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8 ball banned players new nicks
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8 ball banned players new nicks
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8 ball banned players new nicks
How is it possible that banned players can come back with new nicks? Look for example at the top list of 8 ball. No Hit=Ant number 1, 90 procent wins never misses a bal and if he misses he does that unpurpose because people are looking. There are many nicks in the top list who were banned. Like Furiouz =Csoma and Six both 80 procent wins or more. I believe there are very good players in the toplist like Lapoueze or Playerno1 who are really skilled and fair. But I believe also that people who were banned(for cheating or multiple nicks or other reasons) and come back with new nicks, and have a 80 or 90 procent win score are cheating. And I know the mods do there job very clean and good. But it's obvious that there are people who are going around the system and cheating with new nicks and ipadresses. Hopefully in future this is gonna be tougher. For me one thing is for sure, I don't play those guys anymore who have a record above 75 wins percentage. Have fun guys with playing. 
It is not about percent wins but about who are the cheats!! I'm 85% in 8 ball and i could do 90% too.
Usually when moderators are watching they turn it off or lose a few to get away with it. Whats hilarious though is when players that use path all the time or occasionally then complain about other players using path. eg anthony (nohit), callum (lbjo), csoma (furiouz), jay, robert (heisen), mike (nothingness). Tipcike and Cracken did it for years in billiards and memory tournaments. Nothing new, it is what it is.

Yup, let's hope things gonna get better and programs can be detected very quickly, there are also players like marty (million banned nicknames, hard to remember all of them) who asked about path, but luckily they did not get it, because they would be next ones who would be still destroying games on fod.
You sound like how anthony used to be being so 'anti program' but yet you play endless games with him and Mike who are probably the two most blatant cheats on the game. Make your mind up. Congrats on getting to 1000 in quick snooker with an average opponent rating of 263, dedication. Pretty sure you were about that rating yourself before the program become widespread fwiw. Best not to throw stones in glass houses buddy.
And you sound like a typical hypocrite, thanks for your congratulations, but i don't really need them. Average opponent rating - the most lovely argument for me, usually when i come on quick snooker there are simply no high rating people to play, so i try to play with everyone and i never refused people like tiger os/gruezi etc. I could ask you about your opponent average rating, but you got banned all the time, so hard to check it, huh? And don't tell me about avg rating on Koszonom, if i made new accounts daily like you, it could be much higher. Your concerns about me using program - well, it's your opinion, but i would have to lie if I said that i respect it. "Before the program become widespread", yes, i got my first crown before it came out. Every player you mentioned before got at least 1 ban for path, but for sure I am the one who survived (XD). I can tell you more, I was offered to get the program and my only response was "no, ty", because i would not have fun playing with that and you were the one who begged others to send you path, not me, also I don't need to boost my ego by winning with everyone and being considered as "one of the best ever" etc. I never said I am the best and never gonna say that, because I don't care about it. If anyone says so, it's nice to hear, but you never gonna hear it from me.
And the fact I am playing with Anthony or Mike? Yes, because i come on fod to play, not to bum around and try to harrass everyone. Earlier i would say you are that guy who does not play, but same time knows everything about fod, but now I will say that you just pretend to know everything, but when I see your posts now - you know nothing. And I like it.
You are obsessed, I think you need to get some break from the internet, it makes you crazy mate, have a good day.
That's truth Mateus. There ar some players who are really good. But there are many of them who go around the system and cheating. I hope in future that those players are gonna be banned for good. But for now we must live with it and don't play them anymore!! 
The funniest thing that I read on here was you thinking I'm Csoma and cheating. Lol.
@lincoue The fod billiards is dead, because it brings the cheats and throw away the legends!
Furiouz everybody knows. You never miss a ball. And if you miss you do it un purpose because people are watching. And you had more nicks then I ever can count. So please don't be such a actor. 
Sorry but you are a good actor. The new nicks are gettimg more and more again. Gor what? Points? Why not have one nick? Its do poor to have constantly a new nick. Everybody Furiouz knows that you are a old member with several nicks. And yes i see you play. And Yes I think you cheat big time. Because impossible balls you hit. 
Heisenberg is not a cheat. The thing I don't like is that people using double account (with lower points) for tournament. I don't care if you have multiple accounts, it's your money, good for FOD. But it should be a rule to play with your highest account on tournaments. 

ps: don't give attantion to Ant too much. he's living a lie
Wait a minute...Ive been playing 8 ball for years & you're telling me that there are ppl out there who use some program to cheat??? WTF? What is the fun in that? All of the sudden, its not just the LAMES who move the ball but ppl who are actively cheating that im playing against? This is stupid & makes me not want to play. Who cares about new nicks? Call yourself whatever you want, but for crying out loud play FAIR!! If you need to move the ball or use some cheat program to win games then you and your rating are a big joke.
Add the new one aim cheater to the list, Seby !!!
 We are on the Internet and there will always be a way to technically influence a program. FlyOrDie moves with the times and tries to keep these opportunities as small as possible. The rules are clear: programs or technical manipulation in billiards are prohibited.

To reassure some people: it is detectable and each person has been permanently removed in the past and will be in the future. All to keep this family site a place for play, fun and excitement.

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FlyOrDie Moderator Team