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some sad news
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some sad news
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some sad news
 It saddens me to announce that Bobby Josey known as Bobby passed away on Monday 31st of August after a short illness,bobby was real nice guy and a loving father he was a regular and very good darts player he was well respected among the dart community and a good friend to me personally darts wont be the same without him

attached is a link to his memorial fund


RIP brother
Bit of a shock that will definitely be missed. rest in piece Bobby.
Sad news indeed,loved chat & playing with Bobby rest in peace bro
Breaks my heart to hear this sad news. I have known Bobby for many years from this site, we didn't always see eye to eye, but we both had respect for one another. I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to his family.

RIP Bobby.
You will be missed..

Maree . xx

how sad! Bobby was a class act, a champion dart player, a good man who loved his family . my prayers go out to them that they find peace in their loss. GO COWBOYS!
My tears came out...I have no words but my heart is broken:(
He is the father of 4 children and a great player..I can not believe..
I will always remember you and mourn...
my condolences to the family
omg,omg,omg,why why why why why..?!

my god is 44 years old father of 4 children...
my god is 44 years old father of 4 children......

Very sad for me :( A good man is a good player gone :( (Rest in peace :( :(
Very sad for me :( A good man is a good player gone :( (Rest in peace :( :(
So sad..sorry to hear this..

Heart felt wishes and most sincere deepest condolences to his loved ones in this tragic time.

Rest in peace man..

BOBBY's memorial page, here they can light a virtual candle for it.
such sad news about bobby i was in tears was great dart player rip bobby you will be missed laura 
what would you know Derek you still pose as a woman!
Very sad news. I didn't know Bobby well but from what I gathered from chatting with him , he was a good man and an extraordinary father. I will miss him kicking my butt in darts and enlighten chats. Gods speed big guy.
He was one of the most authentic aim assistant players in the game because he never missed at some games and loss a lot in other games, I know which prog he is using, He was just cheating and im not saying it now to hurt him behind his back because imo he was welcome in the game but i don't like him to be overpraised.

I hope he had a laugh in the game and let him rest in peace.