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No Move for sub
No Move for sub
No Move for sub
I do move the white myself. Have been playing for more than 10 years on this site. I don't understand why they have not put a No move option on for subscribers ? Surely this would stop so much arguing and slandering in the lobby etc. Perhaps an idea for the operator. 
i dont move too, very good sugestion
Hahahaha What do u talking about? Dont move the white ball ??? It is in the rules lol... i think so stupid when some player say for me im wrong to moving that ! I think it happens only for low rating players who dont know how to play with that rules !!! 
There is an option for "no move" for everyone.
It's called Blackball


Hello H3NDR1X ,

This is a very good suggestion.
Yes that would avoid a lot of discussions and leave the chat rooms' clean.
I join your suggestion