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What's your IQ ?
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What's your IQ ?
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What's your IQ ?
Just post what your IQ is and your age....

Mine is 133 and I am 17.

I dunno, where do you take these IQ tests?

But I took one, I believe it was an adult test..score about a 125 and I'm 14.
>>> I was wondering if any of you if any of you self-proclaimed geniuses took the test today for Mensa? I hope so because today was the American Mensa's National Testing Day. One way to see if you will even qualify to take one of their national test is to take the Home Test first. You can find it at 
 I have to be incredulous to some your IQ proclamations. There is only one person in the previous posts I feel stated their correct IQ. Whether your posting of your IQ was true or not it reveals that some of you are quite bumptious.
>> By the way I am 56 and being a member of Mensa [img=
] I don't feel I should divulge my IQ. 
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Well, in my opinion, IQs mean nothing. If you are a guerilla warfare general, would that kind of IQ apply to you? 
my IQ is 125 n im 13...but yea i dun reckon IQ means much n heaps of those tests on da net rnt exactly accurate anyway
I don't know what my IQ is but my GPA is 3.98.
The question is: All you bright sparks,what does IQ stand for?
Intelligence Quotient...

As for my actual IQ, well, lets not go there. 
What rubbish ! Please post your real IQ's only from official tests coz, no offense mate, Scotty your not 120 or whatever your said. As for the guy who said 144 that would mean your technically 'a genius' so please dont lie.
most people in tanx have the combined I.Q of a raisin...
Its all very well saying you have an I.Q of 144

dont lie

I  took that test that "alli g" put in here and i got a 145 :p
Well that test does not count. If I took that one I would get about 700.
Take it then don or post link to a "real" test
lol according to scotties site im a genious (which i could be if i had a good work ethic) i got 155 :p
whatever Don's got mines double
Ok ive just done this iq test 
   pic the original iq test and as you can see on my link i got 124 so don hush ur mouth  :| 

Hey guys im new here...at least in the forum....yeah anyways i think my IQ doesnt get close to 3 digits....maybe not even 2....
It's ok I dont really think IQs are all that great anyways. 
Scotty i got 127 on emode or w/e test :p
This is such rubbish. Your obviously not doing this right. This is saying your all genius's and in some cases in the top 0.0001 % of the world. Highly doubtful. Scotty I'm not being mean I just dont think your the quickest cookie.
Dude i was just joking man i got 117....Does that mean im a genius cause I personaly think im not smarter than Homes Simpson...
Don take the test see what a "real" genious gets
IQ = 0
Age 2000 years ----> was a long way over the alpes :D
I need to opne some books and read instead of watching TV...
ah to late im banned on that name :)
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Thank you for recently taking the Self Discovery Workshop's IQ Test.
Because of the Internet's ability to mishandle transmissions, we are
reconfirming via email that your IQ Test score was: 129
  well im 19 and i dont care lol 
Hi Mr Bluze, I was a member of Mensa UK but they stopped me subscribing because I now live in Germany.
My membership number was 41643.
I also won't divulge my IQ, no need thks....;)

Bluze why you have to ruin my topic with your stupidity ? Please stop and this topic, due to idiots posting fake IQ and idiots posting rubbish is now....

and knock it off "don" Mr bluze can post anything he wants WHENEVER he wants right bluse :|
Actually no he can't according to FOD rules of use which he agreed to : 

He will not post anything which changes the structure of a post, which that did.

He wil not post any images without copyright from the creator, which I imagine he has not got.

He will not post anything which is not relevant and/or suitable to the post.

He will not post any iamges which are not provided already by FOD, which he has also done. 

So NERO, he can't post whatever he wants, Right ?!
Don if all these test's are fake where u get your IQ ??
he picks a number between 100/200 and if it looks good he posts it.
Mensa. Mensa and only mensa. Look, 133 I don't like to boast is rather good, and puts me in the highly intelligent catergory about 8 off genius. No offense to you all but your all slightly dim so people who say anymore than 133 unless like the two mensa members on this post I will not believe. sorry.
Dude that test doesnt make you a genius....Its JUSt and only JUST a test...If your a real genius then answer this question...What is the meaning of life?
129, ages 15. Don, not kidding. No point in lieing in anyway. Even though I got an I.Q of 129, I admit I'm rather slow and my brain can get lazy at times. It's on holiday right now :p
Don where u go to get mensa test ??
I'll just take a guess, probably around 125 and im 12 :d
hanniball360 lmao The mean of life? One of the only unanswerable questions ever.
NO ONE CAN ANSWER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
After being a full member of mensa ,i was thrown out ,they advised me not to read silly posts in forums :|

Intelligence Test Instructions: Write each of your answers down, it makes a difference! You will be allowed 10 minutes to complete the test. Write your answers in the spaces provided. Are you ready ? What is the time? 


1) Some months have 30 days,some months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days? ____________________

2) If a doctor gives you 3 pills and tells you to take one pill every half hour, how long would it be before all the pills had been taken? ____________________

3) I went to bed at eight o'clock in the evening and wound up my clock and set the alarm to sound at nine o'clock in the morning. How many hours sleep would I get before being awoken by the alarm? ____________________

4) Divide 30 by half and add ten. What do you get?____________________

5) A farmer had 17 sheep. All but 9 died. How many live sheep were left? ___________________

6) If you had only one match and entered a COLD and DARK room, where there was an oil heater, an oil lamp and a candle, which would you light first? ____________________

7) A man builds a house with four sides of rectangular construction, each side having a southern exposure. A big bear comes along. What color is the bear? ____________________

8) Take 2 apples from 3 apples. What do you have? ___________________

9) How many animals of each species did Moses take with him in the Ark? ____________________

10) If you drove a bus with 43 people on board from Chicago and stopped at Pittsburg to pick up 7 more people and drop off 5 passengers and at Cleveland to drop off 8 passengers and pick up 4 more and eventually arrive at Philadelphia 20 hours later, what's the name of the driver? ____________________

Answers in the following article - no cheating now! GOOD LUCK!


1) All of them. Every month has at least 28 days.
2) 1 hour. If you take a pill at 1 o'clock,then another at 1.30 and the last at 2 o'clock,they will be taken in 1 hour.
3) 1 hour. It is a wind up alarm clock which cannot discriminate between a.m. and p.m.
4) 70. Dividing by half is the same as multiplying by 2.
5) 9 live sheep.
6) The match.
7) White. If all walls face south, the house must be on the North Pole.
9) None. It was Noah, not Moses.
10) YOU are the driver.

Grading Scale (out of 10)

8+ Engineer
7 Student
6 High school pupil
5 Primary school pupil
4 Teacher
3 College lecturer
2 University lecturer
1 Member of Congress 

Jingle that is NOT an IQ test. Thats as far from it as u can get. IQ test arnt trick question.
Yeh, those are tricky questions and I already heard most of em lol. IQ is somethin you work out like math or an equation.
And really I dont care what anyones IQ is. As long as they love their mama God and eat gritts lol.

Oooo wow I'm a genius at my age! Ooo wow woah! BIG DEAL :|
>>>My Dear Friend Don,
 take into consideration your puerile request,if you would improve your spelling, correct your grammer and not be so inimical towards me. I know those three things will be easy for to you to accomplish, because you started this thred by stating that your IQ is 133. It appears to me that you don't appreciate my post because I titivate them. It is what I like to do.
] [img=

Oh Dear.....i dont think this is a place to test IQ's ...
Stick to the intelligent side of life people and play pool ot tanxs or something...lol
mine is 140, i did mine in my college. i am intelegent but i dont always show it

and wot ive been told is, its not ur iq that counts, its wot u can do with it. 

and frankly i dont always bother to try in thing such as school work so on. so it doesn't really matter.

Ok now this is a real iq test and dont say it aint don i got 99 on this 
  take the national iq test this aint no crappy one this is for real :| :p
goodluck ;)
i did figure it out myself aswell :| and u still call me dim :(
cad is going down.

see you on the battlefield NOW!
ive seen where Don got is I.Q. test from

I did just attack Bluze but someone deleted it, Matt, you cant even spell intelligent so how am I to believe you are it. Wow kids today....
I know the meaning of life.....A big mistake started when an asteroid carrying frozen microscopy organisems capable of expansion in the right condision or in this case WATER, crashes to Earth starting a huge explotion of life which evolved from the early single celled organisms AKA the frozen SUBSTANCE inside the asteroid which could have been not more than a 10 of a drop, to the more advenced and intelligent multicelled organisms which over millions of years evolved into dinisaurs and no humans who only pollut the planet and take up space and over populate....The word is over crouded as it is and it wouldnt surprise me if an asteroid came and killed us....The meaning od life? In simple words the MISTAKE of a 1 in a TRILLION shot of an asteroid or chunk of a planet that could have been destroyed carrying alien DNA or microscopic organisms which could have been floating around space for thousands of years....*GASP* 
Crashes to Earth....Take that Einstein !!!
well don, lets look at this, in the iq test, does it have any spelling questions? no it dont, like i already said, it depends on how u use this, i haven't done an hours english leason for over 4 years, i quit it while i was in year 10 at school, but yet i got high grades in subjects i wanted to do, which did not involve spelling without the aid of a computer spell checker. so therefore u dont have to good at sertain things to have high grades, yea u might be clever, but a person with 75 iq could just easily be as clever via hard work in school. an iq score just shows wot u can do if u really try and work hard for it.

ty matt
I have to agree, Matt is completely correct. Technically not boasting, well yes but no :p, I got the highest CAT or SAT or whatever they are tests in the school, but I am far from most academically intelligent because I don't work and nder achieve. So yes you are right, as long as you have some basic intelligence you can achieve great things.
this is a funny one and reading most of your posts there is only one that i can agree with and thats rocket and when i was in school i was the same i couldnt be bothered with all the work and home work i just didnt want to know im not saying im dull but when it came to writeing and spelling i was bad but give me something to fix and i was happy it is not only your iq that counts its about what you want to do and if you want to sit in an office all day then that is up to you but it is not for me and iq tests i have sat two and one was 115 and the other was 120 i dont go by iq tests i know and work with people who cant read or write but can use their hands every one is different so how do you work out who is the clever one ?
IQ testing is just to see how you react in hard situations because most ppl see and IQ test in school and opan up a book and start panicing about getting iot right and stuff....Thats my opinion....

Mine was 142.....I am 20 years old :D
And spelling has nothing to do with intelligents its related to visual memory.
gence* How stupid are these people ? It really does amaze me.
like i said spelling is not an IQ measure but a measure on visual memory.
Won't you please shut up. 



Im noticing a constant repeat  lol :p

Locked Again
why say it twice  we dont wanna  read ur lies more than once.
3 million 4 thousand 5 hundred sixty six and half and I am 3. PLEASE STOP LYING ! 

Average: 85 - 115
   Above average: 116 - 125
   Gifted Borderline Genius: 126 - 135
   Highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others: 136 - 145
   Genius: 146 - 165
   High Genius: 166 - 180
   Highest Genius: 181 - 200
   Beyond being measurable Genius: Over 200

Why is there always an asshole in every forum i go to who only bad mouths to ppl and ruins good conversations....
Still doesnt make you a genius.....
Having read most of these posts with several grains of salt, I am moved to ask all those who lay claim to IQ's in excess of, oh say, 120 which is far from genius, to answer this question.  If my IQ is shared by 1 in 1000 of the general population, within two points, what is my IQ?  And for those who claim IQ's in excess of 135, what three sites have the most posts authored by Anthropositor?  Hint: This site has the least at the moment, and I don't foresee that changing much.

And to all the teens with the elevated numbers,  I doubt most of you will sustain those numbers ten years from now.  Generally speaking, the most usual tests are age weighted, and the weighting is probably not particularly valid.

The good news is, popular opinion to the contrary, the IQ does not remain static.  It can and does go up or down.  As an example, three years ago I had a stroke and my IQ dropped perhaps 40 points.  I found my reduced abilities both relaxing and frustrating.  In the intervening time, I have gotten much of the loss back, plus a few new skills I wouldn't have acquired had it not been for the damage.  As an example, my ability to empathize with the normals skyrocketed.

I will find ways to reward each of those who succeed in the above easy exercise and manage to tell me about it elsewhere.  Won't that be fun?  And you older goats -- you too can do this. 

Considering I am almost 19, and I addressed myself as 14 earlier in this post, then I can safely assume all who posted are older and moving out of the teenage years. 
>what three sites have the most posts authored by Anthropositor?

I don't intend on going on the treasure trail myself but I did find a somewhat thought provoking blog by someone using the same name. If this isn't you or you just wish to deny it then ignore the (possibly correct) assumption I've made. If it is you then I applaud 
 of the views you take and wish you continued good health without the intrusion of medicine and eternal enjoyment of the sprouts ;)
i've taken 2 different tests - in english and in my native language
english says my IQ is 148
native language - 167
Yea lol Don! made it he aint been on here for years god bless him, i actually told the truth about my IQ then i think i was only one of few who did actually after reading this, i did one a few month ago and got 123 so i've improved with age :p
I think there should be an IQ requirement for voting.  What do you guys think?  What if we made it like, 125 and higher can vote?  Do you think they would have elected Bush?  I don't think so :p 

And i've taken intelligence tests but all they gave me were percentiles and not an IQ score so i dont know mine.  Chances are, i wouldn't be allowed to vote lol.  Tickle.com said i was 142 and labeled me "visionary philosopher" which i thought was cool :D

And maybe there should be an IQ requirement for president and VP also.  Adios Bush lol.  And probably adios McCain and definitely adios Palin!  Omg if mccain gets elected he'll die in like a year and then it'll be Palin as president and she's twice as dumb as Bush!  Seriously she makes Bush look like Stephen Hawking!
seeeeeee this is wat happen wen yrs ago we gave women the rite 2 vote
shush dont tell me mrs i said that lol
According to IQTest.com, my IQ is 128.

The BBC however clearly are stupid and think my IQ is a whopping 100!
>125 and higher can vote?
that would mean only about 5% of the population would be allowed to vote.  not really a democracy then.

>all they gave me were percentiles and not an IQ score so i dont know mine.
>i was 142 and labeled me "visionary philosopher"
with an (apparent, if the test taken was at all accurate according to real tests) iq of 142, you should be able to figure out how to turn your percentile into an IQ score.

i've only ever taken iq tests online (for free).  and i've only ever gotten iq numbers.  but i'm not going to give the range here.  for those smart enough to figure it out though, i've been anywhere from the top 9 percentile to the top 1 percentile.

Good going Chris.  You found one of the spots.  You seem to have enjoyed yourself there.  I hope you found the Viral Prevention thread.  A site you didn't find yet has more than eighteen thousand hits since I put it up, but I think it is also somewhere in the Archives where you wound up.

On that other site I mentioned you will find threads about natural fermentation (wines and teas), making your own cheese, No Till Gardening, exotic vegetables with unusual levels of nutrition which will thrive without protection against encroaching weeds.  In other words, prolific food plants which will grow with no skilled farming or labor or equipment, Then there is the thread about tooth repair at home, butchering road kill deer with only primitive tools at hand.

I just wanted to wet your appetite a little more for the hunt.

I also liked how cryptically you showed that you found the site, not to destroy the little game for others.  Very considerate of you.

A toast to your good health.

there were a bunch of different categories, but i suppose i could average the percentiles together. I dont really care. The percentiles were good. Im smart but im not an Einstein. I dont need a quantitative answer because i dont think science is even halfway at the point where it can give exact numerical measurements of intelligence, regardless of whether they're z-score based.

That said, it does seem that the scores do say something qualitatively.  I haven't met any 150's who i thought weren't smart, nor have i met any 90's who i thought were geniuses.

Yes only 5% could vote and no that's not a democracy but i never said democracy is the best. In the democracy that exists now, power is in the hands of the majority, and the majority are idiots, condescending though that may sound. My system would be an aristocracy.  The reason mine would work better than the ancient "aristocracies" is mine would be a 
 aristocracy, where the 
 most capable and knowledgeable would have the power (as opposed to rich men and their sons like in ancient times).
It strikes me that the central difficulty with an aristocratic republic remains who gets to choose the aristocrats and what criteria would they use.

Extreme intelligence often carries with it a certain lack of empathy for the common man.  When I had the stroke three years ago, it made me normal.  Pretty difficult and humbling.  But my empathy improved a lot, not that I don't still have a long way to go.

Maybe only geniuses can fix the problems we face.  Even so, I'll certainly feel more comfortable with a more normal leader with good instincts and empathy. 
Most super smart people i meet are nice.  I think a genius leader would objectively calculate what's best for the common good.  And since he/she is smart, she'd know better than most average people would.  Empathy is great but empathy doesn't help you figure out the best moves to make.  The genius would know (or be more likely to know) what to do for the economy, and for energy, and for foreign relations, and would know how to divide the government funds.  He'd know how much should go toward education, how much should go toward healthcare, what the minimum wage should be, and a lot of things that require knowledge and intellect rather than just empathy.  

Ideally there should probably be more than one leader, a leader for each category.  One economy genius or expert, one foreign affairs genius or expert, etc.  

Now that i think of it, genius intellect isn't necessary, only knowledge, and experts can have knowledge in their field without being geniuses. 

So maybe a certain level of education should be required to vote.  

If we had separate leaders for each category, then we could even have it so that only people with Business or Economics degrees can vote for the economy leader, and so on.  Oh but i suppose there's a flaw in that, which is that the voters would be selfish and would vote for what benefits the rich instead of the poor lol.

Screw it, let's do a variation of what Plato said.  The leader must be a philosopher.  And only philosophers can vote :p
It has not been my experience that smarter people, especially at the genius level, tend to be nicer than other demographic groups.

In essence, we do have government with reputed experts in charge.  Greenspan, for so many years as chairman of the Federal Reserve for more than four Presidential terms is an example.  Is he 
  It is really hard to tell, since you need to be a veritable code-breaker to sort what he says tto a congressional committee.  He held his job all those many years by cibfysing friends and opposition alike.

Some of the most important discoveries do come from maverick thinkers, not the most credentialed, not the best funded think tanks.  These routes five us fewer discoveries at twenty times the cost.

We need a much clearer vision of what 
 coupled with empathy can do to bring balance and fair play to our leadership.
At the risk of being accused a liar im on 162.
was that bak in 03 wen this post was made lol
TBH, ive never done an IQ test.  Anyone got a link where I can do 1 :p?
never done an official test.  from ones on the internet, i'm probably in the 130-140+ range.
I took a test from THE TIMES TESTING SERIES and I scored 150!
Ya, I don't think its really that easy, but at least I am being frank and honest. Maybe the testing software was too lenient. :-D
I will contradict an earlier, stupider younger version of myself and say my IQ is probably, like everyone else's here, about 100, the average.

I'm sorry jason, but you are deluding yourself, as is every other person who thinks "my iQ iz 180 plz kthnxbai".

@ Sonnet.

yeah, lmao.. thats loooong time ago
Ummm SuitsYouSir....like everyone else here? you clearly know very little. yes the average is meant to be 100, with the majority of the population being 90-110. but my IQ was officially made. i had to go to an official mensa test day, and Sonnet, who thinks he is so funny, it was less than 6 months ago. 
Ok genius, I was, in a passive kind of way, implying that most of the self-confessed genius's here are liars, and that most people would be of average intelligence, o great one. 
Sarcasm.....the lowest form of wit.
142 Age 18.

I'm not pleased with it though, 99th percentile might seem nice but then there are plenty of people with over 160 IQ, and it's at that score that I personally consider 'genius', which is what I hope to attain.

But then, I've only taken online IQ tests so the judgment isn't accurate. I've actually gone as low as 131 and as high as 162. That 142 was just what I feel was the best and fairest of all tests.
IQ is 144 and 40

Best Regards,
Jan Manzer
]Jan Manzer