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Tanx Duel tournament (?)
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Tanx Duel tournament (?)
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Tanx Duel tournament (?)
If you're reading this post, then please, 
PLEASE answer these 2 questions
 (especially if you are a subscriber of the game):

1. Do we want 
tanx duel system tournament
2. Do we need Tanx Snow and Mars tournaments, where the number of participants is about 5-10 players?

Thanks for answering
, details below:

The purpose of this topic is just to get your opinion about those questions I mentioned. I thought that instead of having 2 unpopulated tournaments we could have 1 unusual - duel tournament. System of it would be as following:

1. Player 1 challenges player 2 in the lobby, player 2 accepts or denies the duel match (as in other flyordie tournaments).
2. If the challenge is accepted, both players automatically get into their operation for 2 persons only, without powerups (and maybe energy?) in a classical field. As always - they try to kill the opponent more than they die.
3. Duel stops when one of the participants gets 5 deaths (not 10 - because the duel may last for too long because of it, you risk to get only 64 points during the hour...). When this happens, players are automatically kicked out of the operation.
4. The winner of the duel gets the amount of points, which correlates the current flyordie tournament system description (if rating of opponents was the same - 16 points for the winner, -16 for the person who lost etc...).
5. And then points 1-4 repeat again and again...

As for the time and date - it could be once a month at saturdays, same time as classic/desert tourneys but different days.

The advantages of the system:
No teaming possibility

Cheating will get more obvious
 if this happens
Ability to choose the opponent
, thus, avoiding the chance of being hunted down by higher scores (too long to explain what this means).
4. You don't need to be a good multiplayer operation fighter to win here. 
Duel skills decide the winner
5. Luck factor: since the number of duels I offer is 5, there will be a 
bigger chance of beating the stronger opponent
 (than it would be with 10 deaths allowed). So this won't make winning the tournament with top players impossible.
6. Making the system of this tournament similar to other flyordie games we may also rely on other moderators' help in judging it. Thus, 
online tournament moderation
7. New system - new interest, 
new motivation

As for all disadvantages it may have - I'd just say "let's give it a try and see what happens".

Thank you for reading all of this, and once again, don't forget to leave your own opinion! I need to know if the idea would be supported in requests/suggestions section of the forum. And even if you can just tell me in person in lobby - please leave your comment here, please :(...
Yours sincerely,
good idea! though i love mars, i see like 3 players max whenever i play a mars tourny :O ! its just sad :( 
but am supporting you on this idea :D ;)
and oh, yes we need dueling system! 
and snow and mars are not needed :D 
yes we need duel tournys, and no we dont need mars n snow,i use sub 
I agree. There is teaming in pretty much every tournament. Spoils it. Mars and Snow probably aren't necessary.
Duel tournaments would create new interest.
More ideas... 
More fun... :)
i agree...

The best regards,

I like the mars tournament but snow is just too difficult with such limited ammo. 

Duel tournaments would be fun though.
Absolutely need tournaments.. We just don't have the numbers in players anymore. But the people have always asked for not only a duel tournament, but also a 2-2, 3-3. Fod told us a long time ago that anything requiring a team could be clan related and they wouldn't go there; thus it's the players who put on games like that. But I support your idea Artik of the 1-1. maybe they will listen to you?
I Think you should bring this topic back into action Artik
if you have the time.
Thats a very good idea. Thumbs up :)