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Dear moderators!2019.12.12 darts cricket tournament police and oewan player cheated at the last minute!police player left the game in the last minute with 0 rolls in the 59th minute.not the first time.please disqualify them from the result.and the punishment that goes with it.very sad!!  'cud'
Who are  you accusing?? you are the biggest cheater in darts, with your friend fifa... even in tournaments giving points to eachother without playing etc....no wonder darts is dead tssss
who are you talking to?lol
1. come to the tournament then bark;)
2.there are no Hungarians players tournament,the more Americans,who are afraid to play Hungarian champions!
I'd like to get you to your place when it comes to fraud!!
moderate yourself because you are nobody;)
what is the best result in darts,girl?
2015-cricket champion
2016:cricket champion
2017:cricket champion
2018=501,301,and cricket champion
2019=501,301,cricket champion
u?I do not remember.
you are nobody and you will remain;)
U_men!turn off your program;)learn to throw with your mouse!!!your program is dead darts!I'm waiting for a game where your program can't use it!
Come from nothing and beat him BOBBY,lol!12 arrow...
look in the mirror,before you speak