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Lost for no reason
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Lost for no reason
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Lost for no reason
Had a pretty good rating in blitz. 428. Lost for no reason at all. Game just died on me. Couldn't move the pieces. No disconnection. Had a win. Wound up losing a lot of points because I was just fooling around with a person with a low rating. Kind of just practicing. Kind of makes me angry. Want to quit. Just out of the blue. Probably will. This afforded me a way to kind of occupy myself at an advanced age. Will miss it.
It's likely that the game lagged out due to a small technical error either within your network or the games server for a brief moment.

It's also possible that your game could of perhaps randomly frozen due to an error from your computers web browser or such. Although you shouldn't be so distraught, if you enjoy the game as much as you imply then the loss of some rating should certainly not have you consider quitting.

There is more to the game than the points, most people don't even bother about their rating, only those who are very competitive do and although I understand liking the points on here they aren't exactly required to enjoy the game.

If i were you, i would take it on the chin and just continue to play the game you enjoy. Don't quit over the loss of points Buddy, it's not something to get too worked up over. Just continue playing and have fun, rating isn't everything :).

Take advice from a fellow Veteran of this community website, having been here almost 13 years like yourself Please do not quit over a few points. Do what I did, continue to play and enjoy these games whilst you value them worthy of your time. 

I understand your frustration though, believe me. Nobody likes to lose over a technical error that could have most likely been prevented..sadly some things are left without a solution but to get back up and keep on playing the game you enjoy and look past these issues that will hopefully very rarely occur.

I'm sorry that you're considering quitting over it, but obviously it's your choice to do so which is fully understandable.

I hope you have a pleasant time if you continue to remain here and play the games, 

Kind regards, Jeff.
Thanks for your thoughtful reply Jeff. I am playing again. Got two disconnects in the meantime. Might be the tablet I was using. Got a new one just now. But your right. Shouldn't  take it so hard. But Jeff I have to say. Playing chess without rating is like playing football without keeping score. In my opinion. I consider myself a rather easy going guy. Until I lose at Chess! Then I go crazy!! But thanks again. Your comments were appreciated and did a lot to assuage my feelings at the time. 

Kind regards,

I can see your competitive spirit and I like that :).
I'm very competitive natured myself and rest assured I absolutely hate the thought of losing on any game. Online or in Real Life, especially Sports.

I agree with your comparison entirely and feel you.

I'm glad you're playing again and I hope you keep on going!
Perhaps one day these errors will be resolved, I guess we can remain faithful eh? :p.

Enjoy the games Bud, and Take Care.

Just to say hi! A lot has changed in my private life since then. Those were the good old days! Thanks again, Jeff
And there is no solution for it given??