Tell me a time and i'll be there.
I'll be there tomorrow evening too 

Best regards DarthSidious ^^
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I will be ok this sunday around 8:00 pm (Brazil time)... Waiting for you
Translator, Mozardo nickname is not 700 points and i have no any news about him... Im everyday in the same time. But im not finding him. What should i do?
You can find him at nights.

If time finishes for this round he will be disqualified if he didn’t play or if he’s not 700+.
Hi Mateus tell me when you can be here i now its 10h30 pm Hour of Mexico and after 9HAm i am ready to play everytime you whant.
Hi Mozardo. Will be in the room1 this night around 5:00 pm (Mexico time) to 7:00pm (Mexico time). Waiting for u! My Instagram is @matt.stoque_ if you want to call me there, it will be good.
Ok Mateus sorry i will try call you to make apointment i work lot, will be more easy by that way.
Won 6-2. ggs mate! Thanks for games.
Dear All,

Please finish the Quarter final round so that we can play the Semi finals.

For whom want to join the next tournament please keep being updated here on forum or follow me on instagram for more info about upcoming events @flyordietranslator 

If you are 700 + at 8Ball and want to join the next tournament by the 1st of May please mention your nickname, country and name.
гιsιиg ιиѕαиє™, David, Hungary