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I go quit tanx for a while.
See no point to play this anymore.

Anyone who wanna lead UBR Send me a mail.

Yours sincerely.

Your playing in an op right now :$
Im ftw again.
That Doesnt mean im out of ubr.

UBR is in my heart, FTW's in my brain.
I play a little bit right now.

Im back day after u.u 
yea, I like this game, Thanks to Erik and Jeff,
Without them i left tanx for sure.
yea whats not to like about this game...same graphics since it was first invented, no new stuff,only 6 ppl online max. (mostly don't even speak English) and same lag..so yea whats not to like :) 
Actually the graphics aren't the same as they were in the first days of the games release.
The mini-map was much smaller and the detail of hills and mountains was not half as clear as it is now.
Grenades weren't a starting weapon back then either.
The subscription icons were different as were VIP Medal icons.
Map layouts were less detailed and the tank always had an antenna on it back then unlike nowadays.

as long they don't put new weapons or new tanx designs and new maps (just coz they put 1 more mountain to a tree doesn't mean it has improved) oh...n a new voice command..for me this game will always be the same if they never put some of that stuff i mention (at least one) ;\ 
Hey guys, you're still playing tanx hehe
miss the good old times..
Oh yeah..still going strong on a game with hardly any players >_< I still love playing it despite it having almost nobody online half the time
bt soldier, you were TrA Champ no?
Some old story: Boy finds game, boy loses game.

Boy stuck in the game for a lifetime :D ;)
Logging in next day of a retirement post was kinda awkward tho especially when your still logging in like 5 years later :D

Oh man i obviously dont know what to say if anyone askes what this game means to me.
UBR Enforcer was my first nick i used in flyordie.

Thanks Sentinel for the memories! was fun!!
Yeah, UBR Enforcer (García Muñoz da Silva) alias UBR Danny-de-2e. Nice memories one of my favorite members of all time from the 2006-2011 generation

1. UBR Sharma
2. UBR Zama
3. UBR Meliteas
4. UBR Enforcer
5. UBR Xwikin
6. UBR Commander
7. UBR Orcle
8. UBR Volume
9. UBR Thakur
10. UBR Lenders
11. UBR Honoka
12. UBR Vikrant
13. UBR Johaver
14. UBR John Corner
15. UBR Douglas
16. UBR Hendriksen
17. ubr_jhon_david
18. UBR Sientje
19. UBR Henk
20. UBR Objectivo
21. UBR Mircea

I remember we used to be so full with members that most of the time we had no one to play because we couldnt login a game and shoot someone because they were all part of us. The first months as a leader were the most difficult but after i found out how to find players to join and used Chatango, Facebook, Skype. When Hyves was a thing it was more natural to just go around asking, Tanx had always 20 players online. Miss that. To be honest not the best generation but i was lucky tho especially Erik, Vivek and Zama are members i didnt needed to try to much to keep them in UBR even after they stuck on FTW, UAG and solo nicks, they gave back before leaving the entire game and when Jacob came, i think that and Juan were the turnover of the UBR we got today, Im happy to be part of this website for 12 years and i dont feel need stopping, Especially for my bros and sisses.

The one & only, Sir Danny van der Hoff. :D
Dont forget the FNG members of UBR :) :p
The FNG community is still active on other games for now, Thanks for the comments! :)
Most players came inactive during cw's but in the end the diffrence was too small and the game wouldve died anyways.
I wish anyone here a nice ending of 2021 and hopefully a good 2022.

Ofcourse I wont be in Tanx with a private observing but you know i will be part of the game till the end.
Ive no choise, its not like i can easily come back or something :D :D :D