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How many Month Competitions did XC won?
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How many Month Competitions did XC won?
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How many Month Competitions did XC won?
None, end of discussion x.x

Wanna know who won actually permanent month rewards?
Check Our Nonofficial Month List to find out who ment something for a longer period then cheating in tournaments with 4 egos with no life.


Flyordie got my rewards :p Thank you all for understanding misleading content spread by overdominance by the chat contenders made in 2004.

PS: We love you readers.
PS: We love to hate to love ourselves ;) :p
Your good leader Danny, Thanks and ill follow you on insta, wanna 1v1 Tanx tonight? :D msg me on @greatmusclez1 on instagram and ill meet you over there.
Nice discussion, especially the length :D :D :D
Most of us were off the game then. Also none were ever banned for cheating or boosting as we didn't need to. The fact we have been off the game for years yet you still speak of us says enough. Thanks
Sorry to say but Xc was known for their insulting/harrassing remarks also point banking and Unfair odds beating up new players and asking them to press F5 so they be kicked and other cheating behavour.
There were players who were better skilled than others and there were players who won more but most important is, there are players who got ignored with faith, insulted with friends who cared about them and who finally mean something in the game and try to prove it. point is 2004 isnt gonna come back today or tomarrow so it should be about 2019 and next year it should be about 2020 and nothing else :D 

Ya you’re right. Heck with 2004, 2019 looks awesome for tank.
 Italian tanx.. 10 reverse gears and one forward gear,in case someone trie to sneak up behind them.
Describe what you mean with "we didnt needed to" because in my eyes seeing all those so called legends not reaching the Player of the Month win makes me fantasize what could it be if you actually ignored the game dying and start winning alot of tournaments and player of the months so you, in the end, could say.

We were the best clan in tirms of Prestige, Tanx is not a wonderland with opinion over facts talk.

You guys were never successfull in the 2006- Month Era.
Just sad to be in attack mode pretending to be a legend. :)
XC clan was known by their insulting offenders so ofcourse they will be remembered. :|
The fact UBR didnt needed to start bullying and offending their opponents to be remembered says alot how good we are.
XC was a clan in a era before 2003 i guess rofl
FTW: 29 Wins.
KING: 28 Wins.
UBR: 18 Wins.
UAG: 11 Wins.
POLICE: 10 Wins.
SOPHIA: 1 Win.

Sophia isnt even close to domination neither are the toxic clans beyond.

Respeito! :)
Italian tanx was popular before month excised, the only thing you could do was playing a tourney and settle down in a private op with friends. There were clanwarses but only friendly-fire, and there were no haters but dislikers on the right side of the bridge. Pure fun! but the game which that was is no more and wont ever come back.
How are we players suppose to choose Xc above FTW when theres no controllability and decency in their product which their clan is ment to be? 
The only thing id like right now is just enjoy the game and stop complaining about being the best clanleader or having the best clan in Tanx because yet you see, i cannot play the game in months and i can imagine people miss me there too, theres nothing i can do to stop it and i always will be disadvanged.
29 wins over ehh, 0! :) Keep dreaming about those wins sissies!
Funny at some point we all respect Xc's natural egotism but for a outsider it was terribly hard to join it and thats partically the reason it died out. See, No one cares anymore and its not a wonder (It feels like tho) They were the most Toxic clan in the game and all they done was bullying -99 rooms with new nicks and unfair attacking low ranked players flaming them and telling them to press F5 multipally. They were bad people and they didnt even won tournies. 
They are so overrated.

Part of being human is having ups and downs, good times, and bad. But a toxic person is almost never consistent. Their behavior is erratic.
Point is, Xc is a Toxic dumb clan with people who never won anything specificly other than unrated clanwarses who are irrelevant historicly. Xc played the game seriously of 2003-2006 while FTWs peak was in 2008-2015 and UBRs peak was from 2011-2020 imo much longer and won much more than all those US limited elite clans like TrA, UTA, XC, Xs, XpR, STM, 666, NBK and SOLID, SL, SR, MR and WIDOW.

My top 10 clanideas IN 2022 are.

ÜBR, SOI, TF (revibe), STFU, DUTCH, UTD, YNWA, NO1, NRW and RAW.
FTW: 30 Wins
KING: 28 Wins
UBR: 20 Wins
POLICE: 14 Wins
UAG: 11 Wins

:D next winner TRAX nice win bro ;)
20 wins yet back then, now we got 29. FTW still 30 due 1 win got replaced by a XR, So still good. But im looking forward what else will happen next ^^