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Trophy in the Info
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Trophy in the Info
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Trophy in the Info
Hello all, 

I didn't choose a suitable topic, so I'm creating a topic about a possible bug problem with a trophy in the info.

I won straight pool on January 31st, after 3 weeks my trophy was not added.


The second and third placers also asked the same. Will this bug be worked on later, right?

have a good evening

Best regards 
Hello Uηвєαтαвłє,
Please contact the technical support and report a bug.

  ---> report bug

Kind regards,
Good evening Uηвєαтαвłє, yes this may be a bug, I remember it already happened to a player a few months ago and he got his star some time later the best would be for you to talk about it with a moderator when you see him .good continuation and good games to you    "༄Aïnara༄♥ "
Thanks for the quick reply, I don't think you understood my request. It's not about stars, but adding the trophy (only 1st gold, 2nd silver, 3rd bronze) to my own info. It's missing in there.