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I heard the mods caught him banking with peter01. What a shame.
Oh did you get some of your jail time off for good behaviour,well done Confed. Now try and stay on the straight n narrow path please.Just because me n Mr Mexi used to OWN you,there's no need to spread malicious roumors about things that never happened. Hope you have a better Christmas this year (freeeedom)than the last,what was it, 8 years, you got ? 

Pete you legend , how you keeping?

Looks like we got a bitter cold xmas coming this year up here in dundee.

better pull out my winter clothes o_O
Oh am still poppin in now n again,just making sure Confederate isnt taking advantage of you young uns ;-)Its frozen down here in engerland too.Had the long funny walk home there on the frozen pavements,but glad to say ive made it safely home with no falls :-)

Take care ;-) 
Haha , well you take care bro , have a nice xmas :p
Hmmm,thats 3 months now without a reply from the fallen Confed. Guess he must have broke his early release conditions !!! 
It's only been 2 months, Pete. I'll come back in another couple months to create an even wittier response!
Just you take yer time son ;-)
About time ;) Hiya Peter and Confed!!
Hey Tara! And peter. Still no sign of Mex? I'm surprised you're so willing to show your face around these forums, pete. We all know your an accomplice to that thief Mex.
Confederate would you ever consider playing again ?

Not calling you out , just wish more of the old players played.
game is full of newer players , i can't talk to any of them as they dont know me. o_O
Yes, if Mex got on we could assemble the old L2k team. We're still recruiting, by the way. And I do pop my head in occasionally. I wish you guys would use your original handles if you are an older player. This account will be a decade old soon, so I guess a proper anniversary is in order.
I made a grammatical error in my previous post. I put "your" when I should have put "you're." I apologize for any confusion I may have caused.
I would of used my original name if it wasnt lost in an argument i had in march with a certain moderator who lost his badge a week after the incident.

Besides that u dont know me as an old player only a modern one , what i meant by " new ones dont know me " is they dont talk to anyone , they just play..

i know most of you oldies , from the years iv been here when u guys returned for visits or played for a while.

i'm the only FTW Left , so its not hard to determine who i am either.

i would like it if older players like you/pete/mex still played , not because of how good u guys may of been just to know that the game isnt finished , to have someone that actually knows the game to talk to.
Hi Taraaaaaaa :D  .

 Hi Confid , you should be VERY wary about what Confed tells/says to you. Very dodgy guy, as his prison sentence shows . A jury of his peers found him Guilty. I actually think that's why the Great Mexican Rebel no longer frequents here on FoD. Due to the double dealing, backstabbing, thieving, banking, nik hiding, hacking ways of the once mediocre player who called himself Co$%&d**ate. Hope you have fun Confid.

Wow, Pete. I don't think Mex would even stoop that low. I hear you're the head of an elusive banking cartel in Tanx room 3. Are the rumors true? Or as you UK people would say, "rumours."
I am curious, Were Pancho & Mex real brothers? or was that just a joke?

Figures id get no response, got the same reaction when i asked Pancho
You would need to ask Confed . For he/she is really Mexi's mom .

Quit throwing your slander around like that Pete. Mex and I won't stand for it. Continue to do so and L2k (our clan - which is still recruiting btw) will declare war on you. We will gang up on you in open operations. 
I think THE Banking cartel can buy all your L2K twice over , if needed . But as they are all too busy comparing the pink uniform you all wear ,  WE have no need to worry .

peter01 will answer for his high crimes. Prepare to face the wrath of the L2k clan. We will have a clan website up in no time to deal with your petty mafia, pete. And we will also be taking applications shortly to those interested.
IF peter needs help il be sure to chip in as i'm a fellow jock myself :$
Quit whining people. I  see things never change.   
I see your still alive, was that smoking thread just to get attention? 
No Con im not BSing. I dont recall giving or recieving a date.  I co uld last a year maybe two maybe more. I dont know neither does my doctor.  Someday this will kill me. I wont let you down.
Alot of people tell lies, that's the only reason i asked, and i was hoping u were kidding around the first time because theres nothing worse than someone leaving this world, i didn't mean to offend you just asked because i'm used to people lying all the time.
The L2K clan would just lurv us Scots charging them with our kilts on. A bit too much . That's why they all walk funny !!! Its a wonder their clan wasn't called "The village people " after that group.

Nobody gets your Scot jokes, Pete. Leave them across the Atlantic where they belong, along with your kilts.

Sorry for the delayed response. I've been meaning to get back with you. Has anyone heard from MexicanRebel? He must be going by another alias now, probably doubling down on his underground banking operation. 
Not all scots wear kilts you know, only the OLD SNOBBY ONES like peter..LOL.
Cant help being filthy rich , warrior :D 

The upkeep of my castle is now demanding more time from me which is why am seldom on here now .

Mexi sends his regards. 

No such thing as rich St Johnstone fan :$
Hi Pete. Your post deserved a response, albeit a year later.

Still no sign of Mex. Where are you hiding him, Pete? We must start a Tanx poll to get Pete to give up Mex's location!