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Getting to know tanx by skype.
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Getting to know tanx by skype.
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Getting to know tanx by skype.
My friend loyaldutch14 suggested me to play Tanx and its nice but my account dissapeard and i stopped playing.

Now im back and no one online anymore :|


Thanks for the Tanx mate, ill cya in Tiny Tanks in roblox when you can with Thomas? Take care!
He contacts me through facebook in regular basis.
Come to Weresteyn theres enough to discuss.

Not to bring ur expectations down but ur only like 11 yrs late into the game when this game was at it's best. :| 
Same, i got invited by Loyaldutch14 lately and i gave it a shot, its intresting enough to just go around replying on this forum with good spirit mind.
Im from a website called FNG tbh but ye Loyal Dutch14 huh.

Great visionisms. :)
Loyal Dutch14

The unremembered but unforgotten.
Thanks for all the kind messages.

It was fun to do and UBR needed some active members and just by this i made the clan more relevant and even tho we started winning years later and i rather couldve bought a sub instead im glad i didnt needed to.
The best members of UBR are currently from FNG.com site but it doesn't represent UBR in fod yet.

The most valued nicks in FOD are UBR Orcle, UBR Kelsey, UBR Anticipate, UBR Sentinel (as a non-sub) UBR Zama and no one of them has any reference in FNG still we praise FNG as UBR community, Give it some love back which they deserve especially diversity-wise.

Anyone who reads it, make UBR more FNG successive-Lore in the future.