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is there anyone who can help me please? it seems im locked out of flyordie games, i cant seem to play any every time i log in i get this message. 

Service is temporarily unavailable
We are working on it. Please come back later.

but if i log into a game using guest i can play?? just cant use my nickname its like my ip address has been banned or something but for what i don't know and know body is helping me to solve this :( ive sent a few emails and i get no reply, and i don't know if its a  moderator who has banned me or anything i just don't know? maybe they are getting the messages and just deleting them i have no idea but im a paid member and cant play any games please can someone help me,   thank you.
Service is temporarily unavailable

I think it be back in 2 or 3 days 

But I may be wrong  

Keep safe smile more :)

Sorry I was not mush help 
hi mate, 

ive seen people playing the game tho but i cant get in with my nick, but i can play as a guest?? makes no sense.

but thank you for replying. 
Try a different browser. At the moment i cant get into games with Chrome, but works fine on Mozzila.
hey damo,

its still not working?? cant get into any games at all using my nick but if i play as a guest i get in straight away and can play darts but wont let me if i use my nick name, just keeps saying server is not available right now we are working on it please come back later.. but its been over a week now? :(
The problem you are experiencing is not for everyone on FlyOrDie only you apparently, which means you might have a problem with your internet connection. Try resetting your modem/router to assign a new IP Address and remove all versions of Java and make sure you re-download the Latest ones and the latest version of whichever browser you use.

I would also suggest you run a system scan with whichever protection you have on your system incase you have Malware.

Try using Ccleaner (Free Cleaning Tool) to clean junk files and remove cookies.

Check your installed files and make sure there isn't anything new you didn't agree to install, such as browser add-ons/toolbars/search engines. anything you didn't install yourself might be causing you more problems than you realise.

Also be sure to make a system restore point incase you end up having to use System Restore.
hey peter,

ive tried this all and still nothing :( i think it has something to do with don tico.. my son has been using my computer while ive been away on business and he said don tico banned him because of abuse and every-time i log in i get the same message im not sure if my ip has been banned or not i have no idea but i cant get any games :( ive tried to apologize  on behalf of my son as ive now banned him from using my computer for life as this makes me look bad, but im a paid member and dont no what is going wrong.
Ok m8 the only other thing i can think of is that your nickname is banned...
It would say if it was banned
it could be an SSL error

might be easy to fix on firefox

save this in notepad  %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ 
close firefox now go to start and copy and paste that in the box,then click the folder that says .default then delete cert8.db 
don't worry once you restart firefox it will create another cert8 file.
not sure how you do it on chrome or i.e.
hey guys,

thanks for the support i use Google chrome but still nothing? it just doesn't work at all same message over and over,  Service is temporarily unavailable

We are working on it. Please come back later.

this is all i get every time i log in using my name but if i use guest it works??? its been ever since my son went on here and spoke to don tico he told me straight after he tried to log in and was given this message, now ive tried to contact Mr tico threw an old post he put up i just replied to that but with a message of an apology on behalf of my son which has really annoyed me as it effects my name on darts. its as if my ip has been banned or something but its driving me crazy as im a paid member and losing out :( i even saw your in the room damo you had a crown in 501 i was playing as a guest as i cant using my nickname it just wont let me in i get hit with that same message all the time but i can use a guest? how is that possible so that makes me believe Mr tico has something to do with it as it was him who banned my son's nicknames. i really have tried to apologize to Mr tico on behalf of my son but get no reply, i was away on a business trip and when i came home to find this it angered me but what can i do, i just hope im not banned for life as enjoy this site and use it alot. please guys i need more help and im very grateful for everyone who has bothered to reply to me and try to help so thank you very much for that guys.
i had same issue last week but accidenly opened new tab  at time guest was allowed to enter  so log in as guest open new tab and log yourself in as soon as you enter room close guset tab it worked  for me
Check your Router 

I think u need a new Router box if your 

 WAN-IP address of the router is set when the router connects to the Internet service provider.

That's what I think it is 

Keep safe smile more :)

hey guys,

thanks again for the support and reply's and trying to help me.  much appreciated  ive tried all that you guys have said but still no luck so i called my internet provider and spoke to them, they say it cant be my ip address as i wouldn't be able to play as a guest but im getting a new ip address soon  just in case and then will just have to see what happens.

so thank you guys for trying to help :) will keep you informed and hopefully ill get back in, if not then :( 

cheers guys. 
just one more thing if i was banned permanently would i not get a message saying im banned permanently and a reason?
or i would i just be locked out with no reason and hit with this message,  

Service is temporarily unavailable

We are working on it. Please come back later.

?? has anyone else had this message? i made a new nickname just to see if that was the problem but still same message. 

thank you.
try to log in on a friends computer . (with differ ip )
you can manually assign a new ip number its in cmd using command prompts to do it.
I'm not sure exactly what to put to do it as i havn't done it but i know it can be done.
Looks like your nik has been banned . Subscribe or not , you can still be banned . You are responsible for your nik.Tho I'm sure it should say for how long , unless it's a perm ban ? Surely a Mod can put you out your misery by answering this ?  

>>>Please note, your reply will need to be approved by a moderator before it is posted in the forum . 

So they do read them !!!
Your nickname "missberryqueen" has not been banned.  Sounds like an internet issue.

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
try flush dns

Windows® 8

    Press Win+X to open the WinX Menu.
    Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.
    Type the following command and press Enter: ipconfig /flushdns.
    If the command was successful, you will see the following message: Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

works for windows 7 the same just use cmd for the command prompt & run insead of win+x to find it

try reset your profile 

also avast 2014 or ccleaner can reset browser profile to default.