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Looking For Old Friends
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Looking For Old Friends
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Looking For Old Friends
Looking for my old friends. I started here in 
 and made lots of friends. The names I played under was 
Princessoffire,  SunDown
 (I was a moderator)and 
I remember 
Eve D.,  seven dust ,Italian Stallion
 ( the original named Max from Canada)and many more. Played here over 10 years. If you remember me shoot me a message.  Thanks
Hi Rose.

Lewis here :p Hope your well :)

Senior FlyOrDie Moderator
How nice to hear from you. I see Ghost Mp  is there too and grant/geelong. Thinking if Daniel will have me back to come and help you all. 
Hello ROSE, I have never met you before however it is nice to see an old member come back to FlyOrDie so Welcome back to you!

Hopefully you will have your original position back I'm aware that FOD Currently has a very good Moderation team and from what I have heard about you, you would make a nice addition to the current Team Of Moderators.

Best of luck hope to see you around sometime ;)

Hey SunDown, your name is certainly a 'blast from the past' memory! :)

Good to see some old names poppin up, now, where is Veriac, Beppe, Fearnloathin, Davemeister, Kobe, Martin/biglister, Suits You Sir, Hara Kiri, RalphTheDog, Peter01, Snipe, Jamez, Henry14, Sharky, Baz Attack, Jason Kroeker, bloodywatergrl, didi bigz.... (Names can continue 
ad infinitum
) :p.
Hi R O S E 

All the FlyOrDie players miss u I hope stay for good now 

Keep safe have fun smile more :).  


hi sundown its me PeachySweetz i just came bk late last night. Haven't seen anyone in the rooms yet. Hello everyone ,
Hi sundown, it's P I N K I E, aka pinklips...good hearing from ya..

Hi there Peaches.. nice to hear from you again. been a long time....lol
I knew I had a good reason to visit this site today we battled and 8 ball... I life gotta love it.
Oh man. Voice to text made my post look drunk. I didn't growup and become a complete alcoholic. Hope to catch people on here soon!