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Put here your highest rating in some billiard games !
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Put here your highest rating in some billiard games !
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Put here your highest rating in some billiard games !
I got recently insane record on 8 ball pool :). It was 1166 points never been archieved before in FlyOrDie Billiard Games :p . It happened this friday,july 08, 2022. Got disconnection winning 2-1, so i couldnt take now unbelievable more or less 1172 points !!!
Anyway ggs and i wont stop trying my 1200 run. So tell me your records writing in this post. ^^
8 ball flyordie record is 1193 not 1166 ;-) 
Nobody would get 1000 without path or free wins nowadays. Facts.
Shaun Murphy No1 aka Tommy. The GOAT of this game.
Back when I was active
8Ball : 485. (2015)
Snooker : 501. (2008)
Blackball : 300. (2011)

Not much but to me it was fine. I never played for ratings.
Now I would probably struggle to get 300-400.
woah..congrats Mateus by far the best 8ball player i have played and watched the control is vry impressive indeed.

i think my highest in 8ball is around 928 .
Thanks Lasgo for the words. You are class too bro :)
I've noticed I can't even look at another browser tab for say 30+ seconds without my Game disconnecting me from the lobby to the reconnect screen.

I find this incredibly irritating as I often miss private messages from people due to it. Can this be avoided without glueing my eyes to the lobby? I get booted a lot. ^_^
I tried to post a thread regarding Auto disconnections but it seems as i might have actually posted it in this thread as a reply by mistake so if it pops up here then my apologies, meant to post it as a thread.


I've watched some of the current top 10 Rated play and can say there's certainly a lot of GOOD players. 
I've seen how consistent some of you folks are and it's actually really impressive. I'm awful at the game currently but I can't help enjoy watching some of you better players playing at times. Honestly credit to you guys, especially those fighting for the crown so consisently with 1000+ rating, that's honestly incredible.
Credit to you Top players :). Keep it up
Lol Anthony you could not do 800 without path or free win. Easy player for anyone who knows how to play vs tappers and calling wrong pocket player (y)
Is this the same Ant that has been banned at least 100x already? XD
The same Anthony who was calling No-Hit a programmer. What a joke !
funny how every high rated player now is called a cheat and path user just because some whackos did use it and were caught, the level of toxicity in this site has reached unseen levels
I understand you Gary, but since u've been away for a while, you wont be able to know who the path users are. Some are dubious and some are absolutely obvious! One recently did two 147 breaks and the another one scored 1208 points beating any player that appears, including winning me, who before couldnt win any games and being destroyed infinity times. In the end, anyone knows who are the hackers!
says the pink-haired child, I can beat at any time, you are weak and you will remain so
Elvis is too occupied pumping up his stats vs red and yellow balls to know anything about it.
Crazy, are u talking to me? Sorry man, but i dont talk to you and i dont know u. You arent one of my friends or my opponents. Dont try to socialize or talk about me because i dont even know who you are lol
Naveed 730 is really good wow
love how you all just state what the record is without actually having a clue what it is.

clouded by recency bias.

back in the day players were rated by the thousands.

before my time mind you.

mine is 935

which would probably equate to about 1100 in today's money.