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Guess When (a competition)
Guess When (a competition)
Guess When (a competition)
Here's the question: 
When will the 1 000 000 square on TA be clear?

What's the answer?  You tell me!

The person who guesses the correct date will win a prize of their choosing: 50 million silvers 
 a complete upgrade for all their chars 
 500 extra houseparts.

Some rules for this thing:
1) Open to all larkinorian residents, lvl 10 or higher.  Please post your main char's name along with your guess.
2) Your time frame can be no more than 4 consecutive days.
3) You may not overlap your time frame with someone else.
4) All guesses will be taken as PST (GMT-8).
5) Only one guess per person, NOT per account.  Extraneous entries will disqualify you. (If I were a mod, I'd be able to ensure this, but who knows? maybe fod will accept my mod application before then, and if that happens, there might be a diamond shovel added into the mix.)
6)The guessing game closes on 
May 31, 2013
.  So get your guesses in before then!
7) If no one guesses the exact date on which the square is cleared, prizes will be halved and awarded to the player who guessed the closest.
8) If the account that guessed correctly is inactive at the time the square is cleared (none of your chars appear in the toplist), the full prize will go to the next closest guess.

Have fun and good luck!
I would guess but I'm still waiting for a reply back on when Hell freezes over, so I'll have to take a rain check on that.
Er...the opposite of Heaven, you know. :p
And for newer players who have no idea what I'm talking about, you can check out 
for our progress so far.
I was thinking of guessing the latest date so you'd all have some incentive to clear the square early, but that would push my guess into 2015 and I really hope it'll be clear before then.

Anyhow, I'll take August 15 and close out the guessing game, unless someone wants to argue timezones with me.
*2014, obviously not 2 months from now.  Silly me.
Well, based on the progress over the last couple months, it appears the square will be cleared somewhere between secretary's guess, and TheKarlBad's guess.

And the increase in splat-rate over the home stretch of the next few weeks will indicate who ends up being closer.  At this point, I'd guess it'll be pretty close the the half-way point between those two guesses.
We cleared the square on May 14!

Since thekarlbad is currently inactive, secretary is the next closest guesser.  Congratulaions, sec!

No one guessed May, so prizes are halved (25mil, 2 upgrades, or 250 ehps).  Please let me know what you would like within a week, or I will award the prize to the next guesser.  
Since sec hasn't responded and tyre has now disappeared from the toplists, the reward falls to d.

Find me in chat or post here about what you would like.
Hi Zeke, I would like 250 ehp in mage_basher ' s house. Thanks
D, the ehps are sitting in my digger's house.  Probably best to find me in chat so I can transfer them to you at 50%.