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Do not forget Tanx
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Do not forget Tanx
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Do not forget Tanx
Good day
how long!
I am a little rusty and with nostalgia to play a few rounds with old friends and new players. I remind that the Tanx already was very promising and competitive, I remind too the great players that have made the name in this game. I know that many as me having followed their lives and found other interesting things for  distracted, but lets play more one time by the old times. promote new talent.
Greetings to old friends
The times of glory were in my past and I no longer play as formerly, nor do I have the presence of friends that I had at the time that the tanx was well attended. Lately this game is full of nick hidders, hunters and offenses ( this is perhaps one of the reasons why many quit).
I thank those who have shared with me good games in this state terminal of tanx, I lost and gained, but this has not matter. I will continue the life in which I've fared better than in this game.
Forgive me any mistake.
See you there!

It was good playing with you back in the day Terminator :) 

The problem now is that everyone is grown up and has lives to life, so unless they come back with an amazing update, with better graphics, gameplay and community, then I think Tanx will eventually be removed, Infact i'm surprised its stayed up as long as it has. 

TANK < 3
Ahh the good ole days . This is when ye know your getting older :D Life is short , live it to the fullest. Have fun ;-) 
Hi everyone.
Sorry, Azteca, for going a bit away from your original message, but I felt like the topic name you chose was fitting for what I am about to say.
This applies to me so much now that I think about it. I found FlyOrDie thanks to its snooker game during snooker world championships, but eventually parked here, in 2005. Wow, more than 10 years ago. Just as peter said...
It was a fun game first, then a challenge to overcome 100 points, then forming teams and having fun together, then clanship, then climbing to top, overcoming different rivals, finding new friends, becoming a moderator and so on... All this while having fun, improving English skills, overcoming difficulties and realizing the creativity potential (like making websites, teaching methods, RED TANX (anyone?), trickshots...). It was truly a lot.
This is not particularly to anyone, more like to everyone in more or less the same degree: thank you. Thank you for being a part of what I experienced - to game designers, administration, friends, foes, different tanx that I've shot and that have shot me.
I wish everyone who has read all of this Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and also thank you for patience. Hope everyone is fine just like I am.
Yours Sincerely,
Artik, TRAiNOR, NightWalker, TCA
I will never forget Tanx either, great mechenics and good proven respected graphics in combination of not too simple gameplay for everyone. :)
Ahh Termy my old buddy. Not sure if you're still out there but hope to see you again someday here for some classic games only you could give me in flats.

Hope you're well, as are those around you old timer.
Thank you for the amazing games you gave me both as a beginner here and as a veteran in later years. You were a fantastic player.