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overall players
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overall players
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overall players
who does everyone think is the overall best players is in fod? i maybe slightly (very) drunk but meh! 
1) Gary Ridgeway - noone plays like him, noone will ever best there is, best ever
2) Shaun Murphy no1 - Tommy, fod legend, same as gary such a legend, one of the best
3) rocketrobertson - dunno he's previous nick? but he has crown in alot of games so fair play

there is more but my memory is abit meh...so yeah

cool xx
never heard of gary ridgway apart from the american serial killer which is never good.

best 5 i know of all time

1 , The Master aka Shaun
2 , Rocket aka Matt
3 , WSPanic aka Patrick
4 , suppersready and worldchamp (names no idea)
5 , boomer , stezz , stoney8587 , 
actually through mr skunk n tommyuk in there 2
1) Elvys (Gary Ridgway)

2) Moises (Fantastical Noob)

3) Tommy (Shaun Murphy n1)

4) Anthony (dios-angel) 

5) Vince (lapoueze) 

Good Luck if u play one :P 
Well.  I noticed these 'best' players don't play curling which I find is the hardest game.  So to me, it's the good curlers who are the best. :)
hi , my previous nick was ste hendry , dont think i fall into this category as there are a lot of excellent billiards players but thanks all the same , although i think snooker is the hardest game ie breakbuilding , safety etc .
This is a billards post, so if you want to know who people think are the best curlers then make a post In curling :D 
Haha i dont remember posting this! Wow i must have a mess! Sorry for the pointless thread
Oops...didn't notice it is only billiards! :D
There are lots of great players.

Why does nobody ever mention Rulez/Mateusz in these lists. I think Gary is the best and Rulez is the only player I've seen over the years that ever really competed well with him. Saying that Stephen&Hendry is pretty damn good too I just didnt see him play Gary much.

Asides from snooker, u obviously have Tommy who u see at the top nearly always, Lapoueze when he plays, Wrong shot always destroyed many in tournaments but i dont see him much now. I remember a player called Loval-King being great too, his name was similar to that but cant rattle my brain enough :)
Well I think these posts are ridiculous as anyone can beat everyone on their day. But if your looking for consistency then Elvys (Gary Ridgway) is without doubt the best snooker player and in 8ball Aure (Sexy Movimiento) Those two are the best at those forms of the game purely because they are consistently playing at a high level without much drop if any at all.
I dont think its silly to have these opinions on the forums, if anything its blowing smoke up peoples rear ends :D No different to discussing best football teams or clubs!
So the best are (mentioning those who actually play now):
Stephen&Hendry- my favourite player to play against just because hes quick and heavy scorer, plays the same way i do, one of the best atm not only in snooker but wherever he plays
adrianliu- also a heavy scorer, not as consistant as stephen but still hes one of the best players ive ever played against
°•.Oиε Mσяε.•° (my son)- great and quick player, very heavy scorer when hes actually focused, one of the best snooker and 8 ball pool players in recent years
Shаun Murphy no1-  been one of the best all-rounders for many years now, hes equally good in every billiards and snooker versions whic is rare
Sven- nice to see him back, or at least was, one of the best players in old version, i kinda feel hes still not fully adapted to this new version, anyway, hes still a legend
my favourite players are ridgway , stephen and hendry, murphy no 1, seen rulez beat ridgway other week so he must be up there too , also tipcikes always there or there abouts , i remember adrianliu , in 8 ball movimiento is no 1 for me , pauls good too , a lot of ex players must have new nicks cos theres a lot of good players , we should do an unrated tourney in snooker as a lot of players including myself dont want to sacrifice ratings , peace out dudes ;)
Gary Ridgway,

The people u mentioned are all great players Iv seen them play a lot, but why is Rulez never mentioned, is it because hes inactive now?
I sorta got my words mixed, the post by rocket above says Rulez played last week? Idk what nick hes playing under or that he was playing atall, so I guess hes not inactive.

And to throw another name out, Paz has cleared me off the table in 5 seconds whenever we played (which isnt hard tbh) and i always see him at the top
Yes i played Rulez last week in unrated room, one frame only
sry gary , kind of sounds like he whooped you ,which he never , yes one frame to which if it was bo5 or 3 even we know you would win , yes paz is pretty good too, got to get my game to next level tbh nowhere near decent yet 
Oh ok thats cool. I always enjoyed watching the tournaments because it was inevitable that Gary + Rulez would be battling for the final wins. As I said, for me him and Gary have been the best for a long time, since Rulez quit last year i guess it just left the latvian potting machine to keep going :D ... 149 break too! Never to be beaten
If your talking snooker then gary, but in all billiards you just have to look at who is top of the compound list..enough said !
I've played against some top players on this site over the years - the best all round off the top of my head would be maybe rulez, MrVanian, a moderator rafal something or other his name was. 

Best games I've had were against scotty, jaswild and matt always good fun high scoring games. Scotty and I used to play for hours trying to hit high breaks. Both hitting cents on the old style game which was very tough. 

This was always a great gaming site with a sense of community. Always used to see the same names at the top of the rankings, and then after a drunken night out, see loads of different names but all class players.

I've been forgotten, or I never was that good. Who knows? :p

Anyway, made a brief comeback of sorts a couple weeks ago and I played that Gary Ridgway, I made probably two mistakes all game and got destroyed 3-0. That didn't happen often in snooker a few years ago when I was at my best. His rating was something silly like 940 as well.

I got to pink in the week or so I played so obviously can't have been that bad :D
Oh yeah GameOver who are you again I've forgotten, you encountered me in snooker and yes I'm very much still alive :D but I was busy almost setting my kitchen on fire at the time so had more important matters to attend to.
Sorry for triple post, speaking of Scotty does he still play? He was my favourite to go up against in snooker. Top player and guy.

Also hello Fret :)
Hello mate! You were always a top player too! Amazing how it's all the same faces still on this game! Must admit I never play anymore but only because I don't have a computer set up in my house, I just do everything on my phone lol! Scotty doesn't seem to have time to play anymore... Spends his days doing the ice bucket challenge if Facebook is anything to go by! Haha

the best in snoker, for me is 1ºGAry.. 2ºStephen&Hendry, 3º adrianliu...

the best 8 ball,,,1º pior lbjo, 2º im back 147,3º shaun murphy

8 ball is the best in those who play clean without cheating 
look mate there no need to fight and i have you anyway ..np
6.Wrong Shot.
7.Ronnie O Kiev UA.
8.ThUnDeR. :p
10.Im Back 147 2.

There are a large amount of really good players on the game but throughout the years iv actually played the game these have to be the most consistent players iv ever seen on there in recent years.

Note : I am unaware if Im Back 147 is either of the above players I listed as I don't know him but after watching him play the best players the past few years I would say he is deserving of being on that list.

how can you all forget me so i am low for you all or what ok funny :D unrealist so for me is enough good players here so if we all will know who is the best so start a tourney again for who is the best player 
New players of moment 8 ball:
2-Trk Danis Diaz
3-↨Mateus Støque↨
4-franco el mejor
7-Old No.7
 well Players.

I Didn't forget you "Wanted Player" but as I said there are so many great players listing them all would be impossible.

Lists should be made about players who are the most consistent in matches and show the best sportsmanship at all times.

I don't know enough of them to actually compile a massive list here which is why I picked those players as I have witnessed them "Dominate" the game for a number of years, despite myself not being good at the game I sure know who is good at it and that list is pretty efficient but I'm fully aware of the fact I missed people out. it wasn't intentional or meant to make anyone feel left out It's just impossible to make such an enormous list when the game has so many experienced players.
my all time favourite player in the 55 years  and over age group is liquid_lizzard :D :D