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A Few Suggestions For The Operator & Developers. ^-^
A Few Suggestions For The Operator & Developers. ^-^
A Few Suggestions For The Operator & Developers. ^-^
Hello there!

I just wanted to throw a few suggestions your way to hope you perhaps consider them if they are within your level of developmental expertise as they might be worth it.

Implement a Dark Themed Skin selection option for the entire website and games, including loading screens and the forums.

Add an option to disable all emoticons, emojis and to hide URL Links posted in game chat rooms and lobbies.

Add a permanent player selection mute option for all users so people we mute are only unmuted if you, yourself manually decide to unmute them.

Implement on ''Online Player List'' beside each individual game category page before the need to ''Login & Load A Room''. So one can find either a friend, somewhere they're looking for or an in-game Moderator who is online for assistance.

Implement an option to allow users to change the font displayed here on the site for them specifically.

Implement an option to allows a user to upscale the resolution of a game window without the need of actually changing their own systems resolution in general, in literal an upscaling slider to improve visual quality.

Implement an option that allows users to disable specific languages being displayed in the chat for them or the option to show ''English only''.

Implement a Replay System to allow users to watch videos of previously played recent rated matches.

Implement an option for users to type in and then filter a list of specific words so they are not shown for them in the chat, such as offensive terms, insults, racially abusive words ect.

Implement a function that makes it so that muted users are unable to invite you to play and that they are unable to spectate you if you have them muted.

Add a proper full screen option for players to use while playing their windowed games. This was a feature on the old TANX PC Downloadable & Billiard Downloadable versions years ago & I don't see why it shouldn't be on all games by now. This is 2021..surely you folks in the Developmental team can make this work? ^_^

Add a feature that shows the players current country location as a flag in-game beside their profile picture whilst in-game and in the lobby & not just on their actual player record when opened in another window.

Implement a customization option for Billiard games to allow a user to change the design and color of the Cue that's used & reskin the balls used too if possible. This custom setting could be for them to see only if necessary & perhaps consider adding optional table cloth colours, styles and such along with the old in-game sound and musical effects from the old PC Version years ago.

I mean absolutely no disrespect or to offend anyone here at FlyOrDie, especially the Owners, Developers & Moderators but the games are in drastic need of updates here, the player count is going down each month and it's due to a lack of updates. I know the site is old, the games too and everything about it. But you have changed player information records, added a player search engine, allowed us to check old results from years ago, old leader boards and such relating to profile age and loyalty.
The games need both mechanical and visual updates as does the website. If you don't provide things like this then people will continue to leave and eventually the currently popular games will end up depleted even more eventually there will be barely any competitors left.

In my opinion the way the website looks should be your first priority, some sort of visual overhaul to make it feel more alive and more modern to give it a fresh look is more likely the best place to begin if possible.

Of course you don't need to listen to me or do any of this if you don't want to. I'm just giving some friendly suggestions I feel might be worth considering if you want to improve some things here and put a little life back into what's slowly turning into a virtual graveyard, no disrespect intended.

Kind Regards, Jeff.
Good suggestions. I made a request in the curling forum weeks ago about implementing an historical head-to-head tracker. Say where you can see in the past how many games all-time you have won and lost against a specific player. I know this would take up a lot of memory, so maybe not tracking each game's respective score but just the result of the game. So if I am playing "player1_" I can see that over the years I have played 4 matches against this player, and overall am 3-1 against him. It could show the dates too, depending on how much memory this would take. 

Not sure if this is feasible, but is a neat idea for seeing alltime records against friends on here. 
Just a few... :D

Some good suggestions that are definitely worth throwing out there Jeff.
Yeah Jeff ! Very fine suggestions. I would like so much enjoy new updates on billiard games... 
Not shocked to be honest. I come check the site out a couple of times a year and it always amuses me that there are only a flutter of basic UI changes but nothing worthwhile singing about.

The Forum has been derelict for eons, the need for moderation should have been removed years ago... it was only introduced in the first place due to some shennanigans from unruly mobs around 2006/07 :D.

The site is probably just a bit of a cash cow for them... relatively low maintenance needed but still a good amount of $$$ and 'Hungarian Forint' hitting Solware's bank account.

Here's hoping for the next decade anyway ?:| :O B-)]:)
Last time FOD listened to anything I had to say was back in 2010 when I suggested adding a way to allow us to subscribe our friends without logging into their accounts, then they came out with gift subscriptions.

I remember suggesting it to Mods back then, all of a sudden it was a thing. That's about the only time I think they have ever actually considered something I suggested xD.

They should listen more to your advices they are very good. :)
 Morning F†W Messages ,

I fully agree with the majority of your suggestions. Certain of this would avoid a lot of conflict and disturbing overflow for the people of the site. 
Yup, some of this would be great. Sadly with absolutely zero responses from Admins or Developers I don't think it's likely anything will be implemented, you never know though. Might happen eventually :).